Monday, October 10, 2011


We went into a halloween store and they had some decorations ghosts, witches of all sorts, even smoke filled the decor area. As I am walking through it with all the kids I was looking around thinking some of this is probably too scary for my kids. They had a man with his legs chopped off crawling around the floor, people with fake blood dripping out of their mouths ect. I get through that part with all kids and no tears luckily. We look at costumes for awhile and we are ready to leave the store when Marlee had wandered off (not at all and unusual thing for her to do) and I hear this terrifying screaming coming from the decor section! I look around to make sure all my children are with me and that must be someone elses child making such havoc. Oh wait though I was missing one, it was Marlee. I sprint, yes I really did sprint, the screaming sound like someone was killing her, and she was in the middle of all these pretty terrifying creatures. Marlee is standing face to face with a ghost which consisted of a stick with a sheet on it and two black eyes. No blood, no ugly face, screaming at this ghost. "No No snowman...(scream) you bad snowman, you scare me!) I proceded to grab her and calm her down. While doing this she kept telling me how mean that snowman was in there. How is it that my child was terrified of the most sweet, kid-friendly thing in the whole store which was surrounded by some pretty scary things. And 2 it was a ghost Marlee dear, not a snowman. Oh I love that child!

Cousins Birthday Party

My mom was in town for the last 2 weeks to visit family and we went on
a fun enjoyable walk. Kind of, about as fun and enjoyable as you can get
with two sister that fight....all the time.

Mya after her soccer game. First time she scored a goal and oh man
does she remind us everyday she scored it. We were so excited she just touched the ball.

This is at the birthday party. We met at a park in Provo up on BYU campus and did cake and ice
cream and let the kids play. It was pretty cold but still fun. Later we went to the animial musemum up on
campus for a live reptile show. It was very entertaining for the older ones, the little kids, not so much.

Marlee just getting down roaring at the bear.

Marlee took it upon herself to make sure Aiden her little cousin didn't do anything bad,
she would not let that kid out of her site!

YES, this is MYA people. That is a REAL snake. Honestly I think she thought it was fake
or I'm thinking there is no way she would have let it on her neck. It was a boaconstrictor! She
was so brave even if she did think it was a fake one, that's a huge step for her.

Mya's team soccer pictures. AH AH AHHHH So funny, I love their little faces.
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Catch Up Randoms

I went to the womens expo with my sister Chelsea and my good friend Amilia.
We had such a good time, and this sign was so meant for me. I had to take a pic
of it. It was at Soles Shoes boothe and I took it to heart, literally!

Me, Lacey, Mom, Chelsea and her hubby Jesse all went to a REAL soccer game.
It was so much fun and gosh forgot how dramatic grown men are, it was worse
than hockey!

Treys Halloween hat

The want to be this for halloween, thats all they want to be.
Guess it's not about the costume's anymore its all about the hat!
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Zoo Day With Friends

Mya on the Merry-go-round

Marlee with Amilea and not so sure about the whole thing.

This is the only Tiger we could see all day!!!

Marlee and Porter

The cute girlfriends I went with . It was such a good time to get out thanks Mil for the invite!
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