Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is Mya's first time playing soccer and at first I don't think she new what to think.
If I say my prediction as of now at the age of 4 Mya's heart and soul is a dancer. But
maybe I will be surprised. She is getting better at it each week and if you cheer for her
oh my gosh she has a motor on her and lights up!

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The Park

Marlee LOVES to swing!! This is in our backyard not the park but I threw it in here!

She's is ready for the park.

Marlee thought it was so funny to climb up the slide and fall down
in the attempts!

She met a new friend who she did not let out of her sight!

Marlee really was so proud of herself for being able to hang like Mya.

Tay Tay and Mya are the bestest of friends. They are so good for each
other and balance each other well!

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Our young womens earned the reward after passing off so many personal progress goals to
go to the Rodeo in SLC at the state fair. It was fun and the girls had a good time.
Me and Ash

Some more leaders.

Me Kate, Shawn and Helga! Fun fun group, I am so blessed to
be put in as this calling as a YW leader, I love them all!

Me and Teri

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Mya's First Day of SCHOOL!!!

Ahh ahhh!!! My Mya is in school. They do not lie when they say they grow up FASTTTTT!!
And you always have the sweet younger sibling who thinks she is going to school to and insists
on getting her back pack on as well as be in all the typical first day photo shoots on the doorstep, ONLY to get to the poor school and she
doesn't get to go in and screams all the way home and for the whole first 2 weeks when you drop that older sibling off. Sound familiar??? Poor thing. Marlee said she didn't want to pose for the pic she was going to "dance". And is she rockin it!

My beautiful girl, again with the hip action.

Trey trying to figure out what all the hoof is all about. He's just happy to be outside!!!

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Here it is August and I realized I hadn't taken the girls swimming all summer.
We have been busy this summer and they got to do lots of swimming at grandmas
but they LOVE this Roy Aquatic Center.
This is Marlee's "mad muggin" and she's good at it.

Diggin for some gross but she seems to love that hole!

The girls found this little boy about Trey's age there and they were so cute with him.
They were so sweet and gentle and didn't get in his face.....mmmm why can't
they treat their brother like that????

Mya lately is into this sideways hip poking pose. She seems to think its working for her.
I just think she's cute whatever pose she does.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Girls Camp

This was not girls camp just a cute pics of the little ones. Marlee loves to run into Treys room sleeping or awake and get in his
crib and play with him. You would think they were twins and the bestest of buddies.

I lost my camera for the last 2 months up at girls camp and am just now getting it back.
We went up to the Stettlers cabin and in was soooo beautiful. We had a great time.


Shawn and me...she's my home girl!

Taylor and me, she is like a daughter to me.

Another daughter I claim...Olivia.

Singing and cooking smores at the campfire.

Julie did yoga with the girls in the mornings. It actually was very hard.
I didn't think yoga would be so is. The girls were great sports!

Livie is ever so focused!

Taylor doing the yoga pray I guess, not sure what this position is called!

Only Jenn our amazing camp leader could be this happy in the morning
doing hard yoga!

Us leaders did a skit as the girls all did too. So we thought we were hilarious
in doing this skit incorporating DORA and shoot forgot the other movie. We laughed our
heads off while coming up with the skit. But to be honest....the girls so did not join in on our
humor. They all looked at us like we were all smoking crack and gave us a curtious clap!

Not sure what I am doing here but I am so happy about something!!!

The laurals did a hilarious (one that we all thought was funny). They did little
faces on their chins. It really was so funny, I can't believe the time they took to put into the
face changes (there was several) and the songs. They did so great.
I love these girls and care so much about them. This truly has been the best calling I ever
could have had.

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