Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yes, even sweet Trey loves to dress up in glasses, necklaces with the best of them.

Ummmm...this tutu doesn't quite cover what it should!

Marlee be a "super-star" is their latest episode.

The kids favorite place to hide, under the desk!

Bestest friends!

Amilea and Karlee are two of my closest friends in the ward. Well, Amilea moved about a year ago but we still are closer than ever. I love these ladies and Karlee is expecting her first anyday! A gorgeous prego lady!

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Youth Conference

This year for Youth Conference we went up to Sundance. I truly feel I have the greatest calling ever in Young Womens. I love the leaders I serve with and I love the girls like my own. I love to be involved in their lives good and the bad times and seeing them grow. It was a blast up there and snow shoeing was so fun. Even though I face planted more times than I would like to admit. The outdoors girl in me is a bit rusty, been having too many kids the last 4 years!!! It felt so good to be out again.

Sledding and bit it hard! Mercedes doesn't know how steer the sled!

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Catch up

Mya's preschool class did a Christmas program that was really cute. They sang several songs. Mya acted pretty shy which she always does in a crowd she is not familar with. She's getting so big.

Mya also had dance competition at Davis High School that was really cute. She did a good job and loves to dance.

Me and Mya went with the Young Womens in our ward to Salt Lake to see the temple lights she loved it. It was so precious I'll never forget we went into the South Vistor Center and Mya stopped mesmorized by the massive painting on the wall of Christ. She stopped and stared at the one of Jesus hanging on the cross and and Mary crying at his feet. She asked me why Jesus was crying and why he was bleeding. I tried to explain the best I could that there were bad people who wanted Jesus dead and they put those nails in his hands and he was hurting but that he is back with our Heavenly Father now, Happy. Her little eyes welled up in tears and she asked me over and over again why someone would want to hurt her Jesus. She was so upset that he was bleeding, it broke my heart, I couldn't help but cry I felt so touched by her spirit. We stood there for a good 10 15 min with her starring at him asking questions and making sure He was ok now and happy and that his mom Mary was happy now to. The world through a child's eyes are so amazing and clear and pure. I love Mya for that lesson she taught me that night.

The girls get a kick out of doing mommies hair and putting 10 bows in at a time.

My sweet little Treyvin. He's getting soooooo big. I don't know what to do with him anymore. He climbs everything, but I am happy to report he is finally walking at 18 months right on schedule with the girls. He is a charmer and very very shy. Funny how you can see their personality at such a young young age. He is very shy and is good at manipulating any situation. I love my little stud muffin and his sisters do too although they chose to show it in odd ways, such as taking his toys, knocking him down, chasing him. I tell the girls they will be sorry when he gets just a little bigger he will take them out and me and Todd won't stop him, they can be so rough with him!

Mya loves riding her bike, who would think we would be going out for bike rides in the middle of January?!?

Mya and her closest friend Kendall. Kendall's mom, Jan is the one that watches my kids for me and my kids adore Jan and her kids. These two girls are unseperable both wishing to be in each others family!

Marlee and Dibby Joe as we call her. This is Jan's other little girl and her and Marlee are the same age and love to play with each other. Hopefully they will stay close like Mya and Kendall do!!! I love that my kids get to be watched by such an amazing person and they think it is a playdate not daycare. Jan is amazing with my kids and treats them as her own.

Mya and Taylnn playing Kitchen being little servers.

Mya and her Goofy self!

Marlee loves playing dress-up with her Mya.

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