Monday, September 20, 2010


One afternoon we ran up to Millcreek and had a picnic. It was fun to get out and enjoys the fresh air!

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Mya is so sweet with Trey, she adores him, I am still trying to figure out why she doesn't treat her poor sister Marlee with this kind of affection. Mya loves to torture poor Mar. Mya loves Trey.

Story Time!
Is this the cutest pic or what? Really though she looks so peaceful. It's strange how each one of your kids touch you in a different way. Marlee really has a special place in my heart. I love to play with her, and smother her with 100 kisses, she is our rolly pully and I love everything about her. Her sweetness, her laugh, her moaning when she eats (yes she still does it), her growl at Mya when she is really mad, her kisses, her snuggles. I love this little girl, she knows how to melt anyones heart!
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Sailing with My Family

For my moms 60th B-day all us kids took her out sailing on Utah Lake. My mom has done all sorts of crazy things in her life and one of them she LOVES to do is sailing. So my little sis came up with the idea that we should take her sailing and it was a genious idea. My mom loved it, and so did we. It was so fun to just hang out with all of us kids and talking and laughing and laughing some more. Jeremy my brother so badly wanted to throw one of us overboard but he held back, I knew I would be the first to go if he started throwing us in....just cause he knows I would be the most pissed off and he loves to get to me.

My mom steering the boat and doing everything the captain told her to do. So much so that while steering my brother says mom turn the boat your heading straight for another boat. My mom says no he told me to just keep it straight like this so I am doing just what he said. My brother says well mom you can't just hit the boat in front of us I am sure it is okay to turn the boat a little bit. They went at it for a abit and the rest of just laughed!!!

Jeremy and me!

Yes this is the titanic sence. Does she pull it off wonderfully? All she is missing is a gorgeous hunk behind her, any takers???
Mom Happy B-day and thanks for being my mom. I know I am your very stressed out nuratic child but you still put up with me. I love you and hope you enjoyed your surprise birthday gift from us all. Your going to live well past 100 I know you will, cause you have to, I think your kids would all fall apart if you left us!
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Faithers my sweet niece is the best mother. Oh my gosh she is fabulous with kids, I know Jer and Mel think I am joking when I say I am going to kidnap her and have her help me but I am so serious, my life would be so much simplier with Faithers around she is amazing.
Jer (my one and only brother) and Mel his wife!

Swimming at the park by Laceys. Fun times.
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Possibly one of the cutest little 3 month olds I have ever seen! This is Aiden my little newphew that I adore. I could squeeze him all day long!
The 3 little hoodlems, Mya, TaTa and Jax. Poor Jax only kids his age in the family are girls and not just girls but really girly girls.

Moo Moo learning how to work the stairs!
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Bestest Buddies

I have been watching my sister Cassies kids the last wk or 2 and I have absolutly had a great time doing it. These two are unseperatable. They have their moments but for the most part they adore each other. These are some things I have caught them doing the last couple of weeks. Everyday they ask for each other. TOO CUTE!
Taking their babies on a walk.
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The funny thing is is this is not dress up...they dress like this everyday, and yes go in public like this.

Tutu day! Don't worry neither of their hair is done!
As my mom would say looks like someone who is wearing chaps without jeans.
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