Friday, September 28, 2012

Catch Up

I took Mya and Marlee and their Best Friend to the Rodeo at the Days of 47.  I worried that they would hate it and it would have been a waste of money, and I was so very wrong.  The girls were hilarious, all of them love it.  In fact when it was the calf roping time and the calfs got away they would just up and cheer and scream for the calf.  And when the cowboy roped it they would say " oh know, stop that you mean cowboy!"  They were  hilarious entertainment for all those who were around us.  They also loved the clowns!

 We have had some fun days swimming and at the park with the Johnsons, as my kids know her as their 2nd mom!

 Lounging in the kiddy pool with Marlee who insisted she needed her life jacket on in the 3 inches of water because she might drown.  Todd thought it was hilarious i would get in, but whatever keeps me cool!