Thursday, October 16, 2014


                                            Shin gaurds the new knee pads.

So X caused us quite a scare.  While arriving at the Roy aquatic center Marlee thought she would try and help mom because my hands were full coolers and beach bags ect.  Marlee running full spead shoved X while strapped in a little jeep stroller down a set of 5 concert steps.  It knocked him out.  He was raced to the emergency room where CAT scans and x rays were done on his neck.  The doc thought for sure he had internal bleeding or a fractured skull.  NOTHING!  A bad concussion but no other damage. We were so blessed.  and it was awful holding him in my arms as I flipped the stroller up and unbuckled him and to watch him go limp in my arms and wouldn't respond to me.  Horrible feeling as a mother, but this kid is tough, guess he has to be since he is kid number 4!
                   His favorite drawer is to empty the pan drawer 10 times a day. 
                                                            Chocolate gone wild!

                                               Their makeover's which need to be do-overs

2014 catch-up

       My young women group.  Stake sports director, I love my girls and I am so proud.

Playing at an all night over-nighter volleyball tournie with Dredge and Kendell.  Love this sport.

                             Took the girls to go see SHREK at my school play.  They loved it!

                                        Literally her tooth is hanging on by a tiny tiny root!

 This little man of mine turned 1 years old today!  Oh man knowing he is my last makes me savor every moment with him.  Love him so much. I wouldn't be the same without this little stud nor our family.

                                     Girls got to him again.  Trey turned out ok...theres hope.

Cookie dough....a prized possession in our home.  Even guarded when we sleep.

                                                             We Love the ZOO!

                                                       My beautiful, gorgeous girls. 

                                                                           Easter 2014

Trey begged for months to build a bird house with his dad.  It finally got done and this kid couldn't be happier.

Mason's birthday party. We got to go to the trampoline park with him.  We love our cousins.  

 Muller Park and love playing in the river and going on hikes.  Grandma CJ came along for the fun.