Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potty Trained......Mya......Really

Yes I swear I never was going to say those words but it is true my friends and family, Mya the most stubborn little girl on this earth is potty trained. She is amazing really, it happened just like most of you said it all would. She woke up one day and like I do everyday for months now, asked her if she wanted to wear her cool Dora underwear and she replied YES. I thought to my self: Self don't get to excited I am sure she will just wear it for a few min and than be done. No she was officially done with diapers. She has been potty trained for almost a month now!!! I have had a battle with this child on potty training, I tried everything to motivate her, treats, Dora dolls, play houses, ANYTHING, nothing if it was my idea she was not going to do it. It was frustrating because she new how to go potty, knew when she needed to go but refused because in the end, it was my idea. So I backed off and thought fine guess I will just be paying for 3 kids in diapers. Anyway, I am so proud of her she is potty trained just in time before this baby comes and 2 months before her 3rd birthday!
This is what Mya does to entertain herself on the toilet, along with singing on the top of her lungs, ABC's or I am a Child of God. Whatever gets her on the pot I don't care what she does!!!

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Planting Day

It finally stopped it's 2 week rain burst we have had here so I was able to finally mow our lawn, oh my gosh it took forever the grass was so long! After I mowed and weed eded (wow have you ever spelled that? How is that spelled?) and pulled weeds, Todd was home from work and me and Mya were off to J and J for some flowers to fill the yard. It was a lot of fun. I stepped on a bee and it stung me in the yard here. Every summer I think gosh we are so lucky we have hundreds of bee's in our yard, hundreds literally they swarm our woodened fence and play area but we have never been stung. It had been years since I had been stung that I couldn't even remember how bad it hurt. Well I remember now, and it hurts bad! I couldn't believe how long it took for my dang foot to stop burning. Todd put mudd on it and soon after it felt better. I'm a baby I guess, but it really hurt!


Mya sitting by Marlee and her pots on the front steps.

Now the trick is to not kill all of these flowers. I am seriously debating growing a garden, it fails miserable every year!!! I stress and worry and kill myself to get out every night and water the garden and every year I get nothing what it up with that??? We will see how motivated I find myself!
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Mya saw this bird looking thing and it was so cute she was carrying it all around J&J telling him "its ok bird we'll go home to my house and find your mommy, you be happy in my flower box, you mommy find you, it's ok don't cry." That's my Mya for you always worried that even non-living things can't find their mommies and daddies. I had to get it after that. She was so happy about her bird!


I was going to chuck this ugly pot, but ended up needing it, I bought way to many flowers, and we were scrounging to find any pots we could! Turned out not to bad.

This is the pot Mya helped daddy with and she is proud, if you couldn't tell.
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I loved this Calli Lilly, it was more money than I wanted to spend on flowers but it does look nice wouldn't you say? I love it!

Front flower box, still looks a little bare but not all the bulbs have come through yet nor the flowers we planted really bloomed to the fullest!

Todd working hard! I always have something I want him to do!!!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

What Have I Created

This is how Marlee eats her bottle everytime. Legs just froze in the air. It looks so uncomfortable to me so I have tried to lay them down and rest them but they just pop back up in this position!

What have I done. What is it when you pull out your broom to sweep and your child comes running into the room screaming "yea cleaning time...Yea, mom I'll get my broom" (yes she picked her own broom out at the store awhile ago to help me clean, I honestly did not force her to get the broom, she didn't want any toys just the broom. And yes even sadder is she gets more excited when I clean the toliet. It's by far her most favorite part of cleaning. She loves scrubbing the toilet. I know, I know I have done this to her. I know I am OCD with cleaning and germs and well lots of things and my sweet 2 year old has just become me. Blame it all on Grandma that's where I got it from!!!


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Mothers Day

Mothers Day was good, Todd made me breakfast in bed. And of course my sweet 2 yr old starts yelling happy birthday mom, happy birthday, and of course thinks this day is for her too, and insists on having the same treatment as mom. Todd didn't know he was going to have to do it for 2!



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Happy 31 Lovey

Todd turned 31 on April 30th. WOW he is getting up there, but you would never know it, he works like an animal. I think this Bday was kinda of bothering him, he mentioned several times before that "man I am getting so old." I don't think he like getting up there on the whole number line. I keep reminding him were young and have our whole lives together. I attempted my best to plan a special day with me and him and for once in almost a year and half no kids, but the sitter fell through, which is what always happens. So instead we just went to Texas Road House for dinner with the girls, and came back and had cake and ice cream. It was still fun besides the 2hr wait for dinner!
I know your all so jelous of these insane decorating talant I have!

Mya helping daddy blow.

Mya really thinks that every birthday someone is having it's for her. So if you invite her to a party and she keeps telling everyone its her birthday and she starts opening your gift, don't be alarmed, it's very normal for my child.

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90th B day

This is Todd's grandma's 90th birthday party her kids threw for her in Payson a few weeks ago. She is the most sweetest, kindest, strongest, and most humble lady I have ever met. I love this pic of her and Lynn.

Marlee was sleeping!

I love this pic too with the 2 boys. Kitt and Todd lived next store to her for quiet some time while they both worked/went to college. They kept her company for a many of days. She really loved having them so close.

Here's the whole family.
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My sweet 2 1/2 year old took it upon herself to get herself ready for church on Sunday, this is what she insisted she was wearing to nursery. WOW Mya you really did your hair so nice! And the crown that's a nice sparkly touch!


I thought this was so sweet. We had Todd's Grandma's 90th Bday in April and so his family came up and stayed with us for the night. Grandpa in there playing dolls with Mya. She has trapped some people her room to play dolls with her, such as poor Mason, Taylnn and somehow got Grandpa in there! She loved it Grandpa thanks for spending that time with her!

AH AH AH really this is all I have to say, AH AH AH well not so funny to whomever that poor soul is who belongs in that bra. Feel very very bad! Mya thought it was so great! AH AH AH I pray she doesn't take after me in this aspect!
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Millcreek Fun

I am so so so late posting all this stuff. Me and some of my family made it up to Millcreek for lunch and smores. It was a great outing, and no we didn't know there would be snow. But does that ever stop us? Yes this first pic that is my child walking on the snow in barefeet. I know I'm a good mom ah, well Hannah is in barefeet to so Chel guess were both bad moms!!!

I love this little chunky, she makes me smile.

The family say cheese. Funny in this picture, I remember trying to suck in, than an instant later realized oh yea I am prego that's not going to work! Made me chuckle to myself that I attempted in my spaceness!
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Playing in the ice cold river.

Mya would not leave Hannahs side, even when she ran off into the woods to pee, Mya attempted to follow. Thanks Hannah for being so cute with her, and yes at time just putting up with her.

Eating smores! Man doesn't she look identical to wan?

AH AH AH I just crack up over Marlee's facial expression!
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