Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mya's first car!!! Grandma Tanner got this for mya's firts birthday and she is loving it. She doesn't know exactly what is going on when she sits in it but she wants you to push her around in it forever! Thanks Cindy, we love it!


Ok so this is a picture of our toilet. Probably wondering why I would post a picture of our toilet. Well just like tipping garbage cans over my tomamto plants I can't pass up a pic that shows just how red neck we are! Todd was sitting on our toilet seat on day and ya heard this snap sound, sure enough the toilet seat broke. No sweetie this is not a "fat joke" those of you who know todd knows that he always says that. I would have broken it to if I had sat on it at that moment as well, it was just a really old seat! So most people after that would have gone and got a new toilet seat. No not us. So we have it for a couple of more weeks until todd says the cracks keeps pinching him, so than he got some duck tape and wrapped it! So here are some pictures of the toliet seat. Don't worry we bought a new one yesterday, and soft, squooshy (is that a word) and todd loves it. He kept trying to get me to test it out and sit on it. I refused to but he tested it out for the both of us just chillin on the seat with his clothes on. He is so excited about it to. As if he doesn't spend enough time in there, now I really won't see him a lot!!!

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Girls Night Out

Ok so me and my really good friends had a girls night out. We stayed at a hotel and ate lots of junk food until we were all a little sick! But I think I enjoyed it a little too much. So much so that I could do it once a week really. To bad my budget won't allow it but gosh it really was so nice to just go aways, I didn't have to be a mom, and it was my first time leaving Mya, I know...Anyways I didn't miss her. Is that mean? Well it is the truth, I loved just relaxing and not worrying if she was going to wake up in the middle of the night or whatever else. It was so fun and I am so glad we could all do it! We must do it again when we can ladies. I love ya girls



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Mya's Friends

Ok so really they are my friends but our kids are friends. These are old but thought I would put them up. Gosh look how big Mya is even when she was a baby!



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Just Playin Around

Todd's family came and stayed with a us for a couple of nights. Here are some fun pictures of Mya just playing around!



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Mya can MOVE!

Mya can sit up from a lieing position. I have worked with her forever on this, it was so hard for her to sit up over her belly. But she finally can do it. But now I hate it cause when i lay her down for a nap she sits up and cries and cries until she can't cry anymore and now just about everytime I lay her down I have to go back in about 45 minutes later and straighten her out again. She sleeps on her legs bent in half. I guess I now need to teach her how to go from a sitting position back down to laying position she is so funny. ALSO I HAVE GREAT NEWS! Mya is crawling. I know for a lot this is nothing huge, but for our little one it is huge. She has "bad legs" the doctors have told me and said she may never crawl and or if she learns to walk it won't be for a long time. Mya is over 1 years old and I just felt so sad that she couldn't get around, you could tell she wanted to. But the other day out of no where she starts crawling. I was so happy! I have been working with her endlessly to try and show her how to crawl and bend her kneed which really hurt her. I didn't think I was getting anywhere, until that night she just went for it. Ah I am so happy. She will and is crawling and despit what the doctors say she will walk and I know she will even run one day too! She is a fighter and she is not going to let two bad legs get in her way! We love you mya. Don't have a pic of her crawling but will get on here soon.


I absolutly love the faces this little one can pull off. She has the cheesest grin in the world. She smiles so hard her eyes shut all the way and you can just see her little top row buck teeth. These are not the best shot of her hard core cheese grin but close to it!

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