Monday, June 23, 2008


Ok so on Sunday, yesterday I flew out of SLC to Long Beach Cali, to come visit my little sister lacey. Well it was kind of a last minute decision and just put it together like a week ago. Ever since I knew I was coming I had this horrible feeling of going to the airport. I have flown a lot, flying is nothing new to me but flying alone is a new thing for me. I always was with friends, family, Todd and I just kind of followed them through the airport really having no idea at all where I was going or what I was doing. Well I told Todd I was really really scared to go to the airport by myself. He just laughed at first thinking, you fly a lot why would you be scared. He soon realized I was very serious and was terrified to do this thing. I had no clue how to check in, what flipping line to stand in in security and I was flipping out about the security line check. Every time I go through there you just get shoved through, it is such a fast paced line I was panicked to get through being rushed with mya, the stroller, diaper bag, suitcase, while pretty much undressing at the same time. Todd tried to reassure me of my fears and said I would be ok, people would see I had my hands full and slow down and probably even help me. I than had to explain that as a child I have been left at the airport twice by my OWN FAMILY. No they didn't realize I was missing once they got in the car, not even on the drive home did anyone think, "Jamie's not here." No not until my family got home and was talking with my aunt who we had picked up at the airport did my mom say, "Where's Jamie I haven't seen her." No they wouldn't have seen me cause at that time, after crying and wondering a security guard picked me up and I was sitting in a back room with a huge round table. I got an airplane coloring book and a sucker. My mom finally came back and picked me up after I was ruined and scared for life!!!( ok so I really wasn't, I got over it). My family blames me cause I was addicted to watching those turning things that the luggage comes on. I was fascinated by it and would just stare forever, that's about when my family walked off without me. I don't know how long I was there starring at that thing before I looked up and no one was by me besides these strange strangers.
So after I explained my story to Todd and told him I really have a fear of getting left in some random airport or even worse boarding the wrong plane and ending up in Fuji or some crazy country. He still assured me I would do fine. He dropped me off at the airport but came in with me to help me get my ticket and walk me to security. I know what a lot of you are thinking 'are you kidding me Jamie your not 10 years old you can't board a plane by yourself'. The answer is no, I had my fears as we ALL do right? So anyways I but through security line, cause they let you with kids or elderly so I am get through and the airport man tells me to just merge into line well my hands are extremely full and I am trying to nudge the stroller into line. Do people not just keep walking in front of me like I am not even there? HELLO PEOPLE...this must be that "help" Todd said I would get. My phone starts ringing and its Todd and he says get in line, butt in. I turned back and he was still standing back where he left me as I got in line for security. I didn't know he was still there. I explained to him on the phone they won't let me in they just keep walking over me. He was getting so frustrated I could tell, he was like Jamie just butt in, push the stroller in front of them and get in. I did finally and got through ok. I actually found my gate on the first attempt, which shocked me. Really the signs that say GATE A1 is really quite large, I don't think I could miss it if I tried. But as I got to my gate they were just boarding the last people so I barely made it.
So for all of those who were worried about me making it, I did and I survived ok. Oh and to make matter worse I called Lac the night before and told her I was really nervous about landing cause I had never been to her airport and had no clue where I was going. If anyone has landed in LB Cali airport would laugh at this. She told me it was the smallest airport in the world and that it would be impossible to get lost. Not true when we are talking about me. I have gotten lost going to my own house before, I probably should not admit that though. Anyways she said it was so small you get off plane and there is no terminal you walk through its just stairs as you get out of plane. (this threw me off I thought only the President and other important people got to walk down stairs of the plane.) And than you just walk under this carport thing and grab your luggage from only one turny thing. She said she would be standing right there under the carport and she would get my luggage for me and be right there. So there I am standing under a carport looking thing....yea there is no Lacey, no Seth for that matter. I am thinking you are kidding me, did I take the wrong flight, what are the chances of another airport having a carport that you get your luggage at? I was thinking, I am lost, I know Lacey would be here. I call Lacey and said where are you? I am at a carport thing and you are not here. Well Lacey was late cause they were having car seat difficulties. Needless to say I arrived ok and in one piece. And Mya is a trooper and so brave to travel with her crazy, non-confident, easy to get lost mother.
I am in Cali now and it is so beautiful, but so bloody hot. I think this humidity is going to kill me and Mya. I hate HOT HOT temp. 85 is perfect for me this over 100 degrees thing is not COOL! I will be posting fun pictures later of my fun trip. Till than have a good week!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grandma Tanner and Mya

So after being at the coop for some time Mya had had it! She was so tired and hot but we really wanted to get a couple of pictures with Grandma Tanner. As you can see in the pictures Mya was not happy about posing in thses pictures. Poor Grandma Tanner didn't know what to do! We sure love grandma Tanner and need to make it down more often to see her.


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On Monday we headed down to Payson, and just a couple of weeks ago Todd's family came down to clear out the coop. This is what is left of the cute little thing. This coop has some history though, Todd's parents, lynn and cindy changed this chicken coop into a house. I know what your all thinking "NO WAY". But yes they did. They lived in it for awhile, not sure how many years, than soon after that I believe Todd's oldest brother lived in their with his wife Martha when they were first married. Or maybe they lived with the Todd's grandma who lives just across from this coop. Anyways after that Todd, Melissa, and Kitt (todd's siblings) have all had the great opportunity to live in this little house. It has been a great thing for their family exp. while the kids go to BYU and do their schooling they have a free place to live. Now when I first started dating Todd and he told me he a had a little house and it was underground, I was a little freaked. I was picturing this little, dark home with just a roof sticking out. Then he went on to tell me that is was actually a chicken coop at one time that his parent redid into a house. I was really confused than, I was like you live in a remodeled chicken coop? How much remodeling can you do to a chickens house? But let me tell you for all those people who are reading this thinking "what in the world", as I was when I first heard this. By the looks of the outside you think there is no way for a house to be inside that thing? There is and it really was cute, cozy little home. Todd lived there for I believe 6 or 7 years after his mission and has great memories there. His favorite part about it he says was living by his grandma who he would visit often. I was able to stay there on weekends on and off for 5 months while me an Todd were engaged. I still am shocked everytime I go in there at how great Lynn and Cindy made it. I even went when there was two single men living in the house hold, yes I was brave, you never know what you would find when you opened the fridge, nothing or a few bowls of something but it was so covered in mold you couldn't tell what it used to be. And than there would be the bathroom, well we won't go there, and don't even get me started on the toilet. In fact I remember visiting Todd one weekend, this is when Kitt and Todd lived there and I was so unbelievable grossed out with how filthy the place was. Exp the bathroom. I know Todd's family thinks I am a clean freak, ok so I really do have so OCD matters that I tend to really like things clean (thanks mom for giving me this wonderful quality). But really it was bad, I even know Cindy would have been mad to come to the house with the toliet the way it was. I remember not peeing all day, I couldn't get myself to sit on it and I just started crying my eyes out to Todd and told him I didn't think I could marry him. This though was sadly not a shock to hear those words from me, cause I said them way to much. Lets just say to keep it short, our engagment was a long, hard, frustrating, confusing one on my part. I was so terrified to get married I couldn't hardly breath. So poor Todd put up with a lot during our engangment. He asked now why I was crying and couldn't marry him. I told him his toliet was so gross I couldn't even pee in it and that in no way could I live like this. I look back and really its a funny story to me and Todd and we laugh at now, but when it was really happening I was so sad that my future husband lived so messy. Well for all of you married women I am sure you know a little of what I am talking about when I say a women really can make a difference. A bachelor pad will always be a bachelor pad. When a women moves in let me tell you, things look nicer, thats our nature. So anyways since we have been married Todd is so so so much better, but truly I know if he were to be back living in a bachelor pad tomorrow he would return living like one as well. Anyways this coop had to be torn down thanks to some angrey, bitter neighbor who thought it was awful as grandma tanner tells me "that those poor kids are living in a chicken coop". If she ever went inside she would see it really was a neat, little, cozy home!!! Guess she was too busy complaining to the county to go and see it for herself!!! Oh and the boards all over the window were not there, they were obvioulsly windows, but since they had to tear it all out they boarded up the place. I wish I would have gotten pictures of it before they tore it out!!!



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Working in the Yard

Mya was so good, while in Payson we had a lot of work to do. We dug up two trees, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and we had a lot of loading to do. We set up the play pin and Mya just played for a couple of hours without any crying! She sang, I think thats what she is trying to do when she makes those sounds, and had a blast while mommy an daddy worked! The last picture is a picture of todd just loading the last bit in his truck.



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A look Inside

So this last Monday Todd had off work, so we headed down to Payson to get his truck, which he has been DIEING to get. Thats all he talks about was wanting his truck to work. Thanks to Lynn, Todd's dad who came down a couple of weeks ago to drop off Tyson (todd little bro) to the MTC he helped get TOdd's truck running. These pictures of what left of the 'Coop'. Pretty sad ah? Quick funny story...Todd calls me from Payson when he was their a couple of weeks ago with his family telling me I won't believe what he forgot. I mean I seriously reminded him of everything he would need to get his truck going, battery, air compressor, wasp killer (lots of nests in the truck), oil. Well yes people he forgot the keys to the truck. I know I don't know who forgets the keys to the car that he has been talking for two years now to get running and the whole purpose in him going down to Payson was to get the truck (and to see tys off on his mission), but he had no keys. I was so frustrated, I was like todd how did you forget the keys? Of course there was no good anwser it was an honest mistake. He calls me like an hour later just happy as lark. He proceded to tell me they got the truck running, I was like how did that happen without keys? I have never seen Todd so proud and talk so highly of his dad. He said, "My dad straight up hot wired this bad boy!" I was like I thought only theifs know how to do that, I didn't even know normal poeple know how to do that. Todd said his dad can do it all when it comes to cars, so for days after that he continues to tell me his "dad straight up hot wired his truck." Lynn he is so proud of that moment! No not proud that your a branch president, or own your own business, and have had several other high callings in the church or raised amazing children, he is proud cause you can hot wire a truck!!!!



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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Its not my first day blogging. I don't know how to fix the twisted picture you will see down lower. So here it is upright.
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Mya's cousins came over last saturday for a fun swim day at my house. Mya absolutly loves these kids. Rylee can get Mya so excited she will tip herself over. It was a way fun day. Love all these kiddos!



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Mya loved playing with the rackets, she loved pushing her face up against the strings. Funny Girl

This look on her kills me. She looks like, " What are you doing taking my picture, I am sun bathing". With a bit of confusion twisted in there too.

I don't know if you can tell by this picture. But I forgot to put on a swimmers diaper and oh my gosh it was cutting off her circulation to her legs. The diaper like blew up 20 times its size. I was amazed at how much liqued those diapers could hold. She could hardly stand up it was so heavy on her. She had the biggest butt in that. I don't think I will forget to change her diaper again.

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Stewarts VS Tanners

We played some fun badmitton games while our friends were here. Couples agasint couples and I don't really know who won those games. But than me and Tam took on the men and did we crush them or what? Yea we did, it was a blast rubbing it in their faces.



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Fun with our friends

Tami, my bestest friend in the world came up for a whole week. I had so so much fun. I was so sad to see her leave. This is her beautiful baby girl Peyton. She is two months already and weighs 7lbs. She was born at 4lbs so she has made great progress. Mya and Peyton were the best of friends. Well Peyton wouldn't say that if she could talk cause Mya clawed her eyes out or ripped her nose off if she even got close to her. It was so fun though. COME BACK SOON TAMI



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JaCee and Tucker

Anne, my ex-step mom if you will and my half brother and sister came over for a visit last Sunday. We had a great time and a good visit. These kids are so cute they love Mya. Anne is like a very close sister to me and I love hanging out with her. So glad she lives close.


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