Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Dance Recitial

 Marlee and Ms.Jannessa her fabulous teacher who did amazing with these small kids!
 Marlee's class getting ready to go onstage and perform their number.
Both girls did extremely well.  They knew their dances so good and I was so proud of them!!!

 Grandpa and JaCee came to cheer the girls on! My girls LOVE when Jacee comes to watch. 

 Mya and her teacher Ms.Jannessa.  The best teacher the girls have had.  I love that she pushes them and doesn't waste time in class, she makes them work!
 Myas class getting ready to go onstage and do their thing. Their so Excited!!!
 Isn't Marlee's outfit the cutest thing you ever saw.  I just feel in love with this and all the ruffles. 
She certainly was working it! 

 Treyvin is all decked out and ready to go to work for the day with his tools!
 Mya holding sweet Shae, she has gotten so big and my girls just adore her. 
 This is what happens when Marlee dresses herself and than gets her hands on Treyvin.  He seemed to be enjoying it.

Family Pictures 2012

So I have the most talented, amazing, sweet, patient little sister, who happens to be a photographer, who happens to have a TON of patience to take my families  pictures every year.  This is no easy task, at all!!!!  Every year I have at least one kid who does their best to scream, cry and do everything I tell them not to do.  This year Treyvin won the award!  He was a nightmare.  But as always my sister can pull off with the best of the best pictures even with not perfect models!