Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween this year!!!  Mya was a witch (obvious)  for the big night and Marlee was a fairy!  It was once again perfect weather. 
                                                  Trey was a biker and a little stud of one too. 

             We went trick or treating with some good friends who just moved here to the states, so this Halloween thing was a new thing for them and they had a blast with my kiddos!
                    I swear Mya is a teenager already.  After we got back she had to get with all of
her girlfriends to check out each others customes, check candy, ect.  We truly are so blessed to have Mya have such amazing friends.  Kendal and Dibby have been a second family to us. Jan their mother has watched all my kids for years and they are moving in May and I can't handle the thought without them!
                            Mya with her two good friends Emily (Bell) aned Kendal (princess)
 This is not Halloween as you can see but we are in the process of redoing bedrooms in the house to get ready for baby #4.  We will have to put the two girls together, Trey will be moving into Mya's old room and baby boy get's Trey's old room!  This is the girls room that me and Todd worked our tails off on.  It was a lot of 2 AM mornings and throwing a lot of stuff away to get all their stuff to fit in together. 

 My amazing hubby built these drawers to go underneath the bed.  At the store we got the bunk beds they wanted $250 bucks for the drawers.  My awesome husband

                                    Tray saying Cheese with a mouthful of Rice Crispy treats