Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had a very very very good christmas this year. We are so blessed as a family and we have been so grateful we were in a position this year to help so many around us who needed it so badly. No greater feeling really than helping those you see in need all around you. Whether it be food, or gifts or money it is so neat to see their faces light up. Mya got some great gifts from Santa! So did Marlee but she wasn't getting the idea of gifts at all! Todd also spoiled me rotten this year and got me a beautiful jewerely box and a viedo camera. He is so sweet! Todd got xbox 360and guitar hero, in which I am already regretting getting him. He has lived on it since x mas....LIVES on it, he won't get off it! Where did my poor husband! WARNING: If you don't like green, gooey snot get off my blog now (last pic in this segament). I really debated posting this picture because well it is gross. But I was so impressed with my picture timeing skills I just had to put it up! It's like catching lighting in the sky the exact moment you push the button, except well this is not pretty flashy lighting this is green snot but still you get the idea here! I figured most mom's can handle this pic we have all wiped snotty noses, and green gooey things 100 times! Enjoy!



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Sisters Hanging out!

The girls hanging out with mom on Christmas day Eve! WOW Mya's hair looks a little homely, I don't bother doing it when we stay home because she just rips it out at nap time!

Mya making Marlee be one of her dolls. Poor Marlee

Mya showing some love and Marlee thinking "What did I do to derserve this torture, I can't wait until I am big enough to make her pay back for all this stuff and smothering she puts me through!"

Marlee: Ok really the elbow in the face, now your just going to far. MOM get me off of this thing!"
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House Making out of Candy...Yummy

Dad looks so serious while putting the frosting on!

Mya eating candy off the houe like a doggie! Don't ask her lastest phase!

Up close....UGH look at all that sugar!

Mya licking her fingers after a nice finger dipping in the frosting!
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Ginger Bread Houses

Mya had a blast making this, I really didn't think she would get that into it but she loved it. Mainly because candy was involved and my word did she ever so down the candy. I thought for sure she would be puking but her stomach held it!


What ours looked like!

What it is supposed to look like! Just a "LITTLE" off!
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Front Runner Train

Every single time we pass the train station Mya balls to ride the train. I always told her we would do it sometime and that time came today. She had a blast, she did not want to get off, she could have spent all day on the train. She thought it was so cool! She wanted to hold her own ticket and not have any help going up the stairs to the second floor! It was a great time and I am glad we went. Marlee enjoyed herself as well so much so she zonked out! It was all fun until the last picture on this segment....the one with just the picutre of the bench arm. We got off the train and walked over to the sitting area and I was hold Marlee with about 4 blankets wrapped around her, so as you can imagine my vision of what I could and could not see was limited. So I went to sit down on the lovely benches they have for you there and sat down hard let me remind you right on the arm rest. It split me, right down the middle, no butt cheek to cushion the hard steel arm rest that collided with my pubic bone. There is no `other way to describe it other than to be detailed. I threw Marlee at Todd and just collapsed on the bench in pain. I am glad no one else was their to witness the very embarressing moment I just had. Like any good husband TOdd laughed his butt off for the next ten minutes. He would not stop laughing, he kept asking me "hunny how did you not see the armrest, did you mean to sit on it?" Yes that is exactly what I was going for have the arm rest split me down the middle, and obviously I didnt see it I have Marlee and 5 blankets in my face! It really really really hurt. I am still walking as if I have been on a horse for weeks. It is very very bruised!



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12 days of Christmas

Todds grandparents sent all the grandkids this very cute 12 days of christmas package. Each day you do something, or read a story or like on the 5th day Santa Claus called the girls. This is daddy and Todd reading a story with the candle that goes with it. Mya coule hardly focus on the story the candle was fasinating to her! We love doing these thanks grandma and grandpa!


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Thanksgiving was good this year we went to my little sisters lac house and had a great time. My b-day was the next day and so Lac and Chel made me a b-day cake a volleyball, it was so cute! Thanks sista's your the best! Oh I also dropped my phone in Lac's couch. You think no big deal just lift couch up and get the phone, yea, that is not how easy it was. Her couch was enclosed so it took a couple of us titling the couch and cassie tiny little hand and arm to reach clear down in couch. Who knew it would be such a pain! Note to self: Don't drop phone or anything you value in Lac couch way to hard to retreive!



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Daddy playdates with Mya

Todd loves being the only boy in the house can't you tell! Mya goes all out when making "daddy pretty". She insists he holds her babies while she gets him all dolled up. AH AH all you out there reading this pray Todd gets his boy, don't know if he has it in him to do this the rest of his life!



She's gettting so big!
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