Friday, June 1, 2012


Ok, not me but I so wish it baby sis, the only un-athletic one growing up ran her first half marathon in Odgen.  I say amazing!!!  She did increcible and did it in 2 hrs and 30 min! I admired her for her endurance and hard work training for this thing for months, while getting a new baby and other family ups and downs.  She stuck with it and I am so proud of her.  I hope to run one with her one day!!
Also you will see the "For Bill" thing on all of their arms, my sweet dad, well the only dad I really knew closely growing up just was diagnosed with cancer and only given months to live.  This news has devestated me and my family to the very core.  His wife cookie, as we call her, is an amazing lady and is doing all she can to be there for him.  They ran this race for him. 
ALSO:  sorry for the picture overload I think I just uploaded like 5 new pages worth of pages, so keep scrolling to the following pages.  I had 3 months to catch up on!

One Little Girl has been very busy...

Mya has been one busy little girl lately.  She graduated pre-school and did a very cute program and also had her end of the year dance recitial.  It was sooooo cute and good.  I do apologize about the 100 photos of her in her dance costume but she just looked so cute, as a mom I got carried away!!!

She's in the middle of both of these!

Grandpa came and supported her
Sabrina and Uncle Tyson came to cheer her on as well.

Pre-school Graduation Program!!!

Kendall and Mya, the best of buddies. 

This is my dear friend Jan.  She has watched my kids since Marlee was born!!!  I am so blessed to have found her, she has been a second mom to my children and our kids think their siblings.  I love Jan so much and she has loved, taught and cared for my children on all the days I am at work.  I am so grateful to her and the influence she has had on my kids!

Oh yes there's more dance pictures, you just thought you were done!

What We've Been Up To....

Excuse the massive upload of photos....I haven't blogged in some time, but here is all what we have been up to the last 3 months.
Hanging out with cousins outside, and playing in the dirt!

Eating way to much cotton candy.
Planting lots of pretty flowers in the yard.
Coloring easter eggs with the Johnson kids (the family who has watched my kids for the last 3 years!!!)

Eating LOTS of applesauces
Running errands with mommy, listenting to the kids favorite song in dads car, "Green n Yellow"
Playing waitress and taking orders

Playing in the pan drawer which he knows too well is a "no no"
Playing super stars with friends.

Going to the Green House with Mya's class for a field trip.

Being goofy in the bathtub!
Getting hives for 2 months, I was sooooo miserable
Taking naps

Making chocolate milkshakes and grandpa's house
Cleaning at grandpas house, don't mind he is still in the stone ages with his cleaning supplies...would you look at that old school mop, really dad, it's called a Swifter Mop, it will change your world!!

Dentish appointment for both girls, first time in 4 years Mya has acutally been brave enough to lay in the chair and get a cleaning, we usually can't get past x-rays.  I don't think she wanted Marlee to show her up. 

Welcomed a new beautiful cousin to the family, Marlee is obsessed, everytime were with Lacey she asks to hold Shae.  Lace and Seth's 3rd little one and she is beautiful. 

Only time these two girls are touching each other and not screaming is when they are knocked out in the car.  Don't mind Marlee sleeping with her eyes open. 

Hanging out on mommy's bed watching our girl movies
Marlee said hey mom take a picture of me, it was so dark in the room that I couldn't see her, but once the flash went off I realized she had thought it was super cool to clip a bobby pin to her nose. 
Of course Mya had to be in on it as well....
I swear I can't believe this happened to me.  Trey is an absolute TERROR in church, he refuses to sit still at the bench, it doesn't matter what I bring, snacks, books, coloring things, cars, he loves to get out and run all over.  Sometimes it's more trouble than it's worth so I just let her run.  So Trey ran up the isle and laid down and fell asleep people.  Out cold sucking his thumb.  He slept for a good 25 minutes of sacrament.  Todd was so emabarresed i was trying to be so sneaky and take a picture with my phone, but I just had to get a pic of this.  Todd kept saying "go get him", I was like heck no, I am not touching him, and so help me if anyone else does.  Let him sleep, I might actually hear a talk this Sunday!

Hanging out with mom at work.  The girls love coming and hanging out in my classroom.  I have let them come a few times with me, and they love all the attention they get from my high school kids.
Taking driving lessons.