Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Treyvin Todd Tanner

I had a c-section July 17th and Treyvin was born at 8:31AM. Things went very smoothly and he is a perfect healthy baby boy! He was HUGE too, by far my biggest baby I am so glad I didn't decided to do a vback with him! He was 8lbs 9oz, 21inches long. He's doing pretty good at being home, a little fussy come evenings. Mya absolutly adores the little fella, I can't keep her off him, and Marlee, well she has no idea what he is and why he is in our home. Im gratful he has joined our family!My sister Lacey has a TON of pics on her blog if you want to see more click HERE

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Things I Couldn't Live Without

While at the hospital in which I was there for 4 days there were a few items that simply saved my life.
Love and support from my family. I couldn't have done the emotional first few days at the hospital without my families love. Thanks for the flowers chel, Lac thanks for being there the first day with me and talking me through my breakdowns, Cas thanks for coming in and visiting me. Mom THANK YOU for coming and helping me when I got home, it was so nice to have you in my home!

Say what you will about these hideous, ugly slippers but I love them for my hospital stays. They are so comfortable and just perfect for walking around the gross hosp. floor. I love them! Maybe one day they will be the new fashion statement...ok probably not but still they saved me.

A fork??? I know odd right, and no it was not used for eating. I itched horribly bad for the first 3 days in hospital. I itched with my girls too which is a very common side effect I know, but this was almost unbearable really. It was horrible. I could not stop itching everywhere, this fork saved my life. All night long I would just be itching. I have scabs all over because I couldn't stop. Whoever knew a fork would be so valuable for something besides eating!

You feel so nasty and gross after sitting in a hospital bed, no shower feels better than that first shower you get to get into after being in the bed at the hospital!
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Mya Turned 3

Mya turned 3! She is getting so big wish time would slow a little. We had to celebrate her birthday a week early this year due to me having the baby the week of her bday, but it worked out great. It was a lot of fun and we had all her cousins come over and play on the big water slide Grandma Cindy brought up. It was a blast and the kids had fun. Don't mind my hideous outfit, its really bad I know along with the hair, but I really didn't care what I looked like...it was so hot and I was so uncomfortable!


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Fun times



Mya the whole day had a serious weggie. Everytime I turned around her swimsuit was cutting her in half again!

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Todd did the DORA face, I thought he did a great job! Mya loved it!

Mya got grandma good with a water balloon.

Aunt Cassie and Lacey taken the kids down, the adults are more pumped than the children.

Moo's Moo's not liken the pool with so many kids in it!
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marlee's 1 yr stats

Marlee at one year weighs 23lbs, and as for the rest of the measurements, my wonderful nurses at the IHC place are still learning how to measure head and height. From the last visit she has shrunk an 1in and half. Yea I am so done with that place. Everytime I go in they screw up something, not to mention I have never been in and out in less than an hr and a half. Usually a typical visit for us is 3 hrs...its a dang joke. I have had so many issues, know I am to the point where I am ready to leave them! Anyways, knowing my daughter hasn't in fact shrunk an inch I don't know how tall she is or her head. But her weight, good thing the scale takes care of that! Marlee is not crawling or I should say the day of the appt (fri) she was not. I am not one of those parents who live in denial that nothing can be wrong with their kids. I am the other way, if my kid needs help or is behind I am all about gettting them the correct help and fast. The doc was like
"mmmmm she's not crawling?" "No, Im not too worried her older sister didn't crawl till 13 months and she is a perfectly normal child."
So she's not walking even? Nope, if shes not crawling shes probably not walking lady.
Is she walking along furniture? No my child does not do any form of walking in any way!
MMMMM, I am deeply concerned, she is extremely behind. She needs to be seen by some physical therpist and a few other options we need to get her into immediatley. She is very behind.

Ok people, I am not in denial, my children are behind, I never state that they arent. But wow really she doesn't need these 5 classes and diff doctors you swear she needs ASAP. She is fine, she is behind but she'll catch up. She acted like my kids needed to be saing the ABC's and doing backflips. My kid is fine, she will be fine. And Marlee proved her right. We got home from the docs and in all honesty it was like Mar knew what she was saying about her. I literally put mar on the floor when we got home with some toys and Marlee took off crawling. She is all over the place now. Way to show her Moo Moo I knew you would be just fine. And hey you beat your sister crawling by a month, so in my book your way ahead! Love you Marzie!

4th of July Fun

As I sat at the parades this year, I watched in pure amazment that its not the kids who are deadly at parades...its the parents. Oh man when the frisbee's or anything bigger than tafy comes along her got parents doing handstands to get whatever it is they are throwing, even to the point where they are taking out their own kids. I even got wrapped up in it as I sat behind all the crazies, there was this boy that was about 20 ft up the road from us. he was probably 10 or 12, did he run up the whole dang side of the road following the floats with candy taking all the candy. He was not shy about it, he would just take out the other kids and steal the candy. I was gettin a bit livid about an hr into the parade. Really boy, stay where your parents are and get the candy that's thrown to you. Second... boys parents, where the heck are you??? Control your kid, your lucky he went home alive, I was on the break of doing some serious body blocking if you crossed the line into our territory again. I too am one of those irrate parents I supposed although I am still not doing handstands to get the good stuff, but thanks for the good entertainment all you other parents who are die hards at those parades! Enjoy the pics!

FireWorks at the House

We bought some fireworks to light off at the house. We did a BBQ which was yummy and than the Fireworks. Both of my girls spent firework time on my lap crying!!! The noise drives Mya mad. Ugh I swear that little girl is too funny. She was so scared with every firework. Even the dang sparklers we gave her she dropped and ran off, their not even noisy. She's a little spook! Mya was walking backwards on the driveway and we had a big bowl full of all the fireworks that were all burned out. Mya of course is the one child to fall into the bowl and drench herself if the burnt firworks cover her. Oh man was she mad!!! Mya has quiet the temper and let everyone know how ticked she was at the bowl. She still a day later is talking about how the bowl tripped her. It had nothing to do with her walking backwards not paying attention where she was going. It's never her fault you know.



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All the kiddos, except ta ta who is still climbing up the back!

This is a hard pic to see I know but it was so funny. This was a tube thing that had steep stairs at the end of it. Poor Ry had both little girls in there with her and she was trying her hardest to get both girls up those steeps inside. I didnt' think they were going to make it...but they did. Thanks Ry.

Ryo and Tater bug

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