Saturday, November 15, 2008

Helping in the GARDEN

This is Mason, he is the cutest thing I have seen! This is Lace and Seth's little one, and oh my gosh, he is so cute and small. YOu forget how small newborns are and they just snuggle right up to you! He came to Utah for a visit and we had a blast!

Mya LOVES being in the dirt...She is such a boy in some ways. I am totally fine with this though, a little dirt never hurt no girl right! She loves just sitting in the garden and covering herself in dirt. You take her out and she screams and throws a fit. Anyways she was helping me and Todd plant these tulip things before we get our first snowfall.


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Mya has been so bald until now...well she still has very little but just enough to put in a pony tail. My sister Chel is so good at doing little kids hair and she watched Mya for me one day and I came home to her hair in little pig tails. SO CUTE. THis first pic is of Mya kissing Mason, our newest addition to the Family! Yes lac and Seth got their little BOY! Can I get a "HuRa", as Rylee would say!



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Daddy's Truck

Todd has this truck that Mya loves playing in. We don't drive the truck, it has a lot of things that need to be fix but lack the funds to fix it. So it sits in front of our house making nice drip spots all over the street! Mya love's it though. Maybe by the time Mya is 16 we will have fixed it up and she can drive it! There's a lot of pics sorry I went a little crazy! Hey Lac these should um kinda make you proud, well except my camera is NOTHING like yours. But you should use our truck for some of your photo shoots, it could be cute, a lot better than what I can take with my camera!



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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tanner Reunion

Ok so this year was Jeremy and Martha's year to do teh family reunion of their choice, they chose the sand dunes in Arizona. Now when I first heard of where it was I threw of fit to Todd because I knew what the drive would be like. Those of you who know me know I am a baby when it comes to driving in a car. I HATE IT. I HATE ROAD TRIPS, HATE BEING IN THE CAR, and now I was going to have to do it with a 15 month child. KILLL ME NOW. Well it was a very very very very very long drive. 13 hours to their house and than another 2 hours to the campsite. We drove all night and our car was so packed you could hardly move without having 10 bags fall on you. It was a fun reunion though, but the drive was super long, one I don't think I will do again. I really just HATE the car. I know some of you do trips like that with 4 and 5 kids, I say kudoo's for you. I don't wish to be in your shoes, ever! Oh sorry one more thing, I should have done a slide show I just had way to many pictures to post on this, so when you get to the bottom hit older pos there is a few more of the reunion if you would like!


Family Pictures


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Ok so I love camping, I really do but the nights here were miserable. It was so cold I thought I was going to freeze to death. Mya was up ALL night long. She was so cold with frozen hands and nose and just cried and wanted Todd to hold her all night. Let me tell her, it made for two long, cold, miserable nights. The second night was Friday night so tons of people showed up and camped all around us and yes had dirt bikes and 4 wheelers running till midnight. I was so furious, we would just get mya back to sleep between the two of us huddled in our sleeping bags and they would come ripping just behind our tent. She would start screeming. What is the common decency of people. I know we were at the dunes and that's what people come to do, not really the best camping spot for small children but midnight people? And because of the time difference Mya was up bright and early at 5:00 am so this is me and todd trying to entertain her at five A.M with toys. UGGG that's all I have to say about the nights there!


Brittany and Mya

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Hot Springs

They had some hot springs there at the Sand Dunes that were so so so NICE. Let me tell you after freezing your butt off all night it was so nice to climb into pretty much a hot tube first thing in the morning. I thought it would be way to hot for Mya but she loved them.


Melissa and Brittany were so cute with the girls. They would sing and sing and sing these cute primary and other songs (don't know where they came from. Mya loved it. SHe only gets to hear itsy, bitsy spider from me so this was great for her. Yea mom lets be honest we didn't do the singing nursery and primary songs in our house, so therefore I know none. ANd it's a good thing, I have a horrible voice!

This was so cute. FIrst off let me say Mya is the biggest MOOCHER when it comes to peoples foods. I will have feed her breakfast or dinner or whatever meal and than if me and Todd sit down after her she is whinning at our feet like she is starving. She loves to sit on Dads lap, cause dad will share half his food with her. She was going to town on this corn on the cob!
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Birthday Party

At camp we did a birthday party...I don't really know who's party is was, I think just for everyone really, but it was cute. THey had cute little hand bags with candy and princess hats for the girls and blow things for the boys.
I love this picture of Rummie, he is so cute!

Mya as you can see is absolutly not going for the princess theme. She got so mad when you put this crown on her. What can I say I raised her to be a tom-boy already, she's going to be a sporty chick (that dances). I guess I will be doing no princess themed b-days in her future.


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Halloween hunt

Grandma Tanner bought this for the her two grandsons but they keep it at grandmas house. It is a really cute little machine, and Lyle loved it! It didn't go to well in the sand, just had regular tires on it though.

Brittany was incharge of doing a halloween hunt for eggs. It was really really cute. She bought these really cute halloween eggs and hid them for the kids. Mya loved it and thought she was such a big girl doing big girl things with her cousins.


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I love this picture of Mya, she looks so me at least. It was bitter cold at nights and way hot in the day, welcome to the desert ah?


Roacha and Lizzy in her cute fuzzy hate. Never figured out if it was a bunny or a lamb. MMMMM.....

Mya on four-wheeler with dad. I know she would love to ride wheelers but she hates loud sounds. It scares her to death. Even if you walk into a room and startler her she screams. Lawn mowers, vacumns, weed wackers, anything with a engine scares her to death. So she didn't enjoy 4-wheeling too much!
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