Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pineview Lake

Me and Cass have been so sick of all the rain this whole month. Being trapped inside with kids is not fun. So we finally got a day of sunshine and ran up to Pinview lake. The kids had a ball! Mya was way braver than I she would be. IN cali she is terrified of the ocean so I thought the Lake and waves would scare her too. But she would come in waist deep and had a great time with her cousins. I think her and Talynn drank half of the lake, but we all had a great time. Thanks Cas for the fun day out!



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Summer Fun




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GIrls weekend with Rylee

Ok so I in all honesty have the cutest neices and newphews. I adore them all. I am so lucky to live close enough to some of them to do fun things like this. Although I wish I could spend one on one time with them all as I can Cas's kids. So Rylee wanted a fun girls night before Marlee got here. I don't know why, it's not like I am this stressed, crazed lady when I have a newborn in my house? Ok so Ry must totally remember how it was when I had Mya home at first. I will try and be less narartic with this child RY. We had a great time. We went to the park on a cold, rainy morning, when hasn't it rained this last month though??? You may think of fun a "GIRLS NIGHT" lots of girly things. NO let me tell you how a girls night/which turned into weekend goes with my hilarious niece Rylee. THere was not finger nail painting, there was no chick flicks which I love, there was no girl talk, no make-overs or dress up's and heaven forbid you even think that barbies or dolls were played. Our weeked consisted of, Building lego's, watching movies I can't possible stand to sit through that TOdd watched with her, such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars and some vampire wolf show, just a few of Ry's favorites. Lots of eating sugar and popcorn, catching bugs for hours in the garden, rock-climbing at parks, drawing race cars in the sand, and yes we even did some weed picking. Ms. Ry is the biggest TOM GIRL I am ever met and I love her that way. During all these activites Mya would not leave Ry's side. Everymorning Mya wakes up asking for "RYO? WHERES RYO?" SHe really thinks she belongs in her family. Thank you so much RY for coming and playing with me and Mya for the weekened and well with Todd at nights watching those boring movies you two like! I love you little one and if you can't tell so does Mya!


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Building LEgo's N Cooking

I apologize for the pics in advance, I look HUGE, don't worry not for long! Also the weekend was filled with making that party chex mix thing and building lego's for our MR.and MRS potato heads. I think they have a nice one room house to live in don't you? We were addicts on this chex mix party mix, the one with choc and powered sugar. Oh I made myself sick for two days on it. Than we made some more the next night. This is one of RY's favorite snacks when she comes to my house. ANd when you cook with my sweet Mya you are bound to have some wrappers in the mix somewhere. Thanks for your help Mya!



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Water Time

Oh my gosh cupld Mya be any more attached to Ry. SHE adores everything about her. Everything Ry does Mya has to do. It is so cute and Ry is so sweet to put up with it. I sure love that Ry like my own. I could take both these girls. They had a blast today and played their hearts out. They are drying off on the table after some fun jumping with the sprinklers. SOrry pics are backwords in order.


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Sprinklers on the Tramp

Mya goes nuts when you put sprinklers under the tramp, you can't get her off. Exp. when she is with her bestest friend ever. Rylee was so CUTE with her and played for hours on the tramp until I dragged them both off.



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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Ok so went into the doctor today and the little stinker is not turned, nor will she. They were going to try and turn her (which I am glad they are not because I have heard it is very painful). My stomach muscles are to tight they said and she does not have enough fluid for her to be turned. It most likely would rupture the placenta and be harmful to baby so they are just taking her C-section. Ok so is that how you spell that word. I just spell it like that cause it sounds the right way but I am pretty sure that's not how it is spelled. Ceasarean maybe? Who knows, so much for me being an english teacher ah? They were going to take her two weeks early, so next week but her growth was great this week. She hit 6 lbs so they want to keep her in me if she continues to grow. SO they are just taking her a week early, which I am so grateful for. Even two weeks sounds so long to me, but I am sure I will manage, we all do! So I have a scheduled C-SECTION on June 25th either 7:30AM or 12:30PM they are getting back to me. Am I nervous? Yes of course I am, it's something I am totally unfamiliar with and lets be honest I have heard how bad people hate them, except Chelsey, she much perfers them. That is why I am getting all my advice from her and not the horror story people. I don't want to be scared going into this! IT should be ok though, I am worried about Mya a little bit being away in hospital for 3 days, Mya won't like that. Hopefully she can come see me everyday at hospital. I know this new baby is going to throw Mya hard. She is so used to our every attention at every minute, she won't like the new baby at first but I know when we give her time she will come around. ANyway that is the scoop on Marlee, so June 25th it is. I will post pic's as soon as she is here!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Marlee Prego Pics

Here I am in all my glory. Oh man am I ready to pop or what. THis child cannot come fast enough. Well for an update sense it has been awhile. First off, Marlee is breech and has been the whole pregnancy and looks like with 3 wks left to go she is not going to turn. I go into the doctors tomorrow morning and from there they will take a look at her and see her growth. She also has been very tiny my whole pregnancy and not gaining a lot. SHe finally hit the 5lb mark which was good, she will be a small baby. Doctor says she will probably take her two weeks early, at this point they say she will grow better out of me than in me. I will most likely be getting a C-section! UGGG. Not excited about this, probably because it is the unknown to me. I have heard both good and bad stories from C-sections, mostly bad so really I am not excited but if it gets her here healthy and in one piece I can do it. I will let you all know how the doc goes tomorrow and when the C-section is, probably next week!




NOw an update on things with us as a family. Todd to no avail still has found no job! I think we have filled out over 20 job applications and daily we get emails back saying his qualifications are great but they cannot hire at this time. IT is hard not to get down, you see so many around you, people in your neighborhood, in your ward, your friends, family, who have been laid off their jobs due to this horrible economy and all of them searching madly for a job. We are just one more fishy in the big sea. It's been two weeks now and everyone keeps telling us just give it time, but really how do you have time when the bills don't stop coming, the house payment doesn't stop coming, the world doesn't stop for you. I am trying to stay positive and pray that something will break through, just hard when you see so many others in the same boat. I hope our break through is soon because we can't hang on much longer without income! If anyone hears of anything, let us know please, we could use all the leads there are!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

On a Positive Note

Sorry last post was a bit angrey, this post will be a bit more upbeat. Although TOdd was not going to make a career of Home Depot it was just something to get him through school, still sucked the way they treated him. But there is an up side to all situations. Of course him not having that job is a huge negative finacial wise, but it has given me a lot in return. I have faith that something will come and that some of the leads we have on some jobs will work out. This is all just a test of Faith right now. The nice thing of having Todd home has been:
-Those who know me know I HATE to cook. HATE is a strong word I realize that and it couldn't fit more perfectly in a sentence than it can with cooking. But having Todd home he has been cooking most the meals and it has be wonderful. Exp being so prego I have zero desire to make anything, nothing sounds good, but he has been so sweet to cook for me.
-I have my husband back! The last few months or so he has been so onery, rude and well just taking all of his anger out on his wife when he gets home. I know he was super super stressed working two jobs and going to school he was losing his mind but it was me that he got all of his anger out on and I was really starting to hate it. He is back to normal again. He is his sweet, loving self again and being so kind to me.
-Were getting projects done around the house, we just about finished out planter box out front, just needs more dirt and flowers, all the painting is done that we needed to do outside the house. He has been making the cutest little projects with Mya too. Pictures coming...
-Mya is LOVING having her daddy home. She thinks it's a party everyday. She says "daddy home, no work." He has been so cute with her taking her on walks, playing outside, reading books, things he never did before because he was SO BUSY!
- TIME! We have been doing fun family things for like the last 5 days. I honeslty don't know what that's like. It has been so fun to spend time with both him and Mya going to different parks and playing in the water and whatever else we can think of. I forgot how much Todd was gone and how much of a single mother I felt like.