Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ryker John

This is my new little newphew. Tami my best friend just got him through adoption. I can't put too many pictures on here of him because she hasn't even put them on her blog yet but I had to put a couple cause he is SOOOO adorable. He is in the NICU at a hospital up here so we have been so lucky to have her and her little girl Peyton staying with us the last week or so. We have been having a great time and are rooting for little Ryker to start eating and to come home to his family that can't wait to see him. I dont' think Grandma Janice and Bruce can wait any longer, their dieing to hold this little guy. I could just eat him up he is sooo tiny (5lbs). I love you Ryker and am so grateful to your birthmom who was so courages and brave to let him be raised by this amazing family...he will be SOOOO loved! More love than he will know what to do with.

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Party conti

Marlee is very very serious about her food. Even more so with SWEETS. AHHH she went to town on this thing. Enjoy!

Marlee that's the ring honey you can't actually eat that it was just on for decorations. She still didn't get it!
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Toy Story Party

Three little BFF

Tami bought Toy Story cupakes and rented Toy Story 3 and we had a party!!!

Little Ms. Danty here didn't want to get dirty!

Well Mya she just diggs in but nothing like her sista does.....
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Mya thought it would be a great idea to draw, more like color in PERMENANT marker all over her face, our dresser, our nightstands, our walls (in our bedroom) our sheets our headboard, our down comforter and pillows. She really went all out to not miss one thing. Were not talking a little line here and there but full on coloring a flipping painting. This I may add happened on Todd's clock not mine. Don't aske me where he was for the hour she was back in our room coloring....MMMMM my guess is football was on tv!

Todd doing once again, oh he makes me smile. I come walking in the kitchen and my rag drawer is emptied and I see this. WOW really todd all it takes is 2 blankets to hold that bottle not 50 wash rags....

Bathtime with these 3 kiddos is anything but peaceful!

We let the girls make their own trees! They had a blast!
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Happy Birthday Jamie!

I turned the big 27!!! Todd made the awesomest cake ever! It was a volleyball court and he even made little people girl against boys. Of course we won!

We didn't even bother with plates the girls just dug in with forks in hand at pigged out like heathens!

He is our cute E-Or (ok so I have never watched winnie the poo so I have no idea how to spell that donkey's name) But he is that character through and through!

Todd also did this in our backyard for my birthday to! He is always so creative and sweet!
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My little Mushroom

Marlee LOVES to wear my hats. This one exp. I laugh so hard when she puts this on, she looks like that little mushroom guy on Mario Brothers.

She was screaming like a banchi ( I know mom and Lacey that word is spelled wrong)! Her legs were stuck trying to get out.
Mom gave her some snuggles and all was right with the world again!
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Marlee loves her baths....as does Treyvin!

Playing in the leafs with her favorite little friend.
The boys!


Daddy took Mya out shooting in the back yard, she loved it. The neighbor girls wouldn't let Mya come over and play with her, they were being really rude (they only use Mya poor thing for her swing set and tramp, makes me so mad). Todd was really made and they shot guns in the back and the neighbor girls were like oh we want to play with Mya. Todd was like nope, she already asked you guys and you told her NO! I know were mature arent we???

Mya LOVES to play with my Tampons and pads. Anytime I am bleeding she will run and grab me these and say here's your bandaid mom. Ahh she is kinda right...think she needs to stop coming in the bathroom with me!
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The little Ones

Marlee loves to get in Treyvins crib with him and play forever. She loves holding him as well but only for about 2 sec than she wants him off than she wants him back on. She tries to pick him up too, but that doesn't work too well. I know these 2 will be very close as they get older!!! Trey is about the same size as Marlee, really he is.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010


This year me and my really good girlfriends decieded to all get together and do dinner than trick or treating. Well as you all may have experienced it poored most of the night. We were soaked and the poor kids were beyond drenched!!!

Yes we even whipped out the massive beach umbrella people.
This is how the night started all the kids in the back of the car with the couple who has no kids yet. They offered though!!!
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We started the night out like this, the rain was coming down so hard, and we were the only ones out trick or treating!!!
Jason with Myas DORA umbrella. Mya kept saying, : mom real life potato head took my DORA. Mean Potato head...mean!"
Use girls attempting to stay kind of dry. We were unsuccessful!!!
Char and me...isn't she gorgeous?
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