Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little Pieces of our Summer

Google eyes!

These two LOVE to play in their pillow cases!

 Licking the brownie batter daddy made for Family Home Evening, best part about it!

                                                   Marlee being a goof ball with Q-Tips!
                                        Xandler, my little man, the last piece to my heart.

Everyday this summer me and the kids went running/bike riding.  Although there was certainly days of whining, they did very good and really started to love it. 

 These two are touching each other and there is no screaming and name calling, mmm must be the sleeping part that has allowed such a peaceful one in a lifetime moment. 
 Our weakness in this house for the girls is COOKIE DOUGH!

 The girls love to get their hands on the boys and dress them up.  Trey thinks it's great!                


Walks in the parks with friends.


                                   DOG PILE!



Xandler not liking the laying in the leaves idea

Mya Turned 6

Oh my Mya....there is so much I could say about this sweet girl.  It has been so amazing to watch her grow up into a little girl.  She has matured and become quite the little helper.  She has such a soft big heart.  Although she is definitely a leader and loves to be the boss of her siblings and friends, she does have a sweet sensitive heart and hates it when she has disappointed mom or dad.  I love my tender moments with her when she will let me snuggle with her, or go on mommy daughter dates.  I will cherish these memories forever with her.  I know she was my oldest to be an example to my other kids and I know she will be a great example. 

We went to the Roy Aquatic Center with a few of her
                              friends to celebrate her big day!!                        

Treyvin Turned 4!!!

This little, crazy, wild, loud, loving, rough, all boy turned 4.  We had a great birthday party for him in the backyard with swimming, piƱatas, cupcakes and family.  Trey is such a handful and is always literally always on the run and escaping  from me in any way shape or form but I am so blessed to be his mom and to love him.  I know he supposed to be in my family and I know he has big things ahead of him, now if only I can build a 20ft high fence to keep him safe until he reaches 18 will be another thing. 




Rocky Mountain Raceway

Todd gets this great deal to the rocky mountain raceways every  year through UPS.  This year we took Chel and Jess and the family and had a great time!  The kids had a blast as well as us too!  It was the first time I had been out there and I hope we can go every year.  Trey finally found his match something as loud as him!!!