Monday, April 26, 2010

California Trip

We went to Cali for 10 days and stayed with Todd's family. We had a good time and did a lot while we were there. There was a few places we didn't get to hit that we had planned on but Todd hurt his foot really bad and was a cripple! It all worked out fine though and we still did a lot of things! This post was really really long I should have done a slideshow, but didn't. If you want to see whole trip your going to have to hit older posts at bottom of page! Thanks for having us Cindy and Lynn!

Todd's B-day Bash

Todd's real b-day is this Friday the 30th but we threw him a surprise party while we were there at his mom's house. It was fun, he got lots of church clothes, LOTS and Roacha made him his favorite cake, Boston Cream Pie! Happy B day Todd. LOve you lots, we'll celebrate again this Friday!



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Hanging out at Grandmas House




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Monteray Aquiariuam

I am having some extreme spelling difficulties today, sorry so spelled the whole title wrong. This place was amazing and so much fun! The most beautiful view you would ever see! Mya had a blast chasing birds on the back patio part, than when they decieded to fly away she was visably upset why they left her.



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This place was so cool, only thing about it that was a downer was the 100's of people you had to fight to see anything. It was so crowded!


Mya and Roacha touching those things in the water. I would have no part in it. I cannot stand thing underwater, I would never ever go snorkling or under sea for any reason. Terrifying to me, to many things that are gooie and and teeth.

Cool shark in one of their tanks, I could have sat at this massive tank they had for hours. THey had several different sharks and fish all in one tank and they all minded their own bussiness.
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The Easter Bunny dropped about 100 eggs everywhere out on the lawn for Mya to find! She went crazy running everywhere for these eggs. She did know what to do with herself. Marlee was content just sitting on the blanket going through Mya's eggs while Mya was watching her. Cause you know when Mya saw Marlee laying a hand on one of her eggs it was freak out time! ONe day my sweet 2 year old will learn to share with her 10 month old sister, maybe one day.



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Coloring eggs, which Mya thought was pretty cool!


Finding what the Easter Bunny left them, as you can see both thrilled beyond anything! Mya thought she had died and gone to heaven with all the DORA things that was packed in her basket. Thanks EASTER BUNNIES! You are too sweet to my kids!

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Aracade Place

One of the days we went to this Pizza/arcade game place, forgot what it was called. It was a lot of fun. Mya loved playing the games and driving in this car. She also made her own elphant and got to pick out the clothes and everything! Aunt Brit was so sweet to pay for the games and ride after ride Mya wanted to go on!



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THe chinese Gardens were closed by the time we got there, I am so bummed, they looked absolutly beautiful from what we could see peeking in. Todd was getting a kick out of me and Roacha and finding ways to look inside!

Poor Roacha is so short she had to climb up door a bit to even see in the slits!


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Walking up and down Peir 39. We tried to do the Alchatrez (really slaughtered the spelling) but it was all sold out!

We drove all over town to find this bagal shop I insisted on getting a bag of bagels, and it was so worth all the frustration of screaming at the GPS who kept leading us the wrong way, and a phone call to the bagal shop itself telling them we were out of towners and they had to stay open until we got there, and the man replying "Mam we will stay open till you get here, sounds like you could really use a bagal." While there Todd bought himself a Black and White cookie, something about Seinfield. I really have no idea, but my husband is obsessed with that show and I am guessing there was a black and white cookie show.

Golden Gate bridge. I know Lac, this pic is shameful compared to yours, it was just a fast drive by sticking my camera out he window thing. It works I suppose!

Lovely sign at a resterant on Pier 39! Hey at least their open about it!
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