Friday, June 21, 2013


Hey friends and family.  I am going to go private, shoot me your emails if you want an invite.  Even if you look at my blog and we haven't spoke in years or you will think I think your weird cause you look at my blog and I hardly know you, trust me I look at peoples blog that I don't keep in close contact with either. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

April and May

So I have been a HUGE slacker on this the last few months.  Guess having a baby will do that to you.  So many things we've been up to!
Mya lost her first tooth and was beyond excited about it.
      Todd turned the big 33 and I threw him a surprise party!
 Treyvin the only kid I have that likes dogs!!
As long as he gets his nap in, have to say haven't seen that position yet!
 Went to the Zoo with my most favorite people. Tami and Jay and their kidlets.

             Treyvin thought it would be a fantastic idea to use the girls play lipstick as body paint. He was pink for three days.  Lipsstick is the oilest, greasest thing ever!!!!  I would know, Marlee also thought this was a great idea when she was 2!

 Todd is seriously Mr.Handy Man.  I swear there is nothing that man can't build or make or fix.  Our little garden with chives, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Building materials:  old swing set, crib bars, crib metal matress holder and nails.  Yes....Redneck and I love him for it, we like to call it creative!
 And summer is here and so begins the hours of water in the backyard.  So grateful for a house and a yard so the kids can play their hearts out, and so mommy doesn't beat them!


It's that time of year again, dance recitals.  I have a 3 and a 5 year old and between pixie balls, dance rehearsals, pictures and the actual dance recital is pure craziness for a week.  But when I see how much they love it, it makes all the running around and hair doing worth it.  My girls are beautiful and I love to watch them!




Even aunt Brit was in town and able to make it.  Love these girls. 

Xandler Gus Tanner

Xandler was born March 29, 2013 at 9:12 AM . 9lbs 21in. Words cannot express the joy his whole journey has brought me.  X is the finishing touch to our little family and the love I have for him is so overwhelming.  After a really rocky road with Treyvin, mentally, I felt so shut down as a mother and discouraged and questioned a lot about me as a mother.  I know our loving savior and Heavenly Father gave me X so I could learn to love in that way again, to know my worth as a mother, and to be his mother.  He has already taught and brought me so much in just his 2months of life that it's overwhelming in so many ways.  The other kids absolutely adore him and are crazy about him as I am.  I know X is my last, and I am not taking one minute for granite and I cherish every little minute with this little man.  He is the missing piece in my heart and now I get to be a part of his journey, and he has already taught me to not just get to the end of this journey but to find joy in it yet.  I love you X more than I can ever express, thank you for making me a better mom to all of my sweet children. 

                                                         One week before he was born.

                                                           All dressed up for surgery.

                                                                   Love at first sight.

              Looks like Marlee was electrocuted.  No sure what happened with the hair that day!!!
                                                           Proud big sister of them all.
                                                                     Going HOME!!!
                                                         Dr.Hurst...Best doctor ever.
                                                   Much of the first week looked like this. 
                                                  First bath.  This picture is not how he feels
                                                        about baths.  He loves his baths.

                                                   Todds teaching him while he is young!