Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mya's First Day of Kindergartren


Hanging Out

Peyton, Mya, and Marlee all having a lazy day!

                                                          Hanging out at the Park!

                                             Make up day for these two friends.  MMMMM....
                                    Kendal applied lipstick that acutally went on her lips. 
                                     My child looks like a clown!!  wow

I trimmed the tree back in our front yard.  Oh boy was this a job that was more than I thought it would be.  I was cutting this huge tree in my yard with 10 dollar clippers from walmart and lets just say I couldn't lift my arms the next day.  The kids all helped along with Emily our neighbor friend stuffing the branches in the garbage. 

Mya is a big 5!!! Treyvin is a 2

So we are pretty lucky that all of our kids b-days are withing 3 weeks of each other and all in the summer.  The parties are simple in the backyard.  Mya got to invite six friends over and they played on a big blow up slide, a water slide, at yummy food and partied!!!!  We love you Mya and are so happy your ours.  You really are turning in to our little sweet heart!!!!  Treyvins birthday was 2 days before Mya's so this was his party too.  But he was to little to invite friends so he just joined in the fun.  Treyvin turned 2!!!!!
Treyvin and Aiden spent the afternoon drinking from the water slide that sprayed water up! 

Tyson, Sabrina, and Todd all so happy to be here.  Tys is so not sucking in or anything!

Playing in the pool with friends and cousins.

Marlee and Daddy

T-Ray eating his birthday cupcake...more like his 4th cupcake!

Opening presents!!!