Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catch Up

I am soooo behind on blogging. Here is several new posts to catch you up on the last few months. I still am missing so many events that we have been up to but will catch up on them soon.
Todd turned 32!

Mothers Day I got breakfast in bed in which the kids couldn't wait to help me eat. They were so sweet to me. Thanks babe for the breakfast in bed...your the best!

The girls went to the store and picked out something for me. They are so cute!
I got a marble game and a box of cereal!

Our 5th anniversary! This is a whole post in itself. Just need Todd to download pics from his phone. This years anniversary was incredible and I will post more on what we did later! But for now I got him this basket of things and did 20 things I loved about him!

Kids helping Todd blow out candles (sorry a little out of order)

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Stewart Family

Tami and Jay our best friends came down for the Easter weekend. We had a great time with them as we always do. We....
Colored Easter eggs.

Had an easter egg hunt,

Marlee found lots of eggs! She just found out their is candy inside those eggs and couldn't
be more thrilled.

Just heading out the door to find the eggs, excitment over-taking them.

Marlee spotted one in the tree.

Hanging out and playing around after the hunt.

Than we went to Boondocks and let the kids play arcade games and go bowling.

Trey was loving all the noises!

Mya's amazing bowling technique. What is it about kids technique when they bowl?
It looks terrible but man they get strikes!

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Jay being so willing to let Mya doll him up! AHHH AHHH this picture cracks me up!

Trey and Ryker were just playing nicely until Ryker starts to scream. We came into the room to see Trey had ripped down the toy for himself.

Trey trying to figure out what that thing is on his lap.

Aunt Tami reading books to the girls.

Marlee is obsessed with Ryker. She kept wanting to hold him for a whole sec than would give him back than wanted him again! Ryker was good to put up with it.

Finding Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny left.
Mya's was in the hamper

Marlee's was in the bathtub

Enjoying all the goodies that the Bunny left them.

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My Twins

Everywhere I go...really everywhere I get told how adorable my twins are and what a handful it must be having twins. If I am not feeling up to explaining my rather crazy circumstances, that no they infact are not twins, but that Marlee was only 2 months old when I found out I was pregnent again, I will just smile nod my head and say "yea twins, it's rough." Really though they do look like twins. Trey is the exact same size as Marlee, same size of clothes, same diapers, but they just are on different enough schedules to make it really hard to leave anywhere! I hope they will be really close when they get older!

Mya and her friend Peyton going outside to play for the day...got all dolled up!

Oh my sweet Mya she is 200% all girl. If it's not pink and doesn't twirl she don't want nothing to do with it!

Trey all tuckered out after a his bottle. He found a nice place to rest his feet up on!

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Trey Ray

Trey Ray is such a sweet and very chill baby. He loves life and is alway entertained by his drama queen sisters. For FHE on night we had these ice cream cones for a treat. Well at first we were just giving Trey licks of ours but than he started to get really pissed when we didn't keep it in his mouth. I ended up just giving him mine. Oh my gosh, I think I found someone who may like ice cream more than me. He was hilarious eating this thing....really he hardly came up for air. He devoured this treat.

oppps can't leave any on the fingers!

Me and Todd did Treyvin's name in chipboard and than covered it with scrapbook paper. Doesn't it look so cute? I love how it turned out!

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This little girl is a fireball. She is getting such an attitude but it's all an act. She tries to be sassy (wonder who she learned it from), but than she just starts to giggle after trying to pull off a sassy attitude. Poor thing doesn't have it in her. Odd it comes so natural to her older sister. Marlee is an absolute Joy to be around......or a little BEAR. She is never in the middle. She is extreme one way or the other. She makes day to day life entertaining, and she keeps you on your feet.

Saw Mya pulling a face so thought she would try one. Not bad for a beginner!

Here's another one of Mya's sweet smiles! Bless her heart!

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I don't know what it is about "smile" that makes Mya do the weirdest faces. She will pull one of these, than I tell her no Mya just do a normal smile and than it just gets worse. The poor thing cannot just smile for a pic.

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