Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catch UP

Mya has her first soccer game this Saturday.
She is really excited, still trying to teach her you
can't just shove kids to the ground to get the ball!!!

We went the Davis County Fair last Saturday it was a lot of fun. There are some perks me and Todd have finally come to realize
about our children being so scared of.....EVERYTHING. They refused to go near any any aminals at the petting zoo.
Lost their minds when we got too close, which calmed me some thinking of all the disgusting germs and diseases on those cute but gross
animals. Second our children refused, well I should say the girls refused to even get near the line for the free pony rides. Fine for us now we don't have to sit in line for an hour in 97 degree weather.
The girls were very daring today though and both got their faces painted after some coaxing from mom!

My sweet Trey has been teething his bottom phangs for...I swear 2 months, hes been so miserable.
I have bought and tried more teethers than I ever did with my girls. Trey has found great solace
in table corners. He is so funny will go around and find any table corner and just chew/gum it. Whatever
works I say. So when you come to my house and see teeth marks all over our tables...well this is the reason!

Marlee is my fireball lately. I either want to squeeze her to death and smuggle her for being so cute....
OR I serioulsy have to leave the room cause she pushes my buttons so fast. She's extreme one way
or the other. No in between with her.

Mya Loves taking pics on my phone, it's her favorite past-time these days.
I humor her and take them with her, cause all you who really know me
know I hate taking goofy pics of myself, really i do it for her! LOL she's all grown up. This sweet girl has changed SOOOO much this last year.
She went from being so rude and sassy and disrepectful to everyone and anyone.....
To a very sweet and thoughtful girl. Me and Todd were getting worried with her attitude,
but she came through. She goes to school next week and is SOOOO excited. As well as in dance
and tumbling and soccer. She is so excited to be in them all...well soccer she is still not sure,
but she's going to give it a chance, well we will see come game day if she will go on the field.

I know HOT!!!! I got LASIK!!! Best money I ever spent well and still spending for the next 2 years.
I went to HOOPES and it was amazing, they treat you great and are so good at what they do. I can't
tell you how nice it is to see the TV, roadsigns, the white board at school, peoples faces down the hall and
actually wave back and say hi and really know who they are. These are the sweet glasses/googles I had to sleep with
for a week.

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