Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alkatrez Prison

My most memorable thing in San Fransico this year by far was Alkatrez. Unless you have been there it is so hard to try and explain the feeling that you feel when you are there. It has a touch of uneasiness about it, but for me the overwhelming feeling of sadness and loneliness. My heart ached for those who served time there along with their families. The cells were nothing more than a closet if you could call it that. They were not known by their names, they were simple a number. I have to give credit for those criminals who were truly geniues in their attempts to escape and for those that we still don't know if they made it out alive (I like to tell myself they made it). I was really moved by coming here and hearing the stories and learning of the prisoners and the gaurds. They were human beings who made bad choices and in consequences lived in a closest made of cement walls and hole for a toliet. I had a hard time thinking we as human beings could treat other humans in such a way. I had to remind myself that these were hard criminals, the toughest bunch of them, but even than I found myself feeling so sad for them and the number they were now known by! I am now creating a unit for my English classes on this. I think there is so much we can learn from the prisoners, the guards, and all those who had ties in someway to this place.


I am in awe of how good these fake heads looked, really they were so smart!

I was so shocked to learn that some of the gaurds wives and children lived on this island. They had a school and other things for the kids who were raised on this island and lived next to the prison with the most dangerous criminals. Blows my mind why anyone would raise their children in a situation like this. I was not in thier shoes nor knew their situations so I don't mean to judge but being on that island and seeing it and taking it all in I could not imagine raising my children their...not even for my husbands career.
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Famous Prisoners

Todd and Roacha checking out the cells

Some of the most famous inmates to have stayed there

3 floors of cells. The feeling is so indescribable in words.
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On the way over, so so soooo windy and cold.

This was the showers.

Listening to the audio tour. So incredible
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Santa Cruise

So we drove down to Santa Cruise which was bad wheather. It was windy and nothing was open. It didn't open till the very next day!!!! So annoying, they had their shops open but none of the rides or anything else was open so we didn't stay very long there.
Tyson (todd's baby brother,Todd, Kitters)

The Girls hanging out on the beach!

Me and Britt looking through all the shops.

Me and Roacha, her hoodie explains the weather!
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San Fransico!!!!!

Pier 39 was awesome as always, and WINDY! Still it was so nice and fun. They always have the most creative and talented people working on the streets, artists, tin men, bush man, singers. I love the whole atmosphere.

We went shopping as always and well Roach found herself and amazing ring! Now we just need prince charming!

More SHOPPING. Have I ever told you I LOVE SHOPPING. Another habit I must break!

Hungrey.....onery......exlain the look?!?
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San Fran Cont.

Dancing with the circus...something I'm considering.

Got in amazing shape while walking up and down the warf and Pier 39.

Riding the Trolly up to dinner!

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Bit's n Pieces

Takin a snooze with daddy.

The girls love watching TV with daddy.

Santa Cruise.

Tradition after a long day in Sanfransico to go out to eat on the top of Macy's at the Cheese Cake Factory. The view is incredible as is the food and service. So SO nice. Pic not the best!
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Monday, April 25, 2011


So.....I have this slight obsession for these bagels that a family friend would always bring us when she was in San Fransico. The House of Bagels makes the greatest bagels in america, yes I said america. I live to come here on this trip every year to San Fransico just because I know by the end of the trip I will be coming home with BAGS of bagels. They are delicious. I got a bit carried away and got Lots of bags. SO I don't look like a complete pig, I brough bagels home for all my sisters...you see this slight obsession runs in the family.

I was so happy I could not contain myself.

Todd thinking I had gone absolutly NUTS.

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Japenese Tea Gardens

While we were there we took a trip to the Japenese Tea Gardens. They were beautiful. Very unique, had some really neat trees as well as fish in their ponds. Very peaceful feeling in there.

This bridge was so steep!!! Huge arch!

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Todd trimming up the bushes.

Had this really neat bridge if that's what you call these stones going aross the water.
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