Friday, December 26, 2008

Jingle Bells

Christmas was so fun this year. We are truly blessed. Mya still was not 100% sure on what was going on but she was way more into it this year. Few things to mention:
-Mya could care less about clothes, she just tossed them aside. I however, loved looking at the clothes she got.
-Don't buy your kids a gift that they will love but drive you insane within minutues. Thus being the alphebet magnets I bought. It came with like 60 letters and numbers and she loves throwing them all over the floor. I pick them up and she does it all over again. So all day I walk on alphabet magnets!
-You see that mommy and daddy love the gifts more than the kid. Hence Todd and the tent, he would not get out of it, I was like babe that is not for you, it's mya's!
-Playing Santa is so much fun, I loved it. I dread the day when Mya realizes santa is not real, I remember the day I did and I was really shattered. It broke my heart that my mom had to buy all our gift cause I know she didn't have a lot of money. I want Mya to enjoy and cherish her childhood as long as possible.
-I truly want to install in my children that CHRISTmas is about the savior...not Santa. The funniest part of christmas is giving, it really is.
-Really I am tired of shoveling snow, it can go now.
We had a wonderful Christmas with our little family and can't wait till next year we will have another little one to spend it with. I love my kids (Mya and the one in my belly!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Baby Girl

Mya is getting so old, I can't believe she grew up so fast. She goes into nursery next week. They are letting her go in a little bit early. She makes me laugh everyday. She has the funniest personality. Some things about my little one are:
- She get scared so easily. If someone knocks on the door, music is playing on the radio and out of now where she starts screaming and running ot us to pick her up, you walk in a room where she is playing and say hi mya she jumps and starts balling and climbs on you. Any small little things freaks this kid out. I was playing christmas music the other day and it had been playing the same songs all morning, out of no where she screams as if someone is attacking her and flies in the kitchen as fast as her legs will take her and starts crawling up me. So very random noises will scare her.
-She won't eat with a spoon or a fork, she insists on eating with her hands. But when she is eating and she notices she has a noodle or a piece of food stuck on her fingers she will whine with her hands out until we wipe it off. This makes for some very long meals.
-In the bath tub, which she loves her baths, but when she is in there she has lint from her socks in her toes and it starts floating she freaks out. She will start screaming and try and crawl out of the bath. I mean the smallest of small spec's that the human eye can hardly see she can see them in the bath and flip until her bath water is floaty free. Oh and you can imagine when she poops in the tub (yea it is disgusting, but she has done it a few times) she about blows a gusket. These big brown floaties in her tub sends her through the roof.
-She pulls these faces that I have no idea where she learned them. At church or the store if someone is looking at her she smiles the most cheesy, fake, grin that her eyes disappear, I mean its a huge cheese but the funny thing is is she will do it for half a second than go back to total seriousness. Cheese, serious, Cheese, serious...does this two or three times. People don't know whether to laugh or think something is wrong with her. I could go on and on about these faces that puts people in tears laughing so hard. My mom was over last night and she was in tears, well we all were mya was doing the funniest faces. SHe's a little show off when grandma comes. It was like she drank caffinee she was so wired all night with my mom. Those two sure are great buddies. Thanks mom for taking time to come spend with us and Mya, she cherishs your visits.
-I do not exist when dad comes in the door, i am chop liver. She no longer needs me, dad is ALL she wants. She has to go in the bathroom with him to shower and to pee. She does not let him out of her sight. She is so daddy's girl.
-She is very sensitive, which she gets from me. I am very very sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily. If you tell Mya "no" even in a really nice tone her bottom lip quivers and about 10seconds later she is balling like you just screamed at her.
-She knows a lot of sign lanuguage such as: bird, dog, mom, dad, shoes, socks, drink, hat and more but can't think of them all. People told me it was a risk teaching her sign lanuage cause it could delay her speech, but trust me if you are around her she is not afraid to speak up, sing, shout or talk.
All in all I guess you could say Mya is picki baby, hmm wonder where she gets that from!



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Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Belly

Well this is me PREGO with Mya at nine months, oh I felt like I was going to pop! Well, I was, but anywho, this will be me again in 6 months! Yep! I'm prego with a little boy. I am 3 months along. How has it been so far? Well for two weeks straight, I was miserable, I threw up all the time, and not just morning sickness, it was all day long. Food, even the thought or smell of it would send my stomach rolling. You must understand though, with Mya I didn't even know I was prego, I felt so good, never felt nausea, so yes I was spoiled with her. This one on the other hand has been though, I love food, I was devestated when I forced myself to eat. But things are all good now, it only lasted two weeks and I am back to normal. We are excited for a little boy, although I won't lie, we were both really wanting another girl. I just don't feel like I know what to do with a boy, I have been so used to just me and Mya. I don't know boy names, boy colors for nursery, I just don't think Boy at all. So I will be needing some HUGE help here please. Mya will have her little brother here on July 2nd. Well if he is not like Mya and comes a week LATE!!! Mya was born on July 23 and this one on the 2nd of July. I always have said I don't want my kids born on Holidays or even close to holidays. I want them to have their own special day, so that's what I get for saying when I wanted my kids born. I get them both very very close to holidays.

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Mya actually has enough hair to slip into a little little pony tail. I mean very little, but the funnest part for us not for her i am sure is taking it out. She has this crazy out of control MoHawk going on.

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Feeding Herself

At Mya's 15 months apointment they read me a checklist of things she should be able to do at her age. She passed them all except walking and feeding herself with a spoon/fork. When I left I felt bad that she didn't know how to feed herself, I knew it was my fault, I just would feed her the things that needed a fork/spoon. Most of the food I was able to just dump on her tray and she would eat with her hands. I decieded I would start letting her feed herself. These pictures are why I waited so long. Most of the yogert was on the walls, floor, in my hair and on her face and lap. I can't tell her how many wasted yorgerts and applesauce have been thrown on walls and the floors. I am a cheap wad and I hate wasting food. But I guess we all had to learn ah. I must say she has gotten a little better. A little more makes it into her mouth each time. Still a work in progress.


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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mya's new toy

SO you know how every kid goes through phases. Well lately Mya's is getting into her closet emptying her laundry basket of dirty clothes and dragging it around the house passing me saying "bye-bye ma" as she waves her little hand bye to me. I wave back. We say goodbye and wave probably about 8-10 times in one passing she than goes into a room and turns around and comes back out. And we say bye and wave and do the how ritual all over again. Each room she comes in and out of she has collected more items in her basket. Today's findings were quite good I must say: two balls (one you can see, a night light from the wall she pulled out, a book, a stick (don't ask me where she got that from). Oh I love each new stage, being a mom is truly priceless in everyway!



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Crown Molding

My birthday was on Thanksgiving this year and my wonderful husband bought me crown molding for my living room. I have been wanting it forever and he finally got it for me. I left for the turkey break to Toquerville to see my mom and I came home on Sunday and it was all put up. He is so good to me. It helps that we get amazing deals at the Home Depot he being a manager there in all. Thank you sweet heart, I love my new living room so very mucho!!! And yes that is our ghetto little tree. Hand me downs people, I take what I can get!

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Pom Pom's or long hair?

My whole family went to the U of U game vb BYU volleyball a few weeks ago. It was such a blast, and they handed out these pom pom's. Mya went crazy with them at the game just a wavin them. We got home and I decieded to hang on to them a little longer incase she still found them entertaining. Well that she did. Remember when you were young and you put hooded jackets on your head and pretneded it was your long hair. Didn't matter the color of the sweater blue, green, orange, it was all for the feeling of long hair down your back. Ok don't tell me we were the only girls who did that. You know it was cool back than. Well I guess it is still cool. Poor mya she is my bald little thing, she doesn't even know what hair is. She loved putting this down her back and she would leave it there, crawl with it, play with it just hanging down her back. Ah she is so funny! And yes those are sweetheart pj pants TOdd is wearing, you think these are bad, you haven't see the sugar daddy pants. Yea, he wears them just to despite me.


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