Sunday, February 22, 2009

TreeHouse Muesum

This post is a little old but when my friend Tami came down about a month ago we went to the Treehouse in Ogden. It was so much fun and Mya LOVED it. THey do toddler time on Wednesdays where they read books to them and than sing songs. Mya had a great time. Than from there they have several different rooms with different activities or themes. One is a doctor room where you take care of babies, another is a music room, another is digging for dinasour bones. Literally it has everything. It was a fun day and so glad Peyton and Tami came with us!



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Crafts and music

THey had this station where you make a craft depending on the theme. SInce during story time they went on a bear hunt we may bear masks! Mya had fun although she did not comprehend the mask, she kept wanting to put it on like a hat! Thanks Tam for going with me.


THey had this really fun music room which Mya like for about 3 minutes. Anyone that knows her knows she is a very very VERY spookie baby. Sounds scare her to death, such as a knock on the door, sometimes my cell phone ringing, buzzers at athletic games, some music, anyways she is gets freaked very easily. So the music room was fun until some older kids came running in and bagging on the drums and making some crazy noise than she lost it. We had to leave immediatly.

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Valentines was great this year. I admit, me and TOdd both hate this holiday. To us it is just another annervisary, a day you express your love. Well we got through it and it was great. Todd worked most of the day, but that's not why it was so great. We went out to breakfast at Doug N Emmies, greatest scones on this earth. Than I decorated the house with cute out hearts, which really I showed to myself I cannot do hearts, they look more like odd looking circles. They were pathetic. And I blew up balloons and put them all over the house. I got TOdd some of his favorite treats which include: Cheeto puffs (I never buy those for him), rasberry filled powered donuts and peanut butter m & m's. No matter how hard Todd tries to get those items on the monthly shopping list they very rarely come home with me after the trip. He made the cutest thing for me. I have to brang cause he is so creative with building things. He made me this little showdow box and were putting cement in it and having Mya's hands and feet prints in them. It really is so cute. When it is all done I will post a picture. I love you Todd and thanks for a great gift. Oh and that night I made a great dinner, steak, mushrooms and onions, broccolli and baked potato. Impressed? Yea so was Todd, so was I!
Todd also is so cute cause he watched Mya for a day and they made these adorable crafts for me for Mya's Valentines to me. They colored paper and glued fish and noodles on. ANd than they crushed cheerios and glued the crumbs to the paper. So creative. TOdd said I was lucky to have anything still glued on the paper, Mya kept picking off the gold fish and eating them. Several of the fishes were half eaten and the bottom of them still glued on the paper. Ah it was really cute!


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Such a Girl

Mya is such a girl! Oh man anything when it comes to purses, jewerly, chapstick, shoes anything she LOVES it. I blame it on her Grandma Cindy who buys her dress ups and purses and jewerly galour! No we love it around and I know Mya wouldn't be the same without it all. THanks Grandma Cindy for all this fun stuff you send her way. I know for some kids you have to dress them up and make them wear something just for a picture. Not Mya it is very very unusual to see her ever without at least 4 or so necklaces on her. She puts them on everyday along with braclets and purses! I love this little girl. She is going to be so fun for her new baby sista!



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Thursday, February 19, 2009

To Give or Not to Give

My friend McCall recently wrote about a incident she had while going to and from work. Long story short she was scammed out of her money by some poor, helpless girl who had been "evicted" and needed money. This really got me thinking and took me back to a time when I too would fall to tears whenever I saw someone in need. When I was in high school, Davis High, the huge hang out spot was 7-eleven. Well I wouldn't say hang out spot, but it seemed like every monday morning you would hear of a fight that took place at the 7-eleven. There was always some sort of action that took place at the 7-eleven, fights, drama, you name it, it happened there. Well me and my boyfriend at the time, would always stop their for slurpee's or hot chocolate depending on our moods. It was our thing you could say. Well I started noticing this bum that was always their sitting outside by the phones.
Now I have always had a very very sensitive heart towards people like this. Anytime I saw hitch-hikers or the people who stand out infront of stores holding signs saying they need money with a little tin can out front of them, it broke my heart. I remember so many times growing up seeing these different people and crying over these complete strangers that I wanted so badly to take their problems from them.
Well one specific night at 7-eleven, my boyfriend ran in to get us some hot chocolate. When he got back in the car I was sobbing my head off. He had no idea what had happend. He kept asking me if someone hurt me or what happened! I finally got out that no one hurt me but that I just couldn't stand coming here anymore seeing this old bum sitting there in the FREEZING cold. It broke my heart. My boyfriend gave me some money and I ran back in the store and bought a hot chocolate for him and gave it to the man. He thanked me very much for my kindness. I felt a little better but still was sick for the man. I wanted to take him home with me and let him shower and clean up. We got to my boyfriends house and I asked him if we could make dinner for the man and bring it back to him. He was so sweet and let me do it. We drove it back to 7-eleven but the man was gone. I felt horrible that I didn't get it their fast enough. Anyway a week later I get a call from my BF and he said "you won't believe this but that bum that you have been crying over was an undercover cop. He broke a huge gang fight last night at 7-eleven." I instantly was relived for this man knowing he did have a family and a home. And of course later I felt very very stupid and was the cause of hysterical laughing from my BF. But I really learned from that experince.
Now days you don't pick up hitch-hikers for fear of them overtaking you in your car and doing gosh knows what. We don't leave our car doors unlocked and our house doors unlocked like they used to be able to, for fear of dishonest thiefs. We are torn inside by our emotions wanting to give money out to those who hold up the signs that need money but wondering are they just going to go buy beer with it or will they really go buy some food? Society has put us in a position in which we feel so torn in these situations. Do I hate it? Yes, I think the way I was in high school, sensitive, naive, trusting, open hearted are great qualities. But I can't change the way the world has made us change. I hate that I am more gaurded now, more hesitant to do kind acts. Although I still see the people holding signs for money, and the bums wondering the street and the hitch-hikers that are badly in need of a ride and my heart still breaks for these people, I still wish to take their problems away. And from time to time I still hand out money to these people, knowing they may very well be scamming me and does that suck...yea. But it is the right thing for me to do and it makes me feel better. What they do with the money is their choice. So for all those who give their money out and later find they were ripped off or giving money to an undercover cop, don't feel bad, you did the right thing!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Ok so Todd is a very sacastic person, for all those who know him he is a funny guy. Well I on the other hand am extremly not street smarts, usually called blonds. But I don't want to offend any blond haired people out there so lets just say I never get his jokes, unless he spends 15 or 20 min explaining them to me. My family did this for me all growing up. ANyways one thing that I laugh really really hard about is Todd's dancing. Now this goes all the way back, don't worry TOdd never reads the blog he won't read this, or he would kill me. NO not really. Ok so when we were first married Todd would dance for me. A funny crazy dancing but than it turned into "hmmm let me see if I can get her in the "mood" with my dancing." Well he has one pair of silky garments in which he says he feels sexy in. SO he would start wearing these garments and dancing for me in the bedroom. Than it went from just crazy dancing to all of a sudden there was an imaginary pole he would be dancing with/on. Well I think he was hoping it would get me in the "mood" but it always just ended in me laughing hysterically and feeling anything but lovey! So over the next couple of years it's just become a joke with us, when I need a good laugh I ask him to do some of his incredible pole dancing moves.
SIDENOTE: I coached volleyball at Bountiful High this year and Mya came with me to practices and anyways she well lets say takes after her daddy. Anyone who has seen Mya dance it's hilarious and well advanced for a baby. THe volleyball team would just be rolling from laughing so hard when they would put warm up music on before a game and Mya would be sitting out on the floor just shakin her stuff. Really really funny thing to see. Anyways back to my story.
This Saturday our ward is doing a Valentines dance for couples or anyone really 18 and above. They do it every year and we never attend. This week though Todd has mentioned several times saying "so got your outfit ready for Saturday, or got your dance moves ready?" I thought he was just joking, we never go to this dance thing. So finally the other night after dinner he was asking me about it again and I was like do you actually for reals want to go to that? It's a theme dance TOdd, (meaning last year was swing dancing and I am not sure what this year is). And this is Todd's reply. "Oh I can theme dance honey." He than gets up from the table and says this is white dancing and procedes to do some insane dancing that I guess white people do. Than he says this is black dancing and well you don't want to know the moves he tried to do with this one. He goes on to Chinese dancing, mexican dancing,Mong dancing ect. I think he covered most of the contintient. I was laughing so hard begging him to stop. Mya is just thinking it is the greatest thing in the world and keeps cheering him to keep going. I think this really made Todd feel good cause he kept going and going. I thought he was going to pull something. After he finally stopped to catch his breath, I said honey I meant like swing dancing, country line dancing, like dance themes not dances from cultures all over the world. He looked at me confused and was like oh that's all you had to say, cause if they ever do culture world dancing, I'm all over it. Oh man I love my husband and he can always make me laugh!