Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have to write this down before I forget. She does the funniest stuff. She told me the other day she wanted to get the mail. She can't even reach the mailbox but I said oh ok hun go get it, thinking she couldn't reach it. Well she comes in a few minutes later with one piece of mail. I was like oh she found a way to get it cool. She continues to bring in one piece of mail for the next 15 20 minutes at a time. After about the 15th or so item of mail I got thinking wow, that 's a lot of mail. As I looked at the mail closer I realized she had been up and down the street riding her little bike, standing on the seat and gathering our whole streets mail! I tried to explain to her we can only get our mail not everybodies. I had to walk up and down the street returning all the mail she took from our neighbors. She was so upset at what I was doing. Guess I know what her occupation will be when she gets older....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Im alive

It's been awhile since I have blogged sorry about the absence. Life has been busy but when is it not? I've been thinking lately, deep thinking really, and this is more for my own personal thoughts to be recorded. I have had several students come to me recently and open up a bit and or I can see a change in them, good and bad. My heart breaks for these kids that are so.....lost is really what comes to mind. I am never shocked when I come to school and have an email that one of my students has been suspended for stealing, beating up someone or drugs. I know we have to be so careful as not to preach religion in schools these days...infact you can't bring it up at all really. And there in lies the problem. There is no religion, no God, no higher being that some of these kids know about and we are not allowed to tell them. We as a society ask ourselves what is wrong with children these days? Well lots of things but who's to take the blame? Media for the unrealistic pressures or parents who are never around nor show love to their child? Video games with such horrible violence, bullies (who really are insecure little souls who are trying to survive the only way they know how) who beat on some innocent, defenseless peer. Is it the teachers, or neighbors or friends of those who are crying out for help and no one hears them or chooses to not take the cry for help seriously.
Being a kid is hard, as far as I am concerned the hardest stage in life. Trying to be someone, and yet who is it they want to be? Trying to measure up to people, fit in, feel loved and accepted. Too many of our kids are left to wonder what it feels like to be loved, what it feels like to truly love someone, to many kids try yr after yr to fit in....somewhere with someone.
Why do humans do this to other humans? Is it our human nature to be and act so loathsome that we feel a right to treat others the way we do? No I don't think so, I truly think their is good in most people but the world we live in is so good at bringing out the bad tempered, the violence, the harshness in us all. I want to take my sweet children and hide them in a closet, where nothing can harm them, yes a bubble we shall say. Will I? Of course not, but what I see at the halls in school and out on the streets makes me cringe to think my kids will be in that world so very soon. I know I cannot control the environment they will always be in, but I can always make them feel loved. I pray it is enough to get them through what lies ahead for them, I pray they are strong and will be a positive influence to others. Hope and faith is all there is to hang onto at times, a hope for something better and faith that we can get there!

Mya's Sweet Conversations

Mya: "Mom look it mom, someone pooped on the mountains."
Me: "No honey that is snow on the mountains"
Mya: "No mom it's snow and poop."
Me: "Oh honey that dark stuff up there is dirt, tress, bushes ya know things like that."
Mya: "No mom that is poop on the mountains and they are in big trouble, they go to time out
mom, you not supposed to poop on the mountains, their big trouble."
Me: ....Speachless

Mya: "Mom where in the toliet paper in my bathroom?"
Me: I put it back on the wall hun where it supposed to go, it fell off yesterday remember?"
Mya: "Did you say you fixed it mom?"
Me: "Yes that is what I said I fixed it."
Mya: "ah ah no mom you break things dad fixes them!"