Sunday, January 24, 2010

Potting Training or Lack there of

I am giving up. Mya showed extreme interest back in Sept Oct. Than it died, underwear was no more appealing, potty she hated, so I backed off. Recently I have tried to pick in up again, in full force...I swear this kid does not want to be potty trained. In two days I have gotten her to go pee twice and poop once in toilet. I have just put underwear on her and if she accidents than she does. But I take her to the potty every 30 to 1 hour most of the time she is crying and doesn't want to go and she just whines on the potty that she is done. She also is hardly peeing, and pooping so I think she is holding it in and all days she has been crying to me her belly hurts and I am sure it is cause she is holding in her poop!UGh I have always heard don't push your kid if there not ready. So I think I am pushing her and she is not ready. These people who have had their kids trained in two days....what??? How we are no further along than we were two days ago. When are they ready? When they stop crying when you take them to potty or do they always do that? I really have no idea, I pretty much suck at potty training. So I need feedback from you mothers that have done it. Is she not ready if she is crying and screaming when you take her to potty? After 2 days I am done, its so frustrating fighting it every 40 or so min. So I just give up for now and try later? HELP!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hide and Seek with daddy. Todd was running out of places to hide the top of the fridge was the only place left!!! AH AH AH Don't even ask how he fit up there! Mya thought this was the greatest game in the world, she threw a fit when we said after about hour that he was done!



Playing with toys!
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hospital Pictures

This is what we felt like after a week in the hospital! But 100x worse!

My mother in law flew in from Cali to help us out, she has been an absolute life savor! I really don't know what we would have done without her. She entertained Mya, wiped up puke and diarhea until we couldn't do it anymore. She really just dung in and did whatever the job called for, even if the job was really ugly, messy and smelled horrible.

Marlee actually picking up a toy to play at the hospital. SO nice to see her even look at a toy!

This last picture is my favorite, it was taken with TOdd's phone so quality not good. But the story behind this is that Marlee had been in hospital for 3 days at this point and they never came to give her a bath. She had puked on herself numerous times and pooped and you can imagine this poor little thing was really starting to stink. So I asked if we could give her a bath. Well, we were staying in the RT Unit which is for short stays only as in one or maybe two days. They were supposed to give us a more permanent comfortable room upstairs but they was no room for us so we had to stay in this other room so they didn't have bath stuff. So they just brought me in this little basin and some wash clothes and soap. WHich was fine I would make it work. So they were planning on us just doing like a bed bath, but I just could get real good in all of her cracks and creveses so I just stripped her down and plunked her in this basin. She so did not fit. She lost some good weight this last 2 weeks but not enough to fit in this basin. Me and Todd were laughing hysterically. She on the other hand did not find it the least bit amusing. Oh so sad to say but it really was funny. Marlee I am so sorry you had to take a bin bath but hopefully no more of those!
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Marlee at the Hospital

Marlee was sitting on Todds lap, oh so funny, because she was having these massive blow outs and she got him and got him good. Marlee pooped Todds pants, it was actually really funny! Todd had to sit on a towel for the rest of the day because everywhere he sat was leaving a little yellow mark! So gross!



Those of you who know me know I keep a pretty good house, OCD, we can say it. Never in my life have I had laundry like this. Being gone all week and just sending puked and diarhea clothes home all week this is what I came home to find! This was only half of it! UGH!
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Hospital Stay

This is as close to nursing as I will get Cindy says!!! AH AH so true! This is my kind of nursing!This is the only way Marlee would sleep at the hospital burring her face into my arm!

Doctors looking at her trying to once again figure out what is wrong with her.

Me trying to get food down her we were so happy if she would take even 1 oz!

One of several several puncture wounds from needles. Her little body is so bruised!
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Marlee on the last day at hosptial

She was actually smiling a little on this day! It was so good to see her smile again!



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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Power of Prayers

WOW what a week it has been. Marlee got very sick on Monday afternoon with a fever of 104.3. She was up all night just screaming, nothing I did calmed her in any way. I didn't know what was wrong, she didn't have a sign of a cold, not pulling at her ears, nothing, just would cry and had a horrible fever. The next day I ran her into the pedetrician at the IHC here in Layton, they at first didn't know what was wrong with her either. I told them basically I was not leaving without anwsers this time, they always just say must be some weird virus. But I knew something was really wrong with her, I just knew it. So they put a cathiter (sp?) up her and tested her urine. They did a quick check and sure enough they said her urine was very infected. So from there they attempted to draw blood, which really got me annoyed because they burst through 4 veins on her arm than attempted to draw blood from her head. I thought I was going to lose it!!!! Serioulsy if you can't draw blood on an infant than say so and I will go to the hospital and they are pro's at it. But to keep attempting to draw the blood and break through all her viens while she is screaming! Never again will I let them draw blood from her, I will take her to the hospital! At this point Mya is screaming for Marlee. She see's Marlee just freaking out and while they poke her everywhere. When they came to draw blood from her head Mya was hitting the doctors telling them to leave her sissy alone. It more than broke my heart. I had to take Mya out of the room, Mya was hystical and I didn' want her to see that but I was by myself, was I supposed to leave Marlee all alone in the room while they tortured her? Well, that's what ended up happening. I had no choice, I sat in the waiting room with Mya just balling my eyes out feeling like the worst mom in the world for not being in there for Marlee. I wanted Todd there so bad to help out with one of the kids, but he was at work up in Provo. They finally let us back in to tell me they got no blood, they broke through all the viens. I was furious. They said to go home with the antibiotics they sent me and if she was still bad in 24 hours go to the emergency room. They were worried infection could have gotten into her kidneys'. Right go home hoping this infection didn't spread to the kidneys or blood stream. I went home and felt sick about everything. Idiots, couldn't draw any blood so they sent me home hoping she would be ok, knowing that it was a serious infection! After an hour of being home I knew I had to do something more. We packed up the girls and headed for Primary Childrens Hospital. We got there about 8 and as we were walking in the doors she projected vomit like no 6 month old can, like no adult. She literally was sitting in a puddld of vomit in her car seat she was covered haead to toe and it was draining out of her car seat! For the next 5 hours they poked her to death again, but I knew I was in the right place and they were going to find me anwsers. We didn't get a room until 2:30 in the morning. Poor Marlee was beside herself! I felt horrible. There is no night and day at Primary's. They are a fabulous hospital don't get me wrong, but all hours of the night, they just walk in flip the lights on, poke her with needs do testing, take her for x-rays 1, 2, 3, 4 in the morning. It got very frustrating, every hour someone was waking her up for something. In fact one morning I had a lady barge through the door af 5:00 AM flip lights on Marlee wakes up again screaming and this hispanic lady who I could not understand says "you play bingo, you play?" I was like what bingo. "Yes yes you sign up to play bingo you want to play?" I was furious, no it's 5 in the morning I don't want to sign up for bingo and you just woke my very sick, tired 6 month old! UGH. I know they were all just doing their jobs but it made for extremely long nights getting her back to sleep everytime someone came and drew blood or did vitals just to be woken up an hour later. Marlee had several several several tests done, ranging from Luekemia to a stomach virus, to bad kidneys and needing a kidney transplant. You can imagine my emotions through this week when there was a chance of these things. I was beyond sick to my stomach, at times I felt like I wasn't even in this world, I just simply floated when I heard those things. I have never prayed so hard in my life! After days and days of testing and misery for Marlee, and days and days of puking her guts out and one blow out after another they found the problem. She got E coli, which lead to a severe bladder infection, a UTI, possible her kidneys are infected have to go back next week to have them tested, and was diagnosed with RSV! I know is it possible a 6 month old could be so sick, it is , and it was and still is horrible to watch her puke a days worth of bottle up. She just cries and you feel so helpless knowing she is in pain. As of now we are home she is still puking and have blow outs which the doctors were really hoping she would have stopped that by now. If she continues to do this she will be readmitted into the hospital! I am praying the puking slows down! Nights is when it is the worst for her. Doc said UTI are very painful for little babies so she is in a lot of pain so I am keeping her on IB profen and Tylonel! I can't wait for this nightmare to be over, to have a normal life again and for my baby to be herself once more.
I have to tell all those who stepped in and helped thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lac thanks for taking care of Mya for us while we stayed in the hospital, I was worried about her as well and I am so glad she was in good hands, it lessened my stress a lot. THanks for being so good to her, it meant the world to me. Chel thanks for playing Taxi for us as we forgot keys and forgot car seats and all the other stuff we kept forgetting. Thank you for being there to help out, we owe you. Cookers thanks for letting me run down to your house and shower and see Mya for a couple of hours as well as running around all over the valley to pick up my keys I left in Chels car and was stranded at your house. Thanks for leaving work to take me back up to hospital, and for taking us home when we were released cause we couldn't all fit in our car. And for everyone else for your prayers, I promise they were felt, I had some very very dark nights laying in the hospital couch watching my baby hurting where I felt I could not bare it anymore. It was than I felt such comfort from my Savior on behalf of your prayers in her name. No mother wishes this upon their child but it was so nice to have the power of the priesthood to give her blessing. My cousin Joe and Todd gave Marlee a blessing which brought me much comfort. Thanks Joe for leaving work to help us with that. I really can't express my gratitude enough! Thank you again. Keep you posted on how the little one is doing. I will have pictures up soon!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Marlee stats

So I took Marlee in the other day for her 6 month check up. My babies are so chubby! Love them like that but not when I am halling them around in a car seat ah? People aske me all the time because Mya was huge, she had rolls everywhere there was skin, who was bigger. I say oh Mya by far, Marlee is way smaller than her. AH AH AH I am so wrong. Marlee is killing Mya as far as 6 months comparasions go! I could have sworn Mya was bigger, she had cheeks that went forever and a belly like santa. Marlee I think just holds it bettter or something because she doesn't look as big as Mya at that age. Although Marlee has 3 or 4 chins in which I love them all may be where all the weight is. She weighs 19 lbs something oz, but just barley off 20 lbs. 26 in height and she has a big head can't remember exact measurements but it was the 97%! Marlee got 6 shots poor thing and had a horrid fever the next day. She seemed to check out well expect she is still extremely not happy when it comes to pooping. She is so constipated and the doctors never have a solution for that...EVER. So everyday poor Marlee just screams when she needs to poop. Juice, prunes done it all. Miralax was the miracle drug for Mya and now Mar is on it. The one thing the doctors were really worried about was her legs. She won't put any weight at all on her legs. I told Todd about a wk ago I was worried about her legs I could get her to stand on them or put any weight at all on them. He said it's normal but I have several friends that have babies Marlee's age and younger who stand on their legs all the time. I knew something wasn't right. She said I need to work really hard with her in the next 4 wks. Try to get her to use her legs and stand on them and if she still is not in 4 wks take her into the hospital and get some xrays and see what is going on with her! My poor girls legs, with Mya they told me she may never walk, she had a leg that was really twisted in the hip joint and now she goes 100 miles a min! So I am not trying to panicke with the news of Mar's legs and hopefully jsut like everything she is behind. She just started to roll from stomach to back only one way. The doc says she should be rolling all over the place both sides. I was like well my babies are always behind, always, but they catch up!
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Backyard fun

I don't do well in the winter, infact its the longest few months of my life!!! I HATE being trapped inside, I go crazy! No parks, no swimming, no NOTHING! Mya is a boob when a comes to snow to. She says she wants to go outside so I went out bought her snow gear thinking maybe this year she really will. NO one snowflake falls on her and she has had enough! But today was a warmer day, and we were both going CRAZY inside so out we went and she had a good time. I pulled her around in a sled I got her with a rope and she had a really fun time. Than Todd pulled me around the yard on the saucer in which my butt barely fit. Not going to lie it was fun. Made me miss sledding really bad. The last two three years I haven't been able to go because our kids were way to young or I was prego. Next winter I vounge not to be prego (oh gosh no way) and I think I will go sledding!



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Monday, January 4, 2010

After About 4 yrs of Marriage...

These are the kinds of conversations we are having. Sunday Morning:
Jamie: Ugh Todd seriously I am so tired of cleaning the toilet once a day. Everytime you go you which let me remind you is like 4 times a day you leave a ugly picture. You are cleaning the toilet from here on out, I am so tired of it!"
Todd: have fun cleaning out the drains in the shower with all your hair balls and I don't even want to know what else is in with them hair balls.
Jamie: Fine we keep our same jobs but Todd really stop going so much your not normal to go that much.
Todd: And cleaning out drains is so much fun, you should be bald by now!
Jamie: Whatever Todd, my job is way sicker!
WOW don't we sound like adults!