Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

Todd bought this little pool for Mya and oh my heck, you would have thought you bought her a car. She went crazy in this thing. I could not stop laughing, she would splash herself crazy and water kept going in her mouth and she would cough it out and continue to do so till she swallowed half the pool. I don't think she ever caught on that her splashing was causing her to drown. It was so fun seeing her in this. Also little leafs and other little things would get in the pool and she was fascinated with them. She would try and pick a leaf or grass out of the water and it would stick to her fingers and she would get so mad that she couldn't get it off. This was a great present Todd, Mya loves it.



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Ok so I have been a little nervous cause Mya is 10 months and she doesn't crawl, nor show any desire at all to move, nor does she walk, scoot or slide! She is perfectly content to sit and play with toys all day. Well she was really quite in her room forever, which is not unusal but I had a feeling she was into something! There she was caught tearing all her clothes out of her dresser. I couldn't even be mad, she is moving a little. I am so proud she pulled herself up and pulled things out. This is great news for us. Look at her expression in some of these, she looks like..."hmmm, am I in trouble or this this ok to do?"


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Brody's Birthday Party

Chel had a birthday party for Brody and it turned out great. We went to Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove and the kids loved it. It was pirate party so they found treasure and pin the map for the treasure. It turned out great and the weather was so nice. Happy Birthday Brody

The babies just hangin


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Monday, May 12, 2008

YES...were redneck

Ok so on friday I get this call from cookie, a close family friend that the next few nights were supposed to be really cold weather and my tomatoes would probably freeze if I didn't get caps on them. THis is my first garden I have ever planted so I didn't want to have anything die. So I set out on friday evening to find tomato caps for my tomatoes. Well this was no easy task. I searched J and J Nursery, this other little nursery (can't remember name), walmart, shopko in Ogden and in Layton, and Home Depot and Lowes. Do you think not one store had one cap? No none of them did. I had 4 tomato plants to cover and 4 pepper plants. I was way frustrated after the night of searching and called Todd to tell him our plants were going to die. I was super sad, I really like planting my garden with my mom and sista and here I was going to be killing things not even two weeks later. Todd is SO CREATIVE though, he always comes up with something. So he got home from work at about 10:30 that night and this is what we came up with. Were not about to let our garden die. It has been a huge pain not having a garbage can in any of the rooms in the house, and just walmart sacks hanging on all the doors for trash, but if it saves our garden we will sacrifice. AH AH AH This pic is of the following morning. Oh the reason for the rocks is cause the wind was picking up a bit so they were needed to hold down the fort. Yes the one gray one is a flower pot. Whatever works people!

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My Little Helper

Mya loves to sit by me when I do the laundry, one day, not in an extra hurry, I let her play around a bit in the cloths!



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Happy Mom Day

Mothers Day was so great this year, the best one I have ever had. Ok so it was my first one I ever had, but Todd was so great. He made my most favorite breakfast, SCONES...I know not very healthy but obviously I don't care. Mya wrote me a letter, with her daddy's help. I just cried it meant so much to me. I really got thinking yesterday as I sat in church what an honor it is to be a mother. Even before I got married I was not sure how I would be as a mother. I don't have great patience and I really wanted a career. And although neither of those qualities nor desires have changed, I never ever would take back being a mother. I feel like motherhood has come harder to me than others, just because the way I am. I know the first couple of weeks when I brought Mya home I was like what in the world have I done? I had no clue what I was doing, and the crying all night and fussiness, I just wanted to pull my hair out. Infact for the first 6-7 months after having Mya I swore she would be my only child. Don't get me wrong, those of you who know Mya knows she is the greatest child ever, so happy, rarely cries except when hungrey or tired (can you blame her?) People who watch her for me can't understand why I don't want more. They tell me if they could have children as Mya is they would have 8 children. I don't know what it was but for awhile there I just felt that I was not cracked up to be a mother. But know Mya is about 10 months and I love being a mother. I still have my bad days, and overwhelming days. I think wow what an honor I get to teach this precious child everything she knows, how to do things, teach her how to live right and teach her about our savior and this great gospel we have here on earth. Than it hits me, wow, this is one thing in my life I cannot fail at. I must teach her and do everything in my power to help her through this rough life. It can be overwhelming. I love being a mother playing with her. These are some of my most favorite things about being a mom.
1. Making or watching Mya giggle when you shake a blanket in front of her face.
2. Watching her discover sounds she can make, yes even when I am feeding her and she discovers how to spit.
3. Picking her up when she feel off the couch for the first time. There is always a fist time....and a second...and a third.
4. Reading her books, even though she has no clue what I am talking about.
5. Watching her personality grow even the new but not so fun stages. She is lately been having some mini tantrum fits. There really quite funny.
6. Watching her light up when her dad walks in the room.
7. Watching Todd bath and dress her for the day. He is so cute with her and assures me he knows what to do and how to do it when I tell him how to do it.
8. The priceless moments of a quick snuggle, which trust me never ever happen with Mya.
9. The exciting outlook on her future, I get to help her dream and make them come true.
10. I get to be a wife of the most amazing man I know, who I wouldn't trade for anything.
Thank you Todd for making my mothers day so special. Mya/dad got me a badmitton set and we played a hard core tournment in our backyard on Sunday.




After our exhausting night of badmitton this is what was left.

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Mothers Day

Here are some Amazing dives by the two of us. Yes we are very serious about this game. Yea I am not even close to the birdie on my dive. It's cause it's staged people and yes lesson learned, if you stage a pose, particulary a dive, have the birdie somewhat close to the racket.


Our Game Face

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Friday, May 9, 2008



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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Easter Picutres

I am just a little behind on these pics but I had this amazing photographer take these for me. It took a bit for her to touch them up and send me a CD. She does an incredible job, everytime she does our pictures I am amazed at how good she continues to get. The best part about these incredible pictures are they were all free..........
Did I mention this amazing photographer was my little sis Lacey. Thanks Bubs, we love them.


Beautiful MYA

Ok so every mother thinks their child is the cutest...but really I really think mine is the cutest kid, yes I know I am a bit bias. Mothers are allowed to be!!!



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Family Easter Pictures

I am convinced I am the luckiest girl there is. I have the most amazing family. Todd is the hardest worker and I could not have hand picked a better man. God knew what he was doing when he sent Todd to me. He is so patient to work with my issues. I have serious stress issues, I stress until I have made myself sick. But he is always good at calming me down and making me realize we are doing ok. I love you so much lovey and thank you for making me so happy. And Mya, she is our everything. We talk of having other chidren (no we are not trying people) but it is so hard for both of us to picture loving another child as we do her. We feel she has every ounce of love we could posses. I know when we have another one we will love him/her just as much. Its just hard to picture. I love my family, and everyday I thank God for the two biggest blessings in my life. I would be nothing without them.



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