Monday, September 22, 2008

Thanks sweetie

Below explains why my wonderful and caring husband was so thoughtful in buying these.
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We're Alive with odds n ends

Mya loves her dad so flipping much. She follows him everywhere he goes, I seem not to matter anymore. Here he is cleaning the shower drain out because my hair clogs it quite often. There she is just helping daddy! I love these two so much.

This is my beautiful niece Talynn. She really is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. Well I was babysitting my nieces and nephews and Rylee who is five came running into the room and said "umm there is some poop spilling out of Talynns diaper". Thinking oh she is exaggerating, well she wasn't, it literally was spilling out of her diaper. Rylee and I were laughing so hard.

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I Love my family

I am so sorry we have disappeared this last month. Between teaching school, being a mom and coaching volleyball, and Todd working two jobs and going to night school, I have found NO time to update my blog. Not that any of you are dieing to read my blog everyday. Things have been doing really good but hectic. I apologize for this next part, but I have a lot weighing on my mind and I have to get some of it off my chest. Above is a picture of some flowers my ever so sweet husband bought me to cheer me up. My family has been going through a lot of very sad and hard trials lately and I seem to find myself crying all the time for those who are hurting around me. It absolutly kills me inside to see those who I love more than anything hurting so badly and me not being able to take their pain away. I know we are not supposed to ask why certain trials hit certain people, but that is all I find myself doing the last couple of days, is why her? why them? They are good people, not perfect but very good people, and to see their lives turned upside down is devestating to me. Todd has been so amazing to just care for Mya the last three days. I have not been much of a mother at all being so wrapped up in my families ordeals. I need to find a balance again, I need to get myself out of this rut. It is so hard to explain all the emotions I have been through this last month exp the last couple of days and the questions I cont want to ask anyone who can anwser them. I just want to tell my sisters and brother how much I love you. I love you all so very much and pray that we can stick together as a family. I would do anything for anyone of you and I pray that you really know this and believe it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Stinker

So my mom when she got up here went and bought a puzzle to do during the days while Mya slept. She went and got a piece of board out of our shed. She put it on the kitchen table up high so Mya couldn't get to it and than when we would eat meals she would just move the whole puzzle into another room while we ate. So she goes to move the board with the puzzle half done into the living room while we ate and it wouldn't fit through the door way. She carefully tried to tilt it just a little bit to squeeze it through and the door and as she did so the whole puzzle went crashing to the ground. So after picking up all the pieces and placing the board on a bin, she started the whole puzzle over agian. So for the next couple of days we tried to keep telling mya "no, don't touch". She kept trying to pull herself up using the board so she could get a view of the puzzle and to get her hands on it. But the board was just barely balancing on this bin. Well one day my mom's glasses broke so she left Mya on the couch where they had been playing to just run her glasses into the kitchen to set them down. Not even got 5 sections she hears this big bang, scared to go in and look she see's Mya on the ground, board knocked over and puzzle pieces everywhere! Mya didn't cry she was just startled a bit. Grandma couldn't help but laugh she said it looked so funny with Mya spawled out on her back covered in puzzle pieces. I got home from work to see the left over heap of puzzle peices and Mya loving playing in them. She finally got to them. Needless to say grandma gave up on the puzzle...I don't think she will bring one here again!
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Grandma has been an answer to our prayers. I started teaching school last week and I had Mya all lined up for with a babysitter. But unexpected things came up where my babysitter was unable to watch Mya anymore last minute. My mom came up last minute last Sunday to watch Mya for me for two weeks while I worked and tried to find another sitter for Mya. She has been such a blessing and Mya has been having so much fun with Grandma. Grandma takes her for walks and in these pictures Grandma took Mya up to Muller Park and took her hiking and to play in the streams. Mya loves it outside, she is definantly her grandma's grandchild! Mom will be here for another week helping us out, and we are so sad to see her go. It has been so fun having her and being able to hang out. We will miss the late night card games, the delicious meals she has made us and gosh she has been doing all our yardwork to. Watering the garden, mowing the lawns, she is doing a full service job here. I tell her not to but I think she enjoys it, she loves bein outside in the yard. Mya has been her little helper. I sure do love her and cannot express in words how much I truly appreciate her and her help with Mya. Todd also is so appreciative for her help in helping us. We didn't know what we were going to do, it was all last minute and I was trying to call anyone I knew to watch Mya and it just wasn't working out. She is a Godsend! We love you mom and thank you for coming and helping us. Mya won't know what to do when you leave.




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Camping at Fairview

Chels my sister invited me, todd and my mom down camping to fairview with her and her family. We went and had a great time. Jesse's whole family was up there and they were so fun to play with. We had a crazy golf tournement, which Todd took first and my mom second! I was great fun and thanks for taking us chel and Jess!
Playing horseshoes, me and chel lost to Todd and Jesse...that will never happen AGAIN!



Mya just chillin with her feet kicked up!
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More Playin



Hanging out at camp!!! Chels kids are so funny!

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Fairview Stream

This was a stream we played around in. The kids loved it and the babies not so much. It was really cold but refreshing since it was really hot that day up there. It was great to play in the stream. Mya didn't want to touch the water but she loved throwing rocks in and see the splash.



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