Friday, May 29, 2009

Venting Some Frustration

Bare with me on this post, I have a lot to get off my chest here. This post is not to make Home Depot look bad nor make people not want to shop there. They have great products and in general are a great store to buy from. My problem lays with some other issues and certain management.
Todd has worked faithfully for the Home Depot for 3 years. He moved up extremly fast in the company because he is Very Very good at what he does. He is great with people and fabulous at selling things. He did everything they asked him to do, the grunt work, became a key carrier (only managers carry keys), moved from one department to another without complaint, attended meetings and trainings that no one else wanted to attend, worked graveyards in which only managers do again, but he did it because he was right up there with the managers. They paid him well for being a Home Depot employee. Recently Todd was manager over the Pro Desk, which deals with all the General Contractors and really found his nitch. He brought more money in that desk than anyone else since the store had been opened. He had great relationships with all the contractors and went out of his way to make them happy and get them what they wanted. Since the economy took a turn for the worse they had to downsize and so they took Todd from the Pro Desk and put him over 3 departments in the store. He was the only one that knew all those departments well enough to run them well. Although Todd hated to move, he loved the pro-desk, he did it. It messed his schedule up, he worked all weekends, almost every Sunday, closed till 11 even though he had to get up at 3 the next morning for his other job. He did all these things, in which I would say is a very loyal, good employee. He did all they asked and more. In fact when TOdd moved from the pro desk they lost several general contractors because they refused to shop at Home Depot if Todd was not going to work their stuff for them. That says what kind of a worker he was.
Well to the frustrating part right? The last couple of weeks Todd has come home from work really pissed off saying his work was writing him up for all sorts of stupid, lame crap. Whole other story about that but it was so ridiculous I just laughed at what they were coming up with. I didn't understand at first, he was their best employee, why would they be doing this to him. Todd further explained to me that they were trying to get rid of him, he was simply paid to much and they couldn't afford him anymore. I thought what a cheap shot that is, you pay him that much cause he is worth that much. Todd told me he had a bad feeling they were going to try and get him fired and soon and they could pay someone 12 bucks an hour for his job and not what they were paying him. I was sick, I couldn't believe they would do that. Well they did. Todd went into work this last Wednesday and he just had 2 hrs left of his shift and the assisstant manager came up to him and said hand over your apron, your done here. Todd asked why, what happened, and the assisstant manager just said I was told to take your apron and tell you to leave. Honestly that was it. No EXPLANATION, NOTHING! After all he did for them that's how they did it. The managment there is HORRIBLE! You go in and ask just about any employee there and they will tell you they hate their job souly on the managment. PRetty sad if you ask me. Thanks HOME DEPOT for the royal screw over to one of your most faithful employee's!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Three Years of My Life




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I Love You

Yesterday was our three year anniversary. I can't believe how fast it went. No we did not do anything fun, I worked all day and Todd worked all night till 11 so we didn't even see each other. It was odd though it made me realize that I just love being married to him. Although we didn't do anything to celebrate our 3 years, we consider getting a few hours off on the same night these days a huge thing. Just being with him, no money spent is so fun for us.

Todd I can't tell you how much you mean to me. I look back on these 3 years and see all the ups and downs and in-betweens and am in awe of how much we both have grown and overcome. And it really is true what all those older, wiser people told us at our wedding, we would fall more in love the older we got. At the time I thought, no way I love him and I am at my max point of love. But no they really knew what they were talking about. I love you so much more than I did the day of our wedding. I think we learn to open ourselves up to more love throughout the years and we learn how to give our love more throughout the years. I am so happy and so blessed the Lord allowed me to have you. You are one of the most generous, sweet, understanding, hard-working, loving men I have ever been around. Thank you for working so hard for me and Mya, and for loving us the way you do. Thanks for putting up with my acts and pains and vienie legs the last 9 months of pregnancy and for carrying me to the bathroom when I have tailbone spasms. It's the little things like this that make me love you all the more. Thanks to the best 3 years of my life and I know there will be many more ahead. I love ya LOVEY!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

Jay and Tami our good friends stayed with us this last weekend. And although Mya tends to be a bully to Peyton they do have their moments when they acutally get along! We walked to the maverick to return a movie and the girls enjoyed a sucker on the way home.

This is what Todd has been up to in all his spare time, which is not a lot. He made a flower box on the front side of our houes in which I think is BEAUTIFULLY done. He is such a handy man and I am so grateful for him. He also did the crown molding and base boards for a gift for me for mothers day. I truly have an amazing, sweet, thoughtful man. Thanks babe!


Mya loves anything that has to do with her DAD. She looks up to him so much. These are some heart sock TODD owned, don't ask, that played music in them and well even though it was 80 degress Mya insisted on wearing them all day. SHe loved them.
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Trailor Ride

Me and all my sisters were able to go down to St.George for my cousin's wedding. It was so much fun being with all my sisters. I can't remember the last time we were all together. It was a great time and I even did the drive with my sister with her 4 kids. Those of you who know me know that driving in a car alone is huge for me and doing it with 5 kids is truly a miracle I am still alive...and all the kids! Cas was nice to put up with me. My mom has a park just down the road from where she lives, so we loaded up all the kids in the trailor and hauled them down. Mya loves being with her cousins!



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Summer Fun

Yes Mya's hair is sticking straight up in these pics, it is how it appears. Lets just say she must have gotten a really good nap, cause she woke up with this CRAZY hair do!!! Also she LOVES these heart glasses. When I would take her outside to play or for a walk she would always squint and cry "eyz eyz...eyz owie". I think she must be extra sensitive cause even a soft breeze on her eyes she will cover them up. Anyway that is why you will see these glasses on often this summer. She won't wear the ones that hook behind your ear only the ones with the the band, more comfortable I suppose. Of course Walmart only had heart shaped ones with a heart band, she does make them look CUTE though! Mya loves being with her cousins it makes her feel like such a big girl hanging out with them all. Her and Dax were the best of friends this weekend, just played so well together! Cute buddies they were!



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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy B-day Todd

Todd turned the big 30!!! WOW he is getting up there! His family happened to be in town for Todd's little brother was graduating from BYU (which I am sorry Kitt that it was not the U of U! ahah) ANyway I threw TOdd a little surprise party with his fam and my sisters. I think it pulled off well. I got Todd a hammock and Mya got him a couple of games. I think I have the greatest husband out there, he is so patient and I don't know for those of you who don't know he works his tail off for us. He works two jobs and goes to school, he is insanly busy, never gets sleep and very stressed out but always makes time for his two girls. I love you TOdd so much and couldn't live this life without you. Thank you for being such an amazing husband and loving dad. I love you so much and hope you had a good B-day!



Mya is so funny, Todd will get out the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist, so Mya will grab our hand towel and have dad wrap it around her waist! Too cute, she pretty much idlizes her daddy!
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Todd has been begging me for three years now that he would love a hammock. I finally got him one this year for his b-day. I love you baby, and hope you have many good naps in this this summer.

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Tree House Muesuem

I don't know if anyone has ever come here, but Mya LOVES it! Grandma Cindy took here here while me and Todd ran over and did a season at the Ogden Temple. Her and Grandma had a great time! Thank you Cindy for taking her, she loves it!!!



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Mya loves the baby section here, have I told you she is obsessed with babies. When I go to my sister's house Mya will go straight to her little girls room and pretty much take the baby and will not allow anyone to come close to it. I try and tell her it's not her baby but she is the mother of all dolls....she thinks. Thanks Rylee for always sharing your doll with Mya when we come over, not that you have a choice tough ah?



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Chucky Cheese

Todd's mom came into town and stayed with us off and on for about 4 weeks. During her stay on a day I worked TOdd and Cindy took Mya to the new Chucky Cheese here in Layton. They had a great time even though Mya was absolutly terrified of that huge mouse, which I can't say I blame her and she hated any of the rides that moved her. But she loved the ball section. With her tickets she bought a necklace and 2 suckers. Quite a win ah???


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Ball Player



She has got some serious form here. I think we have a basketball player!!! Todd says she loved the ball acitivities. Anytime it involved throwing a ball they were at the game FOREVER!!!

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