Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve day we went out to my sister's Lacey's! It was a blast, her and Seth are always amazing hosts! Lac spent just about the whole day in the Kitchen cooking. She is an incredible cook and always out does herself when me and Todd come to the house cause she knows I dread cooking as bad as anything . It was so fun and my mom was there too.

Marlee found this hat of her cousins Masons and would not put it down. She LOVED it. As you will see she is wearing the hate in just about every pic. In this pic she is trying to look up at me to smile while keeping the helmet on her head and not let it fall off. The outcome was this awesome face.

Here is the helmet again!

Boys getting the table ready for Hands and Feet!

Our lovely hosts.

Yes the helmet again!

Making gingerbread houses!

Mason about losing his mind with all this candy within his reach.

My sweet boy Trey!

Lac slaving away in the kitchen

Marlee is all worried she got some frosting on her hands. She hate her hands dirty

The finished product

Todd had to put the "U" on there for my mama

Hey why not one more pic of the helmet!

Mya shaking her thing!

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Christmas Day

We went to my sister Chelsea's house for Christmas day. It was so fun to just be with family. We did lots of fun things! Here are a few.
Played Guitar Hero

Laughed a lot

Played with kids

Played with awesome cousins

Played some Poker, well the boys did

Got into Chel's tinfoil drawer several times and destroyed it

Chel is so good to let us all come and destroy her house. Me and Todd keep telling her if you live in a small house like us you will never host. But her and Jesse moved up and so on came the family outings!!!
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Christmas Morning

This year was so fun for the kids. They all got into it and LOVED what they got!
I love seeing my kids light up each year when they tear open the gifts!
I have really worked with mya this year on teaching her the saviors birth and why we celebrate Christmas at all.
I thought she was really understanding it, until I asked her Christmas morning who's birthday it was and she said
Santa!!! Really Mya I taught you better....or at least I had hoped I did! They I asked ok so who gave birth to Jesus, who was his earthly mother? Her reply was Mrs.Claus! Ok well we will be trying this again next year!

Trey finally joining us for the morning! He was so cute and really surprised me. He really ripped open his gifts and went to town on this tool bench we got him. Thought he was going to break it he was beating it so hard laughing!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cont. of Disney Land

Sorry I always post backwords! The beginging of this post is below!

Marlee my most pickiest sleeper fell asleep in the stroller, that has NEVER happened no matter how tired she is. She was soo pooped feel asleep right in the middle of her coloring. Trey had this sucker EVERYWHERE, literally I had never seen a kid so sticky in my life!! Only thing that stopped him from crying, he was soooo tired!!!

We had spaghetti one night at the htel and oh my gosh, this kid devoured like he had never ate in his life before.

Marlee is Tyson's little shadow, she adores him!!!

Eating at Rainforest Cafe, the girls loved it.

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