Monday, November 30, 2009


So we got the biggest surprise of our lives about 8 weeks ago roughly! No other way to say it other than to just say it....I am pregnant. Totally unexpected, shocking, life changing news really! Let me remind you I have a 5 month old. Marlee will barely be One Years Old by a couple of weeks. This baby is due July 23, Mya's birthday! Crazy I know, I am still adjusting to the news of it all and trying to figure out what I am going to do with it all. It changes a lot. A bigger car, bigger house, quiting teaching and coaching, but wow it's a baby so it's exciting just a huge shocking adjustment.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Park City Mini Vacation

Todd is the sweetest hubby ever. He surprised me with a weekend in Park City, the catch was......with NO kids. Don't get me wrong I love my girls but I haven't been on a date with TOdd since Mya was born, pathetic I know! I was so needing this as was he. My mom watched the girls for us while we took off Friday night! Thanks mom your a gem. We were both so tired that first night we just crashed, the next day we hit the outlets, and yes like any good husband he took me to see New Moon (loved it loved it loved it) than we sat in the hot tube for a bit and watched some TV and than went to Smiths for some food! It was so nice to get away and not worry about naps or feedings or putting up with Mya's fits. You know when you are first married you really enjoy each others company than you have that first kid and you tell yourself, I don't want to grow apart just because were having kids now, I want us to still be us. Well good to know that me and Todd can still have fun 3 1/2 years and two kids down, with each other. We really did have things to talk about that wasn't on who gets to change the poopie diaper, or who took the trash out last or whats for dinner. We had a great time and I can't wait to do it again. Don't worry mom, we won't ask you to sit again...for awhile! HEE HEE, you deserve a much needed break. Thanks TOdd so much for doing this for me. I don't know how I got so dang lucky, but I did and I am loving every minute of my life with you except for the moments you make me mad!!! Ok really though I do love my life with you and our girls!
We had our own hot tube on our balcony! It was nice, Todd loved it!

This was cool fire they had that just burned on rocks. Ok so you know it has been awhile since I had a vacation when I am taking pictures of fireplaces!

We both fell in love with this cali king bed. It was massive. We had so much room. It made me laugh every morning I would wake up TOdd would be just crammed on his side of the bed to the very edge and me on my side. We are so used to our small bed that even when we have plenty of room we sleep squooshed!

This is the life!
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Pictures of the SWEET room we got!




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AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH! This picture makes me laugh so hard. Todd was really livin it up! They gave us your own bath towels and wow, did TOdd think he was living the rich life or what. He chilled in this thing every second he got. I was worried when we would have to go home that he would have to part with it. Guess I know what he is getting for Christmas. AHH AHH sorry this is so funny to me, look at him just chillin!

ME getting ready to go freeze my butt off outside to run to Smiths to get some food! It was so cold, no snow but frigid wheather!

I want one of these mirrors so bad. You can see every little hair on your face, it's fabulous, I won't have to pluck for days! Tempted to take the mirror with me but based on the next picture I decieded against it.

Great sales people or what? So they leave you this lovely bottled water in the kitchen for you. After we have chunged the first one down, I realize they charge you $5 on your tab for every bottle. Of course what did we find the next day in our room after the maids had been there, a fresh new bottle of water! You can fool us once but not twice, so I figured it I took off with the mirrior they would add an extra 100 bucks to the tab!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Potty Mouth Mya

It all started when we had my sister Cassie and my mom over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. I burnt this piece of toast to the point that there was nothing left of it. Of course all the fire alarms in the house go ragging off and the kitchen is filled with smoke when Mya found it appropiate to yell, "oh SH*@!" I just about died, it was not oh shut like she used to say all the time it was very very clear. My mom and Cassie lose it in laughing fits, I am mortified. I yelled at Mya to not say that that it was a very bad word. I honestly do not say that word, I know your thinking well she had to have heard it from someone or somewhere. Really though she hasn't. I am very very protective of the TV, she doesn't even watch TV to be honest with you, uless it is qubo in the morning for 20 min. I really don't know where she got this word! She just kept yelling it over and over and over and over again. It didn't matter that I told her to stop it was a bad word, than she started to say "oh SH*@ bad word mommy K?" It did't help that my mom and Cassie both laughed hysterically every time she said it. I was ready to smack them both. Well it's doesn't end there. Mya is still saying that word. SOme people have said well she probably doesn't know what she is saying, but she says it at the right time, like when something falls out comes oh SH*# or when she trips out comes the word again. We have started flipping her mouth when she says it, but no she is still saying it! UGH help my little 2 1/2 year old sounds like a little gutter mouth and it sounds terrible! Anyone have any ideas!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anyone Know of a Babysitter?

Ok so here is the deal....We are in desperate need of a good, child loving baby sitter. If anyone knows of someone in their wards or just anywhere, that lives in the Layton, kaysville area that has a great reputation with kids and has room for a 4 month old and a 2 1/2 year old PLEASE let me know. Todd is going full time with his job so we need something fast. It would only be 2 days a week one wk and one day the next week switching off each week. We do need something really fast but I don't just dump my kids on anyone, I need to feel really good about the person doing it. Please let me know if you know of anyone and their number so I can contact them. Thanks

Pumpkin Drawing

Mya decieded she wanted to draw all over the pumpkins on the front steps which I didn't care, we didn't take the time to carve them anyways. She was cracking me up how serious she was taking this, I was getting in trouble for taking her picture while doing this because she was trying to foucus so hard. It took her at least 2 minutes to place the marker just right in her hand and between her little fingers before she could start coloring. SHe would probably sale these masterpieces to anyone interested for 50 Cents!


Todd attempted to put Mya down for a nap and than Mya had a great idea and have daddy lay down with her. She insisted he be covered like she was with a blanket and holding a baby! Todd has not put Mya down for a nap since that day last week!

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Little Updates

This is Mya's baby skeleton that she took such good care of for it's month out of the storage bin. I was feeding Mya one and she came walking out with skeleton and a bottle, she proceeded to feed the skeleton with a bottle that was the same size as him. Later that day I found skeleton wrapped in a diaper laying in the baby crib! To say the least Mya was furious that I had to pack him away until the next halloween. She has 6 dolls at least laying around here that she can mother, but NO she wants the plastic skeleton!

Mya and Marlee hanging out, and Mya attempting to read Marlee a book which Mya was getting very frustrated because Marlee would not hold still and kept grabbing the book!


Bath time, Mya is so mothering of Marlee!
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Monday, November 2, 2009


We got together with all my sisters and their kids (execpt for most of Cas kids) and went trick or treating in Chels neighborhood! We had a great time and Mya had a blast! She just ran from house to house and thought this whole idea about going to people's houses and getting candy was so awesome! What a weird holiday when you think about it! Anyone even know where it came from?



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See the man on the bench wearing the football helmet? OH my heck, Mya would not stop staring at this man. He was sweet and didn't scare her half to death like he did the older kids but she was mesmorised. She got up to the door and just kept looking at it, she forgot to get her candy she just couldn't stop staring. Even after we left the house and we were 3 and 4 houses down she just kept looking back at it. Funny how some things really get to kids! We were laughing pretty hard at her reaction to the football man!
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Trunk or Treat

Mya and Rylee before they hit the ward trunk or treat! Oh Mya idles Miss Rylee


AHHH AHH AHHH oh I just laugh everytime I look at this picture. You know these kids are thinking lovely mom dress me up and laugh, I am glad I am your entertainment, go ahead take a picture....did I mention I hate this!

Ok now she has calmed down and let mommy take a picture! Thanks Mar
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Greatest buddies

For halloween we went down and stayed with Lace for the weekend. Mya and Mason are so funny together. HE is big enough now for Mya to play with adn Mya is out of the horrid bully phase she was in. I went to put Mya down for a nap and Mas thought he would join in. He just started attacking Mya and wrestling with her. I think he had her beat for most the fight. IT was so funny to watch, Mya was just laughing hystrical the whole time. Love these two kiddos and I know they are going to be really good buddies!



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