Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My best friends Baby Shower

It was so good to see everyone again! The good old days in college, and Senior year in High School. Memories I will always cherish with you girls. Love and miss you all.

Tam is one of the strongest people I know. Her pregnancy has been absolutly horrible to say the least. On a feeding tube for 4 months, she lost 38 pounds in the fist 2 months, and she has been such a brick. SHe has been raced to the hosipital for blood infections, stroke, dehydration more times than she has fingers to count. I really do admire her and cannot wait till she has that cute little Peyton Jaye She is going to be a doll. I sure love Tam and can't wait for her to fill herself again.

Just More Fun In Southern Utah

Mya thought she was such a big girl to sit in Grandma's big porch chair all on her own. She is such a doll!

Zions National Park

There is never a time you can go to Zions and not be awed by its beauty. No matter the season there is somethings that will always take your breath away.

Mya absolutly love it up there. She couldn't shut her eyes for a minute just absorbing everything. Touching the leafs and water and sand. She will be like her mama and love the outdoors!

Hiking in Zions

Hiking in zions is always a blast with my mom. It's like having your own personal tour guide! My mom has really taught me to appreciate the beautiful outdoors. I am so glad I was raised being outside doing fun things like biking, hiking, and well yea getting lost as well. I would be missing so much of this beautful country God blessed us with. I can't wait to go on the West Rim this summer with my mom a fun 16 miler. I can't wait the colors will be much more vibrate than this time of year!

Mom is so great at getting all her grandkids to love the outdoors. At every chance she gets she taking them up on some mountain or playing in some river. There is no age limit either she will take them out at 3 weeks old if given the chance. That will definantly be her legacy to all her kids and grandkids...a love for the outdoors!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tribute to my Grandpa



Three amazingly strong women that cared for my grandpa day in and day out. My sweet grandma, aunt Wan and mom.
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The Greatest Man I Ever Knew

My Grandpa passed away last Sunday night. I wanted to express how much I loved him. He was the most honest, loyal, God fearing, compassionate, gentle, large, amazing man I ever knew. I have never heard him say an unkind thing of anyone. I was so blessed to have him as my grandpa and the ultimate example. After the furneral which was a very hard day for many people, Todd looked at me and said, "I can only dream of my furneral being like this one. To have each of my children speak the way each of his children spoke of him would be all I could ask for." My grandpa really was one in a million and touched so many lives. He left an imprint on anyone who crossed his path. He was so close to God, served Him and loved Him with all my grandpa had. The last few years were very hard to see him. He went from out hiking, biking, swimming us all to getting parkinsons, glacoma and eventually losing his sight. It was so hard to see him transform into this person we never thought possible. Although of the devasting disabilites that took hold of my grandpa he faced them with so much courage. Never ever ever complained, he took each new blow, and dealt with it. How hard it must have been. I know he is my grandpa again, the one that will outhike me and the full of life man I knew most of my life. I love you grandpa, I know your finally at peace now.


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Fun With Mya

Mya had a huge blow out, I made Todd deal with it, I thought he was going to throw-up!

Not exactly what that face is for...Singing...Maybe?

Todd finding it fun to stack the toys on Mya's head. I don't think she found the same joy in that as he did.

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A Day At The Park

Mya loves her dad so much. I am so very grateful for Todd, he is so patient, kind and loving towards Mya. I know as she gets older she will test his patience more but I know he will always be good with her. He truly would go to the end of the world for this little girl. He absolutely adores her as much as she adores him. Now if we can just get her to say "Da-Da".



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Jax and Mya, best buds!

Playing with the crazy cousins

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Hike in Red Cliffs


We went hiking in Red Cliffs the day after my grandpa's furneral. Nothing better to clear your thoughts than being in God's beautiful country. It was a fun day in the sun. Mya loves being outdoors, she needs a tan on her cute white skin. Summer will do her some good.

Faith and Hannah, Mya's cousins! They adore Mya. And they are pretty tough to be huffin Mya around.

Family shot. At least all that wanted to go up hiking. So fun!!!

This is Lacey, who Mya was named after. They are going to be close, I already know it!
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