Thursday, January 2, 2014

More of Summer/Fall 2013












Random Catchups

Not sure what this is about, all I know is dad was home with them this day.


               Our future computer nerd!!                                         Crazy trampoline hair


                                               At the zoo with our besties the Stewarts.                                                                               

Marlee's first day of Preschool as well as my first day back as well!!

Marlee's first year of soccer and she did great.  Very aggressive and so cute to watch.  Mya had a great season as well and is getting more and more aggressive.

                                                                        Attempting the potty training thing.  He is my hardest!

Mya and Emily got to spend the day at school with me!


Marlee feel asleep in this tiny tiny box.  I really have no idea how she fit in it but was very content!


Halloween was fun again another year.  It is Treyvins most favorite holiday, yes even over Christmas.  This kid loves all aspects of this holiday.  He was Jake from the Neverland pirates.
 At the Local nursery J&J.  They have a fun wagon ride out to a pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin.  We took along a few friends with us.
 Made our pumpkins at a Halloween party I did for the kids.  They turned out so dang cute!

On the wagon!

                                            Trick or treating with the neighborhood gang!

                                Halloween Party at Danny and Anne's with the Farr's.