Friday, February 26, 2010


Did I say I was going down south to get some good lovin sun. Yea well we didn't. In fact the weather was so nice it poured snow and rain the WHOLE weekened. Are you kidding me I could have stayed here and got that. UGH, just the week before they were chillin in shorts and lovin 65 degrees. Always my luck, always!!! All well! It was still good to get away and see my mom, bro and Mel and the their kids. They kids, Faith, Kyler, and Jax are so dang cute and BIG! WOW they all grew so fast! I left my camera at Tami's so I didn't get any pics. Dang it! But it was fun, we still attempted Zions on Saturday, it rained pretty good. I am a baby and froze my dang butt off. I am always cold though. Mya screamed and had a fit when we put on her yellow poncho, but once we all had ours on she thought it was the coolest thing ever. She loved running in the puddles which I did not so much enjoy! Mya loves the outdoors, snow is about the only thing that will keep her indoors! I can't wait for spring!!!! Thanks mom for having us it was a lot of fun and we had a good breather!


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Played at Tami's

We went to my best friend Tami's house which was so fun to see her again, it had been a really long long time. The girls played ok together, but also fought a lot too! Mya thinks every toy we go to is hers, no matter who's house were in so that created some issue's. They also got in a bath together and had fun with the bubbles, until of course they both wanted the same toy and the bath was over from there on out!!! They still had fun...I think!!!



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The Drive

The girls did SO SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good on the drive. I can't complain at all. We were very very cramped and it is so time for a bigger car but we made it down and back just fine. I was shocked when I turned around to find MYa sleeping while DORA was on. Mya never falls asleep to DORA!



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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warm Weather Here We Come

YAHOOOO! We are going down to St.George tomorrow, to enjoy some much needed sun and time with family! Me and Todd are on burn out here, with jobs, sick kids, ect we so need a break! What better place than someone warm with family! Plus we will be doing some hiking in Zions! Post our mini vacation when we return!!!

My little Sister

Ok so on the right hand side you will see bird...ummm so forgot what they are called sorry. But it's a button. My amazing little sister and her husband are adopting again. They have a little boy Mason who they were blessed to recieve about 15months ago, and now they want their little famliy to grow. You ask why am I posting about this...Well for those of you who don't know a thing about adopting, things have changed a lot. Now the best way for these children to find their mom's and dad's is to just spread the word. Just tell everyone and anyone. If you know of anyone, anyone at all from work, your ward, famliy, anyone who may be is a position where they are thinking about placing for adoption it would be great if they just looked over her adoption blog. If you push on the button it will take you directly to their blog. All we ask is they just look it over, it may or may not be right for them. Those of you who know Lacey and Seth are welcome to put the button on their blogs as well if you would like! They are fabulous parents and we know there is another little baby that is supposed to be in their family, we just have to spread the word!

Valentines Day!!!

I am a scourge when it comes to V day. I always have been, just thought it was a rather dumb holiday. Yes even when I had boyfriends and now a hubby I still think it is kind of lame. But it is funner with kids for sure. Mya got a big lady bug animal, dora plate,cup and bowl, dora fruit snacks and lots of stickers! Todd got me some beautiful Tulips which I didn't get a picture of. Marlee ate half of them, I know lovely. And he also got me a GPS. Once again those of you who know me know I have VERY serious issues with getting lost, it's really really bad. I look totally lame in this pic sorry, but I just had surgery the day before and felt like crap! Oh this is the sweet note he wrote on the GPS box. I love you babe thanks for all you do for me and the girls I am the luckiest girl alive!



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I had surgery on Fri just before V day! It sucked nothing was nice about any of it. It was so painful, I couldn't be put under because I am prego, so at 15 shots I lost count. These shots were stabbed right into my jaw bone, it was terrible! I am swollen here but not too bad, and you can't really she the stitching very well! Least I tried. Mya always has an "owie" where mommy does, so this is her showing you her "owie". She even wanted to take mommy's medicine. Oh man can you imagine Mya on Percete? OH boy that could be scary, she is already so out there!



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Princess Night

The other night we set up the princess tent that Grandma Cindy got for Mya for x-mas last year and we had a movie night in our room all in the tent. Mya thought she was in HEAVEN. She had her popcorn, her milk, her tent, her DORA movie and of course two cool parents to hang out with . She even got to stay up a little later than bed time. She really thought it was so neat!


This last picture just makes me laugh!!! I got Mya's church bag down for church on Sunday and I went and got my dress on. I came back and it looks like Mya did the gernerous thing and packed the bag with what she thought she would need at church. Side walk chalk of course everyone needs that at church, a dora puzzle and the JUMBO box of Fruit Snacks. She was so mad when I had to take those things out of the bag. I tried to tell her we don't take those things to church and she just didn't understand why! Oh Mya you make my heart smile!
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Catch up

The girls LOVE taking a bath together, Marlee is finally getting to a point where she actually enjoys Mya when Mya is not too busy smothering her she actually likes playing with her. They both get so giggly in the tub! This next picture is for my family, SEE I do cook once in awhile. My children and hubby are not starving to death. Not to bad if I do so say myself! Just have to take pic's for proof once in awhile!



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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Warning Gross

I know I really do post some questionable pics but don't look, warning if you don't want to see throw up. This was just a small insight to my life for 2 weeks with poor marlee when she was at the hospital and than when we got home. Poor thing, I have had a couple of people say to me, oh well she is only 6 months she couldn't have thrown up that much. WRONG she can and she did! It was really horrible, I have never been puked on so much in my life. Conquered my fear of stomach flu issues and throw up. Thanks Marlee!

Grandma making a special home evening treat with Mya, in which we never did get around to FHE that night, but the cookies were good!

Grandma hanging out with Marlee

Mya loving sissy, oh man Mya will do anything for her little sister, it is very sweet and I hope it always will stay that way. She is so so so protective. When Marlee is having a mini heart attack when she thinks she is starving and starts to freak out when she see's me making a bottle, sometimes I will say things like "Marlee, relax, your not going to kill over, you will have the bottle soon enough". Mya will come to her rescue and tell me to stop yelling at sissy and to be nice or I will go to time out! What have I created?
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Oh Mya

I love this stage that Mya is in, oh she makes me laugh some days. She is so full of life and although she can get me so mad when she back talks me and throws fits, there are times she has me laughing so hard. First picture, my daughter loves soap. I don't feed her enough at dinner so when she gets in the bath she loves to eat the soap. We have to take the soap out of the bath while she is in there playing or this happens.

I just die laughing everytime I look at these pictures. Mya absolutly LOVES hid-n-seek and will play for hours with anyone who will play with her. She thinks she is so creative when it's her turn to hide she will run to the same hiding place every time. This time she got really creative, she stuffed her head into our pillows on our bed, as you can see with her whole behind hanging out and couldn't figure out how in the world daddy found her. Oh Mya you are so funny. When Mya is hiding Todd will just say,"MYa I have a fruit snack for you, and she will come running out everytime....mean if you ask me!

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