Friday, November 18, 2011

Aunt Melissa's House

We stayed at aunt Melissa's house for one night! She made cupcakes and let the girls frost them. Marlee decieded it was such a waste to frost the cupcake, when she could just frost her tongue.

We played a fun new game of yatzee. The Tanner's take it quiet seriously, as you can tell this is their yatzee face. Too bad neither of them got one, but guess who got not only 1 but 2 yatzee's???? Oh yea baby MEEEEEE! Probably beginners luck.

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The Beach

We headed off to Seal Beach on Friday, after spending the morning in Disney Town. This beach was so beautiful. No garbage very well picked up, not hords of people, just few groups of surfers, which was really fun to watch. I could have spent the whole day here. Everytime I go to a beach now I think of my baby sister, she used to take to beaches all the time when she lived in Cali!

Britt found a starfish, it was pretty cool. They are pretty big.

Just hanging out! Trey not so happy

This is where my toes want to be again, relaxed on the beach!

Mya loving the freedom the beach gave her to run all over and be as loud as she wanted. (P.S. We did not throw Marlee in the ocean, she is just not in any pictures because she was asleep in the car the whole time we were there).

So gorgeous

Roacha and Mya

Boys being boys.....which means football.

It took Trey a little bit to warm up to the sand, but once he did he loved it

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The Drive Home

We all had lost our minds by this point!!! It was a long long long 10 days.

Our tied on portable DVD player to the real one in the car! This was such a joke!!! But it worked!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tami's House

On our way to Cali we stopped and stayed with my friend Tami. It was so much
fun as usual, and our kids get along so well. Well besides Trey getting such a kick out of
slapping Ryker across the face, and the girls leaving Marlee out!

Trey would not leave Tami's dryer alone while I was trying to do laundry.
This kid is an animal. Climbed right up and jumped in. This kid will climb anything but
won't walk, I don't get it.

Off into the dryer to explore

Happy with his finding's in there it appears.

Trey will stand at the TV like this forever. This kid really likes TV!!!!
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My bestest of all friends ran in her first hald marathon in St.George.
We stayed with her for a few days before we headed out to cali. She did
so great and I was so proud of her. It is so emotional watching these races and watching
who comes through the finish line! It's so great!

Holding her little stud muffin Ryker

Her and Melanie, her good friend, who she trained with.

The girls trying to stay warm, it was so cold!

Ryker perferred to eat his moms medal

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Mya comes into my room one day and says, "mom
I really don't need your help anymore to get ready for school,
I can do it by myself, see...I even can do my hair!" Wow
ok keep dreaming sweetie! You will scare your classmates going like that!

Mya driving the bus at the mall!

Mya said she was taking her babies out for a walk and needed my help
getting the stroller outside, yes there is a stroller under all 17 babies/pillow pets/ponies.

I took mya to go get a pedicure and she LOVED it. I probable should not have
introduced her to such an expensive habit/hobby so young! She really thought it was cool.
The young man that was doing her nails asked her where she got her big beautiful brown eyes from. He had
to repeat it a couple of times, she could not understand him. I usually can't either, I get so stressed going to these
places because I cannot understand them at all. But for once I understood what he asked Mya. I told her the question and she
got this look like really? and she says "oh I got them from Jesus." The asian man looked at me for interpretation, and I was thinking 'oh boy what if he doesn't know who that is, how will I explain this one'. I told the man she said Jesus, he looked confused and I repeated it, and he says "oh Jesus, the big man upstairs as he points up. Oh boy the conversations our children get us in. I love how sweet and pure thier minds are though.
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