Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Pictures

Yes I know for quit some time many of you had been very worried, or maybe annoyed that the family picture we had here on the blog for the last 2 yrs or so that I have had this blog consisted of me, Todd and Mya when she was one. Poor Marlee never made the family picture (didn't help things that I was prego when she was only 2 months old). But I will have you all know that I did get family pictures and ALL my children are now included thanks to my amazing sister Lacey who is an incredible photograher. I have lots more pics and will post soon. And some funny stories that come with the new fam pics!


After Tami left from helping me my amazing friend Amilia came over for a week and helped me out too! After a long days worth and watching kids all day and running around doing errands this is what we made ourselves for dinner. Not your ideal dinner but by 9:30 PM this is all we had energy to whip up! Can't thank you enough Mil!
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Odds N Ends

Mya refuses to let me dress her and or touch her hair. She now has taken it in her own hands to do these things for herself. I apologize beforehand if I run into any of you in public and my child may look well....rather homely and not matching, it's not that I don't try, but the fight every morning just gets really old. She thinks she has to wear all one color in order for it to match. I can't tell her otherwise!
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Thanksgiving Point

Me, Lacey, Chelsea and Nikki my cousin all went to Thanksgiving Point. It was really fun, I had never been there before and the kids had a good time.

BFF's......When their not trying to kill each other!
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While my best friend Tami came up to help me with the kiddos we went to the Roy Aquatic Center. It was a lot of fun besides the fact that Mya has refused to go to the bathroom ever since I brought Trey home. I know very frustrating. While here on this beautiful day Mya decided to pee in her swimming suit and made a nice puddle next to the chair (i was just so glad she didn't go in the pool.) After a very scolding lecture on her I knew she wouldn't dare do that again. I was so embarressed. Well she showed me who was boss and about 15 minutes later pooped ALOT of poop in her suit (once again I was so grateful not in the pool) and my sweet friend Tami took her to the bathroom and cleaned her all up. Thanks Tam you are really a true friend if you can do that, I know it was really nasty. So after that Mya freaked out that I put one of Marlee's swim diaper on her but I didn't care I wasn't taking anymore chances.

Lets just say they did't really fit!

Marlee, this kid is just happy to be alive!
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My Marlee

Marlee is very seious when it comes to PB&J. She loves them and loves to make a mess while enjoying them.


"Come on I know you want some."

"Yea, I know I have a chunk of sandwhich on my chin...don't worry about it, it's for later!"

"I was helping daddy do laundry and I LOVE to put things on my neck. Usually it's necklaces but I think I am likin this new look...Moms underwear!"
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Cowabunga Waterpark!

Daxton posing for the next swimsuit edition!

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Don't mind Mya's beach pose with her white belly.

These 2 play so great together. Mya and her little cusion buddy Dax!
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Mya

Things about Mya

1. She has an imagination like no other. She opens the door about 15 times a day to let the care bears in along with Swiper, DORA, chickens cause they want to play. And trust me she plays for hours with these so called people/animals. (Must admit I've been worried a time or too she really acts like she is talking to someone, I hope she is really not seeing anyone)

2. She can pounce, beat, hit, scream at Marlee all she wants but the second I scold Marlee or tell her No Mya is her biggest advocate. Typical daily conversation that takes place at our house.
Mom: Marlee NO No don't touch that
Mya: Mom Stop it, stop it mom. You not be nice to sissy.
Mom: Mya I can tell Marlee No I am the mom
Mya: Mom your not being nice you go to time out now mom you are being mean. 1.....2......3 go!

3. She has the biggest heart deep deep deep down. I know those of you that know her may think she comes off as a sassy brat but the minute she see's me cry (which is a lot these days) she is right there with her arms around me telling me it's all going to be ok mom.

4. She will eat cereal with me anytime of the day either for dinner or just a snack! Girl after my own heart!

5. When we hang out with any of my sisters she would prefer to be in their family besides belong to me. Yes she even jumps in on their family pictures.

6. She can show up any 3 yr old in VB with a pass, set or spike.

7. When she says her prays no matter if were at the dinner table or family prayer she always thanks HF for swimming.

8. When we are doing family scripture reading and it's her turn her verse is always:
" the sharks and the sharks....Mom say sharks...Good job mom....go swimming, God...Mom say God...good job mom and be happy." random...I know!

9. Everytime I go potty either at home or in a public restroom she says "mom I'm so proud of you mom, good girl, I go get you DORA snack."

10. Mya recently learned how to do a very very good body slam on small children. (I am so sorry Mason that she learned on you...Sorry Lac)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What 3 kids have Taught me...Thus far

My life before 3 kids...With only 2. I had the girls dressed, hair done and and breakfest fed and cleaned up by 8 everymorning. I was showered and ready for the day by 9. I went about my day doing errands that needed to be done. Don't get me wrong I had my very stressful moments with just the 2 girls, but nothing prepared me for 3 kids all being so dang young.

My life Now...I don't get breakfast at all, not when all 3 kdis are screaming at once demanding they get fed. I only get the luxary of a shower about every other day. Make-up whats that? Most days I don't even get 5 minutes to put a bra on, I am in my pj's most days. I haven't dared leave the house yet, don't think I have the arm muscles to carry the baby carrier and my 23lb one yr old that can't walk yet, and trying to run after Mya as she loves to take off in parking lots!

People say my life will calm down and in a few years I will look back and see the hardspot I overcame with having my kids so close. I too believe I will do that...that is I am still alive in 5 years.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A God Send

My mother-in-law came up to be here for the birth of Treyvin and help with the girls. I cannot express how grateful I am to her for all she has done. She watched the girls for us while Todd stayed with me at the hospital and brought the girls up everyday to the hospital so we could see them. Since we have been home she has been so sweet to entertain the girls and care for Treyvin while I have been trying to recover. Cindy I really cannot tell you enough how much you have done for me emotionally just having someone to talk to, physically doing all the lifting and for your giving heart. I don't know how I will ever repay you for all you have done the last 2 weeks. I know you had to drop everything in your life to come to my aid and truly it has meant the world to me. Thank you for being so good to my girls and to little Trey, he isn't going to know what to do without his 2nd mom around. You will be missed by all of us when you leave this week! I can't think about you leaving quite yet or I just get overwhelmed and so sad. Thank you again for being so good to me and helping us out. I love you Cindy and I am so grateful I married into your famliy! I really couldn't have asked for a better mother in law!

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Treyvin at 1 week!

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Mya absolutly adores Treyvin. She loves to hold him whenever she can.

Trey is sun bathing and as usual Mya is not far!

Playing at the park!
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