Wednesday, February 27, 2008


How long have you been together? 2 years
How long did you date? 13 days...I know it was so crazy!
How old is he? 29 next month
Who eats more? Usually him, but if chocolate is involed, I can go crazy!
Who said "I love you" first? TODD, it's about the only thing he did first!
Who is taller? Todd
Who sings better? Well in this family we don't have any musical talents at all. We both are pretty bad. Neither of us can carry a tune if our life depended on it!
Who is smarter? Book Smarts: Me Street Smarts: Todd by a long shot, I have zero common sense!
Who does laundry? I do, but I don't mind, I love cleaning!
Who does the dishes? Me and I always will be the one. Todd avoids a dish like the plague. He would load the dishwasher with one fork if I let him. He HATES doing dishes.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Depends, I sleep on whatever side is closest to the door.
Who pays the bills? I DO! We sometimes do it together, but I usually am the one doing all the budgeting and writing checks out!
Who mows the lawn? We both do, I love yard work so I would not mind doing it everytime.
Who cooks dinner? Cooking and me don't go in the same sentence. I cannot do it. Was not a talent I was born with, and really have no desire to ever cook. But I will have to eventually when Mya gets older. So Todd is our the chef in the house. Although he can't ever make the same thing twice cause he doesn't know how he made it the first time. He just throws stuff in and it turns out great!
Who is more stubborn? Me by far
Who kissed who first? I had to people, if I never went in for the kill we would still be attempting to hold hands. Todd is the shyest (spelling?) person I have ever met.
Who proposed? Todd
Who is more sensitive? ME, I cry a lot!
Who has more friends? I do, I keep in touch with most all my good friends from high school and even Jr.High. Todd is just been forced I guess you say to become friends with my friends, he doesn't have a lot. That sounded rude, but he just doesn't talk a lot to others or it's hard for him to get out of his comfort zone!
Who has more siblings? Todd by one person.
Who am I tagging? Anyone who has time to do this.

Friday, February 22, 2008


So when we moved into the house I was determined to have all the painting done in the first that did not happen. After I painted the living room both hall ways and the kitchen (royal pain) I was so painted out I was sick. So I took a couple of months off, well and I didn't have a choice, todd was warning me no painting for awhile there was some dipage in the funds if ya know what I mean. But the only room I have really wanted to do is Mya's. I finally got it done and am so excited how it turned out. We were given a beautiful crib (thanks Chelys and Dave) and it matched into it all perfectly. I mean the green and brown play pin that had been Mya's bed would have fit in too...I guess it really didn't have a choice. But this crib was white and what we wanted. I am so glad her room is done and to have a husband who puts up with my pushing home projects, and lets me have money to do these fun things!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Oh Kay so really "survived" makes it all sound much more dramatic than it really was. Don't get me wrong...I was in a lot of pain, I mean I still am in a lot of pain, but it gets better each day. Being put under and coming out of it was not as bad as last time so thats nice. But man I didn't think my mouth could be in so much pain, I know I'm whinning which my mom would not think good of me to be whinning. I don't have results back on the outcome of the sist, but I think I am in good hands, I think all will be ok. Todd gave me a blessing the morning of surgery and it was very comforting. I am so grateful for Todd and for the priesthood in our home. Growing up I never had the priesthood and now that I have it in my home, I realize what I missed out on all my life. I now will never live without it!!! I am so grateful to Todd for being worthy to carry the priesthood and using it in our home. I do love him so. I apologize for any of you who talked with me on or the day after surgrey, I was well yes out of it (EXP you Chelsy, I looked over that e-mail I e-mailed you I think I only spelled like two words right, I was on a lot of pain killers!)
Well besides surgery we are surviving the snow storms that come twice a week. I have never shoveled so much in my life, but to be honest I really do enjoy it. I love being outside and working in the yard. Don't tell Todd that, I make him feel guilty when I have to shovel the drive way for an hour!
Funny story. A co-worker of Todds was moving and was getting rid of her big screen TV I think it like 60in TV. Yea sounds cool...its not. It's those super old ones where the bottom half is a huge speaker and the width of this beast is like 3-4feet. It's old, very old. He thinks it is like the greatest gift ever. So he puts it in our guest bedroom, which has a queen size bed. Now with the TV you can hardly walk in the room it is so crammed. I complianed and whinned and whinned that I wanted it out of there. His argument was that it was his "game room". He says every man needs a game room, well for those of you who don't know us that well todd works from sun up till sun down, he probably plays x-box like once a month. Well that one time each month he was so stoked that he could chill on the queen size bed in his G's and play x-box. He whinned to me he wanted the bed out and wanted couches in there..Yea not goin to happen. Anyways let me tell you where the few months of whinning got me. I came home, and was so excited, the TV was out of the guest bedroom, I actually had room for my guests (not that we ever have any but maybe one day) to put there bags and stuff. It was than that I proceeded to go back into our room...YEP you guessed it that huge, ugly beast of a TV is in our Room! I will never complain again!

Monday, February 11, 2008


So about two years ago they found a sist in my jaw bone and I had to get it removed immediatly, they were thinking it may be cancerous. Going into the surgery, I was still in college at the time, but going into it it was very very scary not knowing what the outcome would be. It all worked out ok, no cancer was found. It was such a blessing. Well about a year ago when I was 5 months pregnant with Mya they found the sist was back and has doubled in size. I could not get it removed with surgrey being 5 months pregnant so I was told to come back as soon as I had her. Well now she is six months and I have talked myself into going and getting it done. Surgery is on Tuesday, tomorrow and I am sick about it. I do feel comforted that it will not be cancerous, I feel the Lord is comforting me and I am praying that that comfort I feel is that it will all be ok. But I am sick to my stomach to be put under. I have a horrible fear of being put under in anethsea. I have horrible experiences with it and coming out of it is an awful feeling. The only way to explain it to anyone is that I feel like I am high on drugs. I have never gotten high so I don't know the feeling but I guess for some they love that feeling. But for me not having feeling over my body is horrible. I come out kicking and screaming and it's like I am in my own world and unable to reach reality. Yea it really does feel as weird as it sounds. So anyway I pray all goes well tomorrow. I will let you know how things go. Of course it's always such a joy to have your face swollen and bruised black and blue for the following week. I hope I don't scare Mya. Todd is so sweet, he took the full day off work from both of his jobs to take care of Mya and well I guess me too since I really am so out of it. I do feel the Lord will help us through whatever the outcome may be. He has blessed us so much in our life and given us the strength to get through some tough times, I know He will continue to do so. I just can't wait for this to all be over.

Friday, February 8, 2008

This is Mya only 3 weeks old. Gosh I look back and realize how little she was. They grow so fast!!!

She is so funny, this is the only way she will sleep during naps or bedtime! She has to have the blanket completly over her head and if you move it she spazes out!

Daddy loves!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I thought I would start this blog to update friends and family on what is going on in our lives. Although we live very simply lives it's always fun to keep in touch with everyone else. Todd right now is the Pro Desk manager at Home Depot here in Layton. He deals with all the contractors. He is going to be going back to school in the summer or maybe fall and get his accounting degree in business. We are both so excited he is going back. It will be better for a family in the long run, although it may be really tough to get through the next couple of years. But it will be so worth it when he is all done. I just really want him to enjoy what he does everyday, there is no worse punishment I think than to go to a job that you hate.
I took this first year off to be with Mya. I am so glad I did too, I would be missing out on too much. I do miss teaching very badly though, I will be going back to teach next year just part time while Todd goes to school. I hope I can handle being away from Mya, it will be hard. I cannot believe how fast she has grown, wow it has flown by. She is already six months and talking up a storm. She sits up on her own great now, but refuses to lay on her stomach therefore she has not learned to Roll yet. She is so much fun and I pray as a mother I don't let her down