Sunday, July 24, 2011

Water Fun

The kiddos playing in the kiddy pools.

Mya's a pro in the water now. Swim lessons was the key.

Now we can't get her out of the water, she a fish.

My mother in law had a good idea to let Trey just swim in the nude,

because I was going through swim diapers soooo fast and it was getting pricey. I said " ok but what if he poops?" She was confident he would do no such thing. So there I am in the deep end of the pool swimming with mya who does not have a life vest just only a noodle she is swimming with. Brittany my sister in law is sitting on a chair outside. I look over at Trey who is in the kiddie pool who grandma just put him there about 5 min earlier. I see chocolate all over is face and is chewing it like crazy. I said " hey britt go see what your mom gave Trey to eat he is getting it all over the pool." So yea you guessed it. She gets over there and trey had pooped in the pool and was eating his poop as fast as he could shovel it in!!! Poor Brit doesn't do well with that stuff (who does) I am yelling at her to grab him out of it so he will stop eating it as I am trying to paddle me and Mya back to shallow end. Meanwhile Brit is doing all she can to not throw up while holding my son under the armpits. It was sooo gross worse than gross...absolutly disgusting. So I let Cindy know her good idea was not such a good idea.

Cali Fun

Swimming with MOO MOO....who even after swimming lesson with an amazing teacher my mother in law set me up with still hates water. Trey Loving the swing at Grandmas

Moo's eating and ice cream cone....

getting more on her than in her mouth.

Mya had a BIRTHDAY

Mya had a great b-day party with a couple of friends and cousins. She had a great time and is so happy that everyone came to celebrate with her. I'm uploading these pics from my mother in laws computer and don't have my picture editing program so they are dark...sorry.

Marlee helped make Mya's cupcakes and was so happy to be helping...exp in the kitchen!

Trey Ray

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Fun

Hanging out with the greates sister in law there is. I love hangin out with this sista, she always
makes me laugh, and still loves me even though I don't get lots of her humor!!!

We did some serious slip n slide....sorry Mya we kind of took over your slide!

Mya loves this thing, but only goes on her knees.

Todd and Tyson (baby brother) were hardcore about this thing.

Us girls barely making it to the plastic.

Todd ahead of me....due to a head start cheat!

We went to the Layton parade....serious dissapoinment this year.

Biggest thing that happened was we got Mya ina pool and look she smiling. This is huge for Mya
She is terrified of pools, she won't even go near them, but with lots of coaxing we got her in on this floaty dino!
Good job Mya mom and dad are soooo proud of you.

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Marlees 2nd Birthday

Poor Marlee was sooo sick on her birthday!

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