Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only Marlee

Marlee was looking at a magazine today on the couch. Out of nowhere she starts screaming and yelling at the magazine and growling. I couldn't imagine what caused this sudden outburst so I look at the page and there was a bowl of cereal..Froot Loops to be exact on the page in which she was trying to pick off the page and eat but it just wouldn't come off. Wow I thought her digging through the garabage was bad and eating all the food that had dropped off plates after dinner under the table, but now my child who LOVES to eat is trying to pick picture off of magazines. What's next licking the TV during food advertisments!!! I love my sweet Marlee, she makes me laugh. Laugh a lot really.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

BFF's AKA Mya and Taylnn

Playing in the dirt in which they can do for hours.
(don't mind Mya's outfit, she dresses herself these days)

They LOVE doing silly faces!

More Silly Faces!

AHHH AHHHH I love taylnns face in this!!

Mya has some really funny converations these days!

Were driving home from the babysitters one day listening to music.
Me: So what did you do at kendalls today?
Mya: played
Me: Fun.... you guys play DORA?
Mya: Yep
Me: good anything else fun that you did?
Mya: Mom will you please stop talking to me I'm trying to listen and learn this song!

Leaving church today
Me: Wow mya your skipping, that is so neat, where did you learn to skip?
Mya: No mom, I'm just horsy walking.

Mya: Mom I'm going to bring you the mail.
Me: Oh ok, you can't reach it though.
Mya runs outside and returns about 5 min later with one piece of mail.
Me: Oh thanks Mya
Mya continues to bring me mail one in at a time for the next 25 minutes.
I finally realized that wow thats a lot of mail. She was riding around on her bike, standing on the seat to reach the mailbox'S!
She had decieded to be a kind neighborhood and get the whole streets mail.
I had to walk up and down and return it all.
Guess I know what Mya will be when she grows up.

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Daddy trying to help Marlee

Mya LOVED bowling

Mya had so much fun I think she bowled one that didn't go into the gutter.

Another gutter ball!

Marlee eats like me. More gets on her face than in her mouth.
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Kids getting Older!

My sweet Trey Trey

Marlee LOVES head bands! Even though she puts them on dorky!

Uncle Tyson came to play for a weekened. The girls loved playing out in the snow with him!

Marlee out of a bath, with some funky hair!
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Marlee enjoying the snow

Mom trying to get Marlee to eat the snow. First thing Marlee has turned down.

Mya catching snowflakes.

Smile...(don't mind my look, I didn't get a shower that day).

Marlee playing dress-ups in more moms lingerie.
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Snow Day

Mya and Marlee playin in the snow

Marlee before her ride

Marlee after the ride.....traumatized

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Hanging out with CUSIONS!

Bestest of Best friends!

Hangin out with the girls

Cheese! Happy gang

Eating ice cream cones and cake! Ta Ta's B-day!
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