Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thoughts about Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time of year, and that's putting it nicely. I remember when I was young Christmas really was a magical time, it was so fun leaving cookies for Santa and every year we swore would be the year we were going to catch Santa in our living room. Why is it that that magic can't stay with us. This time of year I still really enjoy the spirit of people, the music, my family get togethers, but the whole not having enough gifts for each kids, what am I going to do for my neighbors this year? Is is nice enough? Did I spend enough? Am I forgetting about someone? AHHHHH is how I feel about it all, I want the magic back, I want the TRUE meaning of Christmas to come into my life and really mean something, not just talk about it but do things that reflect the real meaning of Christmas.
This year we had several secret santas, people we have no idea who they are showing up to our doors with bags and bags and bags of gifts for our children. Turkeys, food, wrapping paper, money, more money and treats. I was truly overwhelmed with gratitude in my heart for peoples thoughtfullness for my children. It is so very humbling to be on the recieving end, something I am not used to being on, but the last few months have had to suck up my pride and have been so greatful from the bottom of my heart for people out there who are so giving, Christ-like and sacrificed themselves to give to me and my family. I feel so blessed and know the Lord is watching over us and sent each of those people to my doorstep. Thank you to whoever you are, you will never know how much your kindness meant to me and the burden you lifted off my shoulders.

Marlee stuffing Cheerios inbetween her toes.

and when they stay inbetween her toes she is so shocked with joy!

Mya wasting no time to get in her dressups. Hey just maybe she will stay out of my langeria! (sp???)
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Christmas 2010

Todd has asked for a robe for about 2 years now. So I finally got him one an he LOVES it. He wears it ALL the time. Beware visitors though most the time he is wearing nothing under it so if he anwsers the door in his robe you may want to leave!

Mya like every other kids out there is obsessed with Pillow Pets! My gosh what is with the RAVE of these things!!!
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Trey joined the Party

Trey decieced to wake up about 8:30 to join his sisters who were already busy tearing open their gifts!

This is so funny to me one because sweet Trey bless his heart ALWAYS has his mouth hanging wide open when he is taking pics, like he's going to eat someone and two Marlee is more excited about Trey getting close than she was her own gifts.
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Marlee = EAT

Marlee put the chapstick down for one minute once she saw the cookies in her stocking.

I snuck one and she was not happy about things as she cover them with her hand and gave me the stare down!

Marlee couldn't figure out how to open air head so she figured this was just as good

Yep still shoveling in the cookies!!
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Waking up Christmas morning

Marlee getting Mya out of bed!

Once Marlee opened the chapstick, Christmas was all over from there. That's all she wanted.
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Visiting Roses

Grandma Tanner came down from Idaho and got some tests done. She has pancreatic cancer along with some other health problems. The kids have never meant them so we thought we would go down and visit her while she was up here. We love you grandma and grandpa Jensen your both in our prayers.

Three generations

Grandpa and Trey Trey

Mya is so pround of her sugar cookie with about 2 inches of frosting.

Marloo just happy to be in the crowd.
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Trey learning at a young age

Picture with Grandpa and Grandma Jensen

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walking to the house in which Mya thinks Marlee needs help, which Mar clearly doesn't

Moo and Treyvin playin at aunt Roses

Trevit and Moo playing really well together!

Aunt Rose making sugar cookie with the kids. Mya had a blast!!!
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Moo the Trouble Maker Child

"MMM this is cool white paper, I'll just take this with me as I go out to the kitchen."

"Mom saw what I was doing and told me to sit here, thats a cool looking thing mom your holding should I be posing???" "Are you yelling at me?"

"What? Really your mad, I can see your mad. You were serious when you said stop pulling out all the toliet paper the last 30 times?....MMM I didn't know know you were serious."

Mya LOVES ti dump the alphbet letters into bowl and "twirl" not stir, and their her "cookies".
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Christmas Party!!!

At chels house making Gingerbread houses!!! Very fun as usual and so many treats that we made ourselves SICK!

Went and saw the lights at Thanksgiving Point in the back of Jesses truck. Super cold but WAY fun as usual with family! I love that we all love each other differences.

After the lights we looked at some riendeer they had really cool. Mya of course was scared to death of them and would not get close!
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Me and Lace enjoying ourselves

Mom and Marlee Vs. Daddy!!!

Chezzy and Moo digging in with fist fulls in the treats.

No bowl is too much trouble, easy to get to on the floor!!!
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