Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swine Flipping Flu

Did it find me? Yes it did, was it as bad as they say? Yes it is! No I didn't die like some have but was it horrid beyond any sickness that I have personally ever had? Yes it really was that bad. For about 5 days I could not get out of bed, which it takes a LOT to stricken me to the bed. Between the fevers, cold chills, nausea, diarhea, eyes burning, headaches, lungs on fire, eyes watering, head congestion, and all out misery I seriously considered quitting my job. That is where I got this lousy flu, every stinken kid and teacher is sick out there, I knew it was going to catch up to me eventually, I knew it would find me. I really don't want to go back to school, so many people are sick, I worry about bringing it home to my two little girls. I had to wear a mask for 5 days straight, didn't hold Marlee for 5 days nor be around Mya. Poor Mya just didn't understand. She would see me laying in bed all day long miserable, eye's watering and sicker than a dog and want to come jump on me and play. It was so hard to push her off me and tell her to go find dad and shut the door. It broke my hear actually, and not to hold Marlee was almost impossible but because the doctor told me if I didn't stay aways from her that it she could end up in the hospital if she got it. Some are saying the media is blowing this Swine Flu thing out of porpotion, I agree. The flu has killed way more people than this swine flu. Is the Swine flu just another flu? Yes it is but one that freaking puts you out on your back drinking soup broth for a week! There is so many viruses and sicknesses going around it really makes you never want to leave your house or go to any public places! I would feel horrible if my little ones got that sick, after having it for about a week I can see why so many young kids are dieing from it! I do feel like a human again though. I am up and walking which says a lot for the last week and confined to my bed! Mya and Marlee have a mom again, Todd a wife and well I have not yet convinced myself to go back to that germ infested classroom of mine to go catch another cold virus to bring home, my students may never get their teacher back!
Todd....what can I say. He did everything on his own. He took such good care of the girls for me. Fed, bathed and listen to me cry everyday how horrible I felt. He is so amazing and I am so grateful for a good husband and dad. Thanks TOdd for taking care of me when I was so sick, you don't have to sleep on the couch anymore! I miss my sleeping buddy!

Oh this is jsut a cute picture of Marlee, isn't she getting big?

This is me on the first day, oh don't I still look normal, little did i know the Hell I was about to enter into the next few days!
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Mya has gone poop and pee once in her toilet and that's all she wants to do for us. But hey it is a start right? And than all the other times she just likes to get on the toilet to play cards and kick back! Looks like she is taking after you mom with the card playing, not necessarily on the potty though!


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pumpkin patch

Me and my mom took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch there at J and J nursery 3 or so weeks ago. The kids had a blast! Half the pumpkins were bigger than poor Mya and Taylnn, but they found some that they could carry!



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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So today was a typical day off of mine, where I am running errands and doing everything that needs to be done when I am not at work or VB. So today at Walmart I am doing my grocery shopping and than got in line to pick up a perscription for Marlee today. As I am standing in their typical 20 min line there is a black lady next to us in the same isle and she is looking at the cough drops and what not. I was holding Mya and Mya said "mama monkey", and I figuring that she was looking at a monkey on a package somewhere. I was like "yea hunny do you see a monkey", not even turning around to see where she was seeing the monkey. She said it a couple of more times and this black lady turns around and says in a very harsh, rude tone, "I am not a monkey!" I turned around and was like "excuse me", than she said " your child keeps pointing to me saying monkey, and I am not a monkey." I said " oh I think she is not meaning you, she probably see's a monkey on some packaging or something" (as a quickly glance at the items on the shelf trying to figure out where she was seeing it). There was none, so she must have been meaning this black lady. I just said "oh I am so sorry, she doesn't understand yet, she is only two." I than got a nasty death glare and told once again she was not a monkey. I than saw her husband walk up to her in the isle, which he was a very large man, and she must have told him what happened because he looked pissed and started walking towards me. The lady than said "no let just go" and he turned around and they left. I wanted to crawl in my own skin, I felt terrible, I felt horrible. She might as well have called her the "N" word! I know back in the days people would call slaves and stuff monkies, but lady trust me I don't teach my 2 year old that. But after the total embarressment wore off, I was like are kinding me lady, she is two. She wasn't trying to be mean, and do I look like someone who teaches her that black people are monkey's, she's two, she doesn't know racial slang! I was mad she got that mad at her, Mya didn't know any better. None the less, I was so mortified! It makes me so nervous to bring Mya around a black person again. I really don't know where she got that! I promise I am a good mom and don't teach her such awful things!