Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Fun

Mya and Marlee love to play dress-ups and put make up on.....LOTS of makeup on.

Marlee looks like she is about to kill someone! Probable all that makeup on her face and glued her cheeks
back like that as well as her eyelids!

Todd made Mya this really cute desk for her room.....He is SOOOO handy man at
almost anything around the house which comes in handy.

Playin in the DORA pool!

Trey loving the water

We planted a garden...that died the next day.

Mya and her friend Malia (neighbor) could live outside in the suits! Makes for easy babysitting!

Marlee turned 2!!!! Making the cake. Marlee got sick on her bday, she spent most of the day in the hospital. She is still haveing
a really hard time pooping and is in extreme pain and has tonsilitis and strep throat. She is still not feeling herself.

Aunt Brittany was there to celebrate and she is the cupcake queen!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Us at the front door of the hotel. They only had valet parking. This hotel was so....what's the word, rich people stay in. We drove around the hotel 2 or 3 times trying to find parking to this dang hotel finally we just pulled in here and realized they only do valet parking. Guess that's what you get when you stay at a 5 star hotel. We were so out of place here. We had no idea how much to tip these valet's. Me and Todd were trying so hard to watch other people and see what they were tipping them, we had no idea, never having stayed in a place like this.

Of course we made a stop to the M &M factory for the Kiddo's and got some fun stuff for them. Me and Todd both had huge blisters from basically running there 3 miles from our hotel. We were in a hurry to get back for Phantom.

Us on the way back from the M&M factory, we had to stop and get a drink we were dieing on the way back. All we said was the girls better flipping LOVE these M&M's we got them.

Us all ready to go to the Phantom of the Opera. I was sooooo stoked out of my mind.

After the show, I could have just cried it was so amazing. I had goosebumps the whole time, wow I just can't say enough about how highly I though of this play. I want to go every year. Too bad tickets are sooo expensive. We had amazing seats too, about 20th row back in the middle.

After the play walking around the strip.
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Things we did!

We layed out at the amazing pool. The service here was awesome. The lifeguards served you water, food, towels anything you wanted.

Us in the pool cooling off, it turned out to be more of a nose shot for me.

This was the pool view from our room on the 28 floor. There are 60 floors to this hotel.

Went to the Palace Station every morning and ate breakfast at their good buffet. Yes one morning I got my good ole cold cereal.

Us leaving back to get the kids....we were sooooo sad, we wanted to stay forever.

Oh we had to throw this in here, this was pimp bathroom. Yes, I said pimp. It had a TV in a mirror, and when you fogged up mirrors with a bath there is about a foot circle around the TV that doesn't fog. We have decided we must get one of these before we die. But I am worried if we do Todd would live in the bathroom.
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