Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pictures are done

My little sister is the best phtograpger out there. Sorry if your a picture taker but really she is! Lac I loved the way these turned out! Even though Mya strangled Marlee several times it was still fun! Ah good times as always with you. Thanks Lac. She moved back home where she belongs so if anyone needs her she is available.



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Monday, August 24, 2009


I have to say being a mom this time around is so much better than the first. Mya was a good baby in all, I just didn't have a dang clue what I was doing! I hated almost every second of Mya's newborn stage, really is was so bad for me. But I am loving every min of it with Marlee. SHe is a great baby who rarley cries unless her tummy hurts which is not too often. I love the fact that I love it this time around, I was so worried I was going to hate it again but I don't, it's acutally FUN!



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Family LOvE

Mya loves Marlee these days but a little too much! Poor Marlee has been sat on, eyes poked, arms almost ripped from sockets and Mya always looks at me confused when I yell at her to get off "real baby" as she says! There's her fake baby dolls that she can throw, fly through the air, jump on, and then there is real baby that she can't do any of that too, but still attempts it with her once in awhile. Mya has a really bad lisp when she says you "s" it is actually really really cute when she says "thissy, my whittle thissy".. AH I love these two girls, they are my life, they give me meaning to each day,they can make me smile when I feel like crying and best of all they always love you. They always forgive me when I have a real bad day, I'm still their hero!



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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well summer is over as far as free time and school has once again started. Volleyball started for me last Monday, (I coach at Bountiful High) and I forgot how stressed out it leaves me. Last year was very stressful with just Mya now I have to kids to try and find sitters for! I swear when I was younger that is how I made all my school shopping money was babysitting, now finding a babysitter is beyond the impossible. I mean you have the people in your ward or neighbors that always say "if you ever need any help, or to watch your kids for a bit, please call me". But do they really mean it? I don't know, I don't think so though so I never call them. I was on the phone last night till 1030 at night trying to find a sitter today while I went to VB practice. No no one, I just wish it was as easy to find sitters back when I was growing up. How do kids earn money anymore? THe parents just handing it out to them these days? ANyways that was a little sidenote, just a bit frustrated is all! I think we are going to have a great team this year and I really do enjoy coaching, it's just very very stressful when you have a 2 year old who is running all over the place or just hanging on you to hold her and your stuck holding yoru hewborn who eats every 3 hours. Lets just say I don't accomplish much at practice when I have the kids there! I am excited to teach this year too. I did so many things wrong last year (always are many mistakes your first year, in my case it will be my first 20 years). It's been hard cause I see where things didn't work out and where I really need to improve and a lot of it is going to take a lot of preparation time and I just don't really have that time so it's been very annoying. I don't want to go back to school this year, and teaching the same way I did last year becuase I didn't take the time to better myself and my curriculum. Although frustrating because I can't find the time exp with two kids now and coaching but I am grateful the desire is there. TOo many teachers are teaching and they don't want to be there. It's sad, their burned out and sick and tired of kids and no longer care to make their teaching better. I know I can think of several teachers growing up that were just like that where you just want to yell at them and ask them why they even teach, they obviously hate their job and the kids! I hope that desire never stops with me, I love my resource kids, it really has to be the most rewarding job there is! On top of all this I feel like I am not being a good mom. Here I have two kids starving for my attention and I am running off to practice and dragging them with me, and teaching and trying to be a mom all at the same time. I just get tired of feeling at the end of everyday I failed someone, either my kids, myself or the other coaches! Maybe I just put to much on my plate, thinking I can do it all....and really I can't!

Cheese Bitter

My family will get a great laugh out of this. When I was young my siblings would always get so mad at me when they would open up the fridge and find the block of cheese with several bit marks just taken right out of the cheese. It was just so good that way to me. Cutting a slice off just wasn't near as good. Well the other night I am making dinner and anytime Mya see's me get the cheese out she begs and begs for some, (she could live off the stuff). I shredded her just a little handful not wanting her to get full before dinner. I turn around some time after realizing it was odd she was not begging for more cheese and that was odd. Well she tood matters into her own hands. Looks like she is like me, it's just not as good if it is not just taken right off the block itself!
Her first getting busted! Not sure if I am going to yell or not.

Realizing I thought it was quite funny really, how can I get mad, I did the same thing too!

Now she is just having a blast with the whole idea of eating it right off the block! I was tempted to just take a bit off myself for old times sake, but I held myself back!!!
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I came to blog and found some nice surprises on my camera, this is what happens when you leave your camera on the table and your little sister finds and and deciedes to take a few fun shots. And that's when big sister (me) deciedes to blog these cute fun shots! Love you lac!



Just thought I would throw a picture of Marlee in, she is changing so fast. She is looking more and more like Todd everyday!
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Muller Park with Lace

Lacey and her husband Seth were up my way for an adoption conference. When they got off we headed up to Muller Park to have tin foil dinners. We stopped on the way up and Seth ran in and got some burquets (so have no idea how to spell that odd word). We head up and the boys start cooking....and cooking....and cooking...and yea the coal thingys were not getting hot. They soon realized Seth grabbed this funky kind that is only used for barbaquers and to just keep the heat in but they don't get very hot. SOon after realizing this me and lac and so very hungry and even more hungry now once we realize we may not be getting dinner! So they attempt to start a fire with what little things they have, and hundreds of TOdd's old credit card statements. Eventually we did get dinner a couple of hours later.



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Which led to me and Lacey starving before their very eyes, and I must say, the boys didn't seem too worried about us. This is Lacey ready to kill someone because we're hungry!

And yea Mya ended up eating Graham Crackers for dinner, because..yep you guessed it, she was STARVING too and no food!


Todd taking Mya down to the river!
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Cousin Buddies. They are so cute together, well when Mya is not beating the poor kid up!


Mya was flipping dirt into the water, except for one time it missed the water and went straight up and yea...landed on her head. She certainly didn't mind though. She continued to play with it stuck to her forehead for a good 15 min.

I love having Lacey close it is so much FUN!!!
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