Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tyson's Birthday

Tyson, Todd's little brother turned 23. He was living in Sandy and with us for a bit and so we had a party for him. My kids are always down for a birthday party.

She takes her cake very very seriously. Look at that face. INTENSE


Ok so I haven't been skiing since I was in junior high or even elementary. Regaurdless it has been YEARS! I went snowboarding a few times in college and even that was 7 years ago. Needless to say my dad invited me to come with my little brother and sister and I had a blast. It came back to me fast! The first two runs down I was pretty rusty but I caught on quick! It was fun and I was amazed at how tiny these kids were going down the slopes on their own. I'm talking 2 years old. It was crazy.

Me and Tucker

Eating at Chris's. We used to go here all the time growing up. Don't mind my dads finger in the picture.
Me and Dad

Me and Jacers

More Ski fun

Jacee and Tucker the best of friends. These two are amazing skiers.

Eating some grub, nothing like PB&J and grapes!

Me and Jacee going up the lift, at this point I'm praying I don't take her out when we get off the lift. I have horrible luck getting off those things, but to my surprise I did great.

Catch Up

This is my beautiful little sister Jacee. Me, Mya and Jac went and cut Jacee's hair (she wanted it like mine and than we all got feathers! It was fun. I love this girl.

Todd and the girls are making this cement stone and we imprinted the kids hands on it. It turned out really cute, too bad the stone broke a week later!

Trey is so funny, we have this big bin of toys in Marlee's closet, if you can't find Trey you will 95% of the time find in wedged in there playing!