Monday, June 28, 2010

Eating my first CAKE!




AHHH know that was good stuff. She downed the whole cupcake, every last crumb left on the tray. Oh man she was so much more into this than Mya was, Mya would hardly touch hers. It was very entertaining!
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Just trying it out!

Ok I'm liking this, grabbed it with both fists

Wow some fell on the arm...both hands are full of cake...I'll just lick it off.

My ultimate favorite. She had both hands loaded with cake and some was falling on tray so she bent in half and started to eat it like a dog off her tray. I was dieing in laughter!
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This posts were all done backwords sorry. But first picture Mya fell asleep on the way home on her arm and rubbed off most of her butterfly on her face. She was not a happy camper!

Mar just waking up from car ride, she is bright eyed and happy!

Marlee opening her gifts for her Birthday! Of course Mya really did and once toys were out of box Mya refused to let Marlee play with them. Ugh I swear that child thinks she owns everything. Poor Mar couldn't even play with her toys!

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Facepainting, they do such a cool job!

Mya got a flower ballon. Excuse the ruggid look on poor Mya, it was so hot she was just dragging along!

Mya and Aunt Lac.

Chezie, she is such a doll! With such a fistie personality!
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Mya daring to pet the goat but quickly decieded she did not like that!

Mars and Grandma going down the slide. Speaking of slides. I take Mya to the park probably 3 or 4 times a week. We go to this fair with all kinds of fun things to do and does she only want to play on the playground their??? I swear she could live at the park.

Mya's pretty butterfly! We did the arm thing rather than the face, Mya is not found of people touching her face so I knew the arm would go over much better. She loved it too, wouldn't stop looking at it. In fact the when it came off some on the nap home and the bath she was so upset that her butterfly had flown away!

Mya and her cousin Hannah that Mya absolutly adores!
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Lehi Parade

We went to the Lehi parade with my sister and her family and my mom and two aunts and Grandma GG came also. It was a lot of fun, and so fun to get out. It was so Flipping HOT though, I thought I was going to melt. Poor Mya takes after her mom and gets overheated and feels sick too. She was a trooper but by the end of the parade I could tell she was really not feeling well. It was fun and man they threw the best candy, real candy not the tafy stuff. Afterwoods they had a little fair thing with animals and boths and slides, facepainting, ect. It was a fun day and thanks for the invite chel. We will be coming next year too...oh if were invited that is. Wish we could have made the rodeo, but Marlee never would have made it that late!



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Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Marlee MOO MOO

My baby is 1!!!What a long, fun, sick year it has been for her. I love you Marlee, thanks for coming to my family, I am so glad you joined us. I know you regret your decision when Mya is clobbing you in the face but I promise when you get older I won't stop you at all for getting back at her for this first year of abuse she has given you. I love you baby and hope you have a good day!



Mya is estatic about making the which as usual she thinks are for her party!!!
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Come On...

Come on Mar's I have frosting and sprinkles...I know you want them. Crawl to me...

Or just stretch for them, that works I guess. Come on up on your knees

Mom serioulsy give me the flipping sprinklers or I am going to throw an all out fit you aint ever seen before!!!

Ohhhhh got them...thanks mom!
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Hannah's B-day Party

Hannah, Mya's cousin invited her to her b-day party. Oh Mya just kills me at almost 3 she is still learning not all parties are for her, that all the presents arent hers, and in fact other kids have birthdays too. As you can see below Mya had to be right there opening the presents in the center of the circle with Mya while all the other good little boys and girls sat nicely watching. When it was time to go Mya had a fit in the car that we left all of her presents back there. Will she ever get that not all parties are for her???? Im starting to really wonder.
Mya sharing grapes with some of Hannah's friends.

Mar and chez just hanging out wondering what all the fuss is all about.

Mya being center of attention thinking gifts are all for her and Hannah is just being nice and opening them for her???

Marlee doing what she does best....EATING!!! I love my chunkers
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little News

Just thought I would post some pics of the girls. Marlee's top two teeth are in, it only took 3 months of being really cranky and not sleeping for them to come through. Mya loves to smother sissy, and it drives me and Marlee crazy! And when I am not looking Mya likes to shove her down, pinch her, poke her in the eys and her favorite, sitting on her head.



My says the funniest things. Yesterday on our walk:
Mya: Car go to time out now...1...2...3...ok time out now you not listening.
Mom: Uh Mya why are you yelling at the cars to go to time out? What did they do?
Mya: I told them to stop and they not listening mom..ok!!!
Mom: oh ok, but you know that that's what cars do is drive and move, they don't stop on your command.
Mya: Mom you stop or you going to time out too ok!!!

Today while picking dry, dead skin off her ear from her sun burn. I pulled off a long piece of skin and showed her.
Mya: What??? What is a catepiller doin on my ear?
Mom: Honey its not a catepiller its dead skin from the sun.
(Mya jumps off my lap and walks to the door)
Mom: Mya where are you going?
Mya: Im going to tell sun to stop putting catepillers on my ear K mom!!!
Where do these kids minds come from? Wherever it is I am grateful for the smile it puts on my face!
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